Post-Menopausal Cuckservative Biddy Demonstrates Same Emotional Fragility And Lack Of Intellectual Rigor That Led To Her 2008 Endorsement Of The Mighty Kenyan


Noonan: That Moment When 2016 Hits You

Peggy, you are part of the problem.

You could have, from your media and party elder pulpits, addressed the problems and possibly helped to change the Republicans back into a pro-American party.

You did not.

So deal with the consequences, lady.

Watch how a pro does it:

Buchanan: Is The GOP Risking Suicide?

29 responses to “Post-Menopausal Cuckservative Biddy Demonstrates Same Emotional Fragility And Lack Of Intellectual Rigor That Led To Her 2008 Endorsement Of The Mighty Kenyan

  1. Jimmy the Saint

    But she has excellent manners and diction, and that’s really what counts. It’s enough to look and sound patrician, why muddy it up by dealing with the plebeians?

  2. It still suprises me when “conservative” people that are much older than me are so easily swayed. I keep thinking they would have wised up on life experience alone; but I suppose that’s how fewer than 600 people in DC take 300 million down any road they like, time after time.

  3. That moment when you realize when you sign into the WSJ on Google, that they intend to know everything about you they can possibly get on the internet, and when you say, Yea, no, not doing that. Besides, the Skank that is Peggy Nooner is a piece of leftist shit who has been well known for a long time as somebody that would sell her own mother if it got her good reviews, and readers. She has been as helpful to the cause of freedom as a steaming bag of dog shit on fire on your front porch. And yeah, I hope the Republican Party commits suicide. As fucked up and destructive as it has been to America, and its’ people, I’ll buy the rope and get a chair.

  4. tangotango-03

    keep voting…keep losing

  5. Conservatism is like a man who enjoys his wife being screwed by 5 bubas.

  6. The Usual Suspect

    I had my 2016 moment 7 and 1/2 years ago.

  7. Old bitch stinks of cat piss and Avon. Beware the ones with no family because they’ve got nothing better to do than to decide Whats Best for yours.

  8. Noonan…..8 years late and always wrong. Chamberpot Neocon NWO Repubs are the Enemy, same as their Marxist cousins, the DemocRats.

    The DC Apparachek Infestation must be eliminated. Trump 2016 or Bust,
    and that “Bust” is coming irregardless. CYA, comrades.

  9. Peggy Noonan is, or was, a rather attractive political camp follower. Nothing more.

  10. “If he does, and the nomination is taken from him, the Republican Party will be seen by the American people as a glorified Chinese tong.”

    Anyone with their eyes open has thought that for a while Pat. I remember thinking, the Rich White Mormon Prince was really the best they could find? I rem thinking “Why is Reagan signing this assault weapons baN.” I rem thinking, Bush seems to be doing some really shady shit with this Iraq war and the whole bullshit narrative around 9-11. I rem thinking thee congress critters all seem to be merely concerned with themselves and would allow a group of rabid yout dems to screw their grandma in the a$$ for a dollar. How far down is the veil now for the average sheeple? Answer, NOT FAR ENOUGH. But there’s more awake every day.

  11. People like her, David Fucking Brooks, George Will and the rest of the Chattering Class live in an insulated world where people like you and I are considered to be completely ignorant and any personal contact is to be avoided at all cost. Their world is an echo chamber and they spend their time opining about a world that ceased to exist in 1955 and then agreeing with each other on how brilliant they are.
    One need only to spend a single Sunday afternoon watching the likes of Meet The Press to purge ones illusions that these people have a single thought in their heads that would trickle down to a practical or useful bit of information to the average American.
    They are the governments elite propaganda dispensers with access to millions of readers and viewers who would be better served by reading The National Enquirer for factual reporting.
    At least one knows what one is consuming there.

  12. Why is this hasbeen hag disgracing the good pages of WRSA?

    • Symbolic of a major strategic problem.

      The vast majority of traditional Americans are betwixt the shoals of normalcy bias (as you can tell by the “keep voting – it’s working for me” reps here) and the whirlpool of “I think I have enough money/security/isolation, so as long as it doesn’t explode completely ’til I’m dead, I’m good”.

      Dear sweet Peggy and her ilk are worried about tone and optics.

      They really and truly don’t believe that dekulakization can and will happen in FUSA.

      They haven’t and won’t watch Katyn [ ].

      And without their numbers/political legitimacy, the Regime will be able to defeat the few people who do get it and smear them forever as “domestic terrorists”.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Even if it does happen, they won’t care. They’ll simply change flags and become loud cheerleaders for the new regime.

  13. robroysimmons

    Damn CA you get 4GW conflict with your post there able legitimacy

  14. NewVegas Badger

    Dear sweet Peggy would be out of her depth in a parking lot puddle. She like the other inside the beltway elites, are suffering from oxygen deprivation due to the constriction of the sphincter muscles around the carotid arteries. I have zero concern for the fate of the dead elephant party. They brought it on themselves. The gods of the copy book heading will have the final say in the matter.

  15. Alaska Paul

    Most columnists are pretty much worthless. And really, like they said in “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”

  16. Noonan is the Dowger Princess, Second Class of the Clueless Order.

  17. Alfred E. Neuman

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  18. A victim of Internet Relevance. There are consequences to relevance or the lack of it. Especially when you crave attention.
    Irrelevant.”Having no bearing on or connection with the subject at issue.” Peggy the mouth, is a used up , self-promoting, nod your head in approval cumdumpster. Yesterdays news.
    Sure is fun to see the pundits twist and turn. I am somebody because I say so… Just ask me how smart and popular I am.
    Hey Peggy! Shut the fuck up!

  19. It sounds like all of her friends “moments” were when they felt uncomfortable around stuff normal people aren’t shocked at. They are shocked when the “P” word is used in a political event, but apparently they aren’t shocked when politicians ban firearms or force Americans to buy certain products or services. Or shocked when infinity non-white savages are allowed to enter our country at will.

    A much better article on the shifts in the political spectrum. In spite of being written by a leftist (it is the NYT after all), it is scarily insightful. Brief summary: tribalism is rising.