Time To Bring Counterinsurgency To Molenbeek (And Hamtramck)

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 10.52.04 AM“Muslim Majority Council Says It Will Work For All In Hamtramck”, Detroit Free Press, 1/25/16

But instead, it will brought be to Huntsville and Worland.

If you don’t like the citizens you have, import others.

And genocide the old ones.


14 responses to “Time To Bring Counterinsurgency To Molenbeek (And Hamtramck)

  1. The guy blogging about how to do counter insurgency in Molenbeek, is off his rocker. He proposes engaging in a hearts and minds plan, and the moslems will only be too glad to participate. They will take all they can, pay lip service to law and order, and when there are enough of them, and they have the arms they want, they will take Brussels apart, and turn it into Europes’ first Caliphate. What an imbecile.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      This is exactly what I’m laughing about with the stupid masses. They keep thinking they will get results by backing some faux political party which only enables more fraudsters to stab us in the back. Being PC and playing nice is how cowards think they will win, they live in denial of the reality that warfare is the next step, no other way out when dealing with a crooked deck.
      99% of the people I deal with are blind to the fact war is coming, they are all busy making plans for the house remodel or this summers vacation, not a clue that money and travel may not exist in 6 months. People all around them are getting laid off, and it doesn’t affect them, somehow they are immune to reality.

      • Pretty shocking how many still haven’t got a clue. They just don’t see any of it do they? No worries, no cares. Another trip to Pop-a-Top beer store and back to the Big game!. You try to hold a conversation with anyone and they just look at you with a blank stare. You have all seen it. That’s the reality on the ground here in Fusa. There’s a reason I keep saying 100-200 million dead. There’s that many fucking idiots.

      • I get occasional smartass comments at work about the fact that I am making no voluntary contributions to my provided 401K plan.

        I have no delusions whatsoever that I will ever be in a position to actually benefit from a 401K plan. Even if FUSA somehow limps along for another few decades, any money in that plan would have long since been confiscated by .gov in exchange for some meaningless “guarantee.”
        And that’s assuming FUSA and its fiat company scrip even exist in any meaningful way by then.

        I figure the money is better spent on arms, ammunition, non-perishable food, and the like.


      Sean: He sounds like the .mil talking heads on FAUX NEWS. As far as Hamtramck goes, it will remain to be seen what the Muzzie political structure does. We do not hear too much coming out of Dearbornistan these days, do we? I’m still waiting for them to start issuing fatwahs against the Cosmic White Leftist school boards for forcing little Achmed and Fatima to read “Heather Has Two Mommies”, and allowing the little ones to pee-pee and poo-poo together in “gender neutral” school bathrooms. Stay tuned.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “He proposes engaging in a hearts and minds plan”

      Two in the heart, one in the mind?

  2. SemperFi, 0321

    Headed to Worland at 5am tomorrow, going to check out some rock shelter petroglyphs NE of there. I’ll do a quick recon and sitrep of the mini-marts. 🙂

  3. Decades past, Hamtramck was inhabited by hard working blue collar folks of Polish decent. It was nicknamed Poletown. In the 90’s it was infested by Christian Albanians and Chaldeans, and now it’s been taken over by the filthy muslimes. It’s a No Go area and has been for many many years.

  4. There is how you wish things would be, and how they are (and the importance you attach to each). For some, there is a wide delta between the two.

  5. It’s ironic we can’t do it to import freedom and genocide slavery…

  6. muslims are invasive stormtroopers for white-hating Judeoglobalists. At one with invasive blacks, mestizos, and asians. All mere symptoms of a predominant JewPower, based on control of the Central Banking system, and consequent debt-trapping of the political class. The ethno-invasions will continue until that JewPower is broken

  7. Hearts and minds, ha. I done lost my heart and it seems almost everyone has lost their mind. The Hamtramck bullshit is just the last step of a terrible series of events that started–oh what a shock, by Govco–back in the ’80s with the Poletown tragedy. One of the oldest and most cohesive communities in the entire area was wiped out to make room for an auto plant. Who cared, it was just old white Poles and a bunch of Churches.

    It was beyond disgraceful, in a city that saw little but disgrace since the ’60s. This is one of the many things that filled the wasteland, that the Great Planners didn’t manage to see 35 years ago. “Gee, how could we know?” Yawn.

    But I know a lot of youse guys will plan it all right next time. You’ve been working so hard at it, after all. Comforting; maybe it’ll stop those .40HPs.

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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  9. Stealth Spaniel

    Isn’t it amazing, that in these United States a man can “emigrate” and 7 years later become a city council member? I wonder if I got my white butt over to say, Ankara and wanted to join the local tribe of elders. How welcome would I be? Not that I see many good examples on ANY city council but We are fools and clowns for allowing this to go on.