Remember – The Place Is A Buglight

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From a commenter:

You by posting here and lurking here @ WRSA are risking a raid at any time. Your entire life is being scrutinized by wonks at desks in fusion centers compiling threat assessments on your activity profiles, probably daily. Where you go, who you talk to, what you buy etc etc. It’s not some story on the web, I’ve tracked the IP addresses back.


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  1. Simple solution: get a VPN (virtual private network)

  2. I’ll make it easy for the boys and girls down in the fusion centers, because I know they are very busy working out the policies concerning their transgender lactation rooms.
    “Dear Mr. Security Agent”

    • This.

    • That’s a bit insensitive, doncha think? Borders on microaggressionm

    • Correct sentiments, Matt. Correct line of reasoning and logic also. I don’t believe a single one of them cares. Watch what happens after the (current) Hillary investigation results on NO prosecution. Do you think all those “honorable men” in the FBI will resign in protest? Do you think some will? A handful? NOPE. Not one will say, “This place is corrupt beyond redemption. My conscience will not allow me to stay.” I do NOT believe that a single one will care when YOUR firearms are declared contraband either. Not one will resign in shame at being ordered to violate his oath of office.

      Waco was the barometer which indicated the status of the institution. Did hundreds of “honorable men” resign their positions with the FBI? Nope. They displayed the attitude of “We showed them! We stomped on their ass! They’re crispy critters now. Too fuckin’ bad.” The murder of Lavoy Finnicum was the latest display of that attitude. I was not surprised and no one should have been. It is our reality now. To paraphrase CA, “We are here. We arrived here long ago. Imagine where we will be.”

      • Precisely this. And every single little incremental step along this road to tyranny has been aided and abetted by the cooperation, tacit or otherwise, of America’s excessively-lauded “Thin Blue Line”

        I didn’t used to have such a strident opinion on cops. I used to believe most were just people doing a largely thankless task, dealing with society’s scum but otherwise respectful of the rights of the law abiding majority. Then I used to want to believe that. Then a bit later I found myself no longer believing it at all. They’ve simply provided far too many lessons to the contrary. “To protect and serve” — there’s a reason, you know, they never complete that sentence when they plaster it on their patrol cars. They’re there to protect and serve the State, full stop.

        What’s the difference between a willing and unwilling enforcer? To the people finding themselves “enforced” — nothing at all. The only proper course of action for any decent, freedom-loving cop or agent is this: quit.

        If you don’t quit, then that’s announcing whose side you’re on. And that side ain’t Freedom’s side.

    • There are thousands and thousands of Phil Carson’s.

    • Quick, what do you see when you look at this picture?

      Think about it.
      Bet you dollars to donuts most think of the police state, statist trampling people into submission.
      I don’t see a tyrants boot.
      I see the march of liberty and freedom trampling tyranny into the dirt.

  3. just plain todd

    i hope so…….hey govt !!! fuck you fucking fuckers! anytime, anyplace. traffic stop ambush, stack at my front door, i don’t care. your choice. never wanted to die of old age anyway. hopefully i make it to the first mag change and a few of you are down beside me. sic semper tyrannis. i am more than sick of you and my fellow fat useless worthless americans that brought us to this point.

    • God DAMN..! I just love WRSA, I…am…with…you…..Todd…call me so I can come over before they get there , we can have some whiskey and a beer chaser and help get this show on the road !!!!


      On your right flank fellas.

      Glad I don’t have kids to slow my thoughts or actions down.
      They know most parents are gonna back down when it comes down to their precious little kids.
      Wanna bet the jackboots have a full house?

    • just plain todd,
      Why are you sugar coating it?🙂

  4. NewVegas Badger

    If that is the case then, hear this Lima Charlie: I have zero desire to take other peoples money or stuff. It is theirs’, not mine. I have zero interest in controlling the lives of others. Minding my own business is more than enough to keep me busy. So, how can some one be a potential extremist or terrorist if they just want to be left the hell alone, and seek to leave other people the hell alone? My life is my own.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “My life is my own.”

      That’s what makes you a terrorist. All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state – it’s the new religion.

  5. Second the image. I have no doubt the govt could show at my door and make me disappear if they wished, but if it’s worried about posters on a website; it’s got bigger problems.

  6. We are Legion

    (I am Legion. They can kill me, if they can, they can not kill my Liberty, because my Liberty is not of my earthly blood and bone, it is my spirit and my will, it is gifted me by God upon my birth, it is my property, my primal happiness, it is my consent you see, it is mine! And it can never be taken from me no matter what happens to me on this earthly coil, and if only one word of mine is seen or shared and inspires only one other, I win, Liberty wins.)

    I know you watch, like festering little creatures of the darkness, you are terrified of freedom, Liberty is so dangerous to you you cower and supplicate your very souls to the darkness. Shame on your souls, shame to your dignity, you connive and betray everything and anything, you sold you souls for those twenty pieces of silver for what. What wretches you are.
    I told you when you first hacked my computer all those years ago, when you told the FBI to drop the case, you would never win, that you already lost. You know who I am, and you fear me, but what you really fear is I am Legion. I don’t fear you, I never have, just want you to know. It is you, who fear me. And you should, for I and my brothers, we are Legion.

    • CA Warrior

      Well said, thank you.

    • Amen Brother… The thing is what does someone do when they fear something… They either leave it alone and don’t mess with it or they bring a big enough force to overwhelm it…Most of the time they don’t come themselves unless they absolutely have to…I don’t think they are going to choose the first option and history proves that out many times…So with that said how do we counter them…You know my plan and I have yet to see a better one….9 months…

      • OK… what would LeVoy Finnicum do?

        …LeVoy would do what is the right thing to do. Because he followed his heart, because he had indomitable will.
        That is all any of us can really do my friend.
        If Ol’ LeVoy showed us one thing, it all begins with each of us before it begins with all of us.

        • Yea but where did Lavoy end up Brother… Might of ended up better if he had covering fire from friends that were as committed as him…His spirit was right but his tactics sucked…And Brother I don’t want to rely on just spirit to win this thing…

    • “I am Legion.”

      Funny… (as in hmm, not haha). That is what some demons say when their name is demanded of them during an exorcism.


  7. Yes, I hope they’re spending their time on me, for every minute they do, is another minute they’re not watching my friends who don’t post here or have any footprint at all. So, let them keep on keeping on.

    I’m trying for mention on the SPLC web site, so far, no joy. Hope springs eternal, though.

  8. SameNoKami

    .gov can arrest anyone anytime.
    We all unknowingly comment 3-5 felonies a day.
    It’s a feature not a flaw.

  9. But if I wear khakis and a polo shirt while I’m posting here or shooting my semi auto rifle at the range, I won’t be worth their attention.

  10. David knapp

    Yep and i increases the noise floor. Every time I read a post every friend that starts reading. I refuse to be cowed by the boogeyman that is .gov I’ll live my life like a free man and when the time comes go out smiling. Wouldn’t mind that old and in bed next to my wife. But my goal is to live life well not long.

  11. Active Measures

    I have no doubt this site is being monitored. What would be the point of the NSA if they weren’t? As far as tracking my “movements” , that thought is guffaw inducing.

    They can’t even track people they *know* are up to no good. Hell, they don’t even track immigrants whom they were warned about through other governments.

    Besides, they already know that the truly dangerous have stopped talking. They don’t come to sites such as these to speak their mind. They are long past that.

    If I were a member of the Thought police, MSRA would be one of the sites I would read just for the wealth of praxis it provided. And the lulz, always the lulz.

  12. So, basically, we’re all fucked, it that it? What else is new?

  13. Uncle Larry

    The “honest people” working at the NSA are busy accumulating and selling industrial info to the highest bidders. The NSA outsources a lot of their work. The larger the employee base, the higher the number of potential crooks.

  14. The Walkin' Dude

    I only hope I can take many of their lives before they take mine, if and when they decide to kick down my door🙂 There are worse things than death. Living in their disgusting future, for one.

  15. Penny Pincher

    Come gitsum is all I have to say.

  16. Bill Harzia

    “I’d rather die with a bullet in my chest and blood in my mouth, than die from freezing to death in some moldy basement with bits of cardboard from my last ‘meal’ in my mouth.” (Paraphrased) – “Cat” Shannon in The Dogs Of War, by Frederick Forsythe

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Read up on the German POW’s who spent over a decade in Soviet prisons after the war. A bullet would be a blessing.

      • Bill Harzia

        Your point is well taken.

        The quote refers to a news story that Shannon was mentioning to his girlfriend (who happened to be the daughter of Mr. Multinational that Shannon had screwed over). The news story reported about an old man who had been eating cardboard to try to stay alive in an unheated basement.

        I’m saving the last one for myself. I’m under no illusions as to my abilities vs. the number of enemies who want us dead.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          I’ve got a copy of “Dogs of War” sitting on a shelf somewhere, can’t remember last time I read it.
          Wirecutter sent me “The Blond Knight of Germany” recently, the story of Erich Hartmann, greatest ace of all time. That guy spent over a decade as a guest of the Soviets, most of it in solitary for standing up to them. Fight or die, prison is out of the question.
          Slave labor has been a common punishment of the commies, I don’t doubt they will try to start it off here as debtors prisons, and then political prisoners. Look at how the Dems want everyone locked up or shot for not agreeing with them, looks like communism to me. Having lost 2 uncles on the Eastern Front and most of my family to the Soviets, I’m not really a big fan of that kind of thinking.

  17. The Usual Suspect

    Naw ! They are gonna be really busy this year just trying to
    keep the lid on this boiling cauldron we call the FUSA.

  18. Eight.



  19. Same shit, different day, then, right? LOL FUCK’EM!

  20. I think this song by Carl Klang says it much better and more eloquent than any words I can come up with.
    The Resistor

  21. Meh. let em spend their time watching me. Im sure it’s as exciting as watching paint dry.

  22. If you are not on a list you are part of the problem!
    Mike Vanderboegh is a patriot Hero!

    I am done trying to live in a society I reject run by shit balls
    who do not represent me or my kind.

    If the Gov. geeks reading this don’t want to trouble then leave us alone
    If trouble is what you want you fire first.

  23. rightwingterrorist


  24. AnonForOpsec

    Just sayin’….. ….time to wear a mask too?

  25. If you have managed to make it on a list congratulations, you just rendered yourself ineffective and worthless to the cause… The Government doesnt fear the ones they know.. they fear the ones they don’t. The quiet ones, the silent ones with connections with other silent ones.. quiet ones… People on lists may as well turn themselves in,or volunteer for cannon fodder duty you have been outed and are useless to the cause. Who would trust a person who cant keep their cover?… who is going to trust a person who is on every shit list ever conjured up by some Gov hack? who BTW are the easiest to avoid?

  26. dumbass Helot with a calculator

    I have read that it takes a dozen or so agents to cover a single surveillance suspect around the clock. There are roughly 50,000 badged FBI agents, so let’s triple that number for the rest of DHS. That gives us 150K agents to cover X suspects, so even if we count non-badged folks, let’s just triple that…

    450,000/12=37500 people they can watch. And that’s if nobody does anything BUT watch around the clock.

    Since the III% is a laugh, I’ll say that 0.1% of the population is worth watching right now. That’s not people like me who are working on getting dangerous, that’s the people who’ve already got it together. Which is roughly 3,000,000 folks that need to be monitored by at most 40K people.

    When things get fun, MELT YOUR PRIMARY COMPUTER AND CELL PHONE DOWN, and watch the feds fumble around.

    They don’t have enough guys for what’s coming.

    Feds? They better send everyone.

    • dumbass Helot with a calculator

      Whoops, I was off by a digit. 3M people is probably more accurate, given the GWoT vets, but that’s 1%, not 0.1%.

      I was thinking more numbers while I was working on my truck:

      Say Steve the Survivalist has a wrong place/wrong time/wrong movie moment and pops a round off at Officer Friendly when the latter’s walking through Steve’s yard., but misses because Steve is That Guy.

      Officer Friendly’s going to call for backup. “Back up, shots fired.” is going to bring all available officers at flank speed. At a minimum, that’s going to be 5-10 guys. SWAT is going to follow, and the uniforms are going to pull back to secure the perimeter while the talking-down attempt is made. At this point, that means there’s a bare minimum of 10 badged guns on-scene.

      If things hit Malheur levels of clusterfuck and the FBI shows up, then we’re talking several dozen badged guns, now with a sizeable contingent of support personnel.

      Which means that if Steve the Survivalist is in your extended peer network, you don’t want to play QRF and head for a firefight during the standoff, you’re going to want to hit a target off a pre-determined list, because even if it’s “on alert”, ain’t nobody going to be ready to respond to an active event on the far side of the county from a standoff where all the spare guns are standing around waiting.

      We all know the sorts of locations that we’d like to hit if we knew the cops were tied up somewhere. Wouldn’t that be kinda fun? If you’ve got the stones to pull a smash-and-grab, you could sack City Hall during daylight.

    • Spook on the BBC this week … at least 40 required for 24 hour surveillance.


  27. Alfred E. Neuman

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  28. Why do you think I post here so much. I know of no other way to get the undivided attention of our govt. While our govt completely ignores the rest of the world, I know for a fact that everything I type here is paid attention to. There are govt slugs parsing and suffering over every phase I post here, looking for some deeper meaning or for some veiled threat. So I’ll utter a naked threat, one I stole from Nikita Khrushchev, ” We will bury you”.
    Paul Ryan could only dream of getting the attention I get when I write a comment here. Hey Paul, if you want Obama to listen to you, try posting a comment here.

  29. The only good Chekist is a dead Chekist.

  30. Grey Ghost

    Buglight, Spotlight, Flashlight! DILLIGAF.


    Grey Ghost