Not Only Katyn


More on what happens when the Communists take over; there will be other histories in the coming months.

Before They Came

The Roundup Begins

Those Who Survived

Coincidence Or Betrayal

We Regret To Inform You

The Commotion Near Giby

We Will Not Be Silenced

Wrong Graves

Other Trails

The Augustów Missing

Notes & Bibliography

Just keep saying to yourselves:

Americans are special.

This could never happen here.

23 responses to “Not Only Katyn

  1. “Some of the people were arrested because their names were on the lists – the lists drawn by informers. The names were of Home Army.”

    Lists of veterans, current military, FFLs, CPL holders are done and can be quickly transferred outside the building for special processing.

    Hey, US cops, you’re already training your replacements and you’ll have a place next to us at Katyn.

    • This asshole and the pigs up top are X’s and whY’s. They want you dead.

    • Regarding the second picture:
      Can he do that at 500 yards? Some of us out here in flyover country can.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        And if they opt to use the MOVE rowhouse/Mt. Carmel approach? 500 yard shots are difficult when on fire, and useless againt AFVs.
        Have a backup plan.

  2. I feel very sorry for the millennials due to the devastating education they were given. They truly do not understand the dangers of Marxism. Western Rifle Shooters Association is the premiere site for education material on Marxist dogma. Every parent who visits this site should have their children read the material posted here. There will be a fight and unless enough people are educated to the dangers of Marxism we will fail in the attempt to keep our nation free.

    • Feel sorry for them? Fuck them. They’re idiots. Them, and the X’s and whY’s are gonna be the boot lickers “just following orders”. Feel sorry for them? It’s more like you better muster up a good amount of hate for them. The sooner you wrap your head around that, the easier it will be when the time comes.

      100-200 million

      • my response is the same every time…..”HARDEN YOUR HEARTS GENTELMEN……HARDEN YOUR HEARTS”

        The 173rd dropped into Europe……well sort of, the cargo chutes didn’t quite stay attached…riggers were busy at a formal bisexual mens room conference held by STATE/JUSTICE at Bragg for the sake of diversity and political correctness safe space welfare lives matter better think……

        Oh never mind……………..I got the HATE …..and I got the skill…….and I got the determination……………

        • I put an seriously injured animal out of it’s misery today. Some retarded 20 something, sped down the road at around 40-50 mph in a residential and ran over someones cat. It was smashed but still flopping around when I went out to the road. Knowing that discharging a firearm would only bring the corrupt and evil pigs to my doorstep, I stomped on it’s head with my boot. Then slid it to the side of the road. I’m still sick over it, but it had to be done.

          Had. To. Be. Done.

      • To be fair the X & Y generations didn’t pass:

        1968 Gun Control Act
        1973 Roe v Wade
        1986 Machine Gun Ban
        1989 Import Ban
        1994 Assault Ban
        2001 Patriot Act or its precursors going back to the 1950s

        No. All that goes squarely and completely on the shoulders of the “greatest generation” and then their children who were adults in the 1960s and 70s and who have moved up through the system and are still in power now.

        Those of us in our 30s and 40s inherited this mess from people who had already given into corruption and hedonism in order to pad their personal nests. If you retired with 50% or more of your final working salary, you already got your payoff. It was known to be unsustainable back then, but who gave a shit as long as the musical chairs didn’t stop before you got yours. You looked the other way and let all this happen.

        You’ll have already left a long, natural, comfortable life by the time we’re in the midst of a civil war.

  3. From what i am told, amerikans got guns and thats what makes them free. Frankly in the history of mankind, amerikans are the first slaves that are armed to the teeth yet do exactly what theyre told even if it mean going to the gallows.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Frankly in the history of mankind, amerikans are the first slaves that are armed to the teeth”

      The Janissaries beat us to the punch by centuries.

  4. Centurion_Cornelius

    Thank you for all this. “Must reading.”

    I knew very little of the scope of these post WWII Soviet atrocities. All my grandparents emigrated here from Poland in the early 1900s, and my maternal Grandfather, “Franek,” would relate to us the violence he encountered among the competing Tsarist, Cossack, and Bolsheviki elements ranging through in his village on a regular basis. Arson, rape, murder and theft was the usual bill-of-fare. Complain to “authorities?” Don’t waste your breath–plus, it marked you as a “troublemaker.”

    Self-defense in Poland back then to his kind was a club, rake, or knife.

    He was lucky enough to make it to Ellis Island and avoided these later Soviet massacres. He never got over his fear of firearms, since even to posses one, much less fire one, as a “peasant” meant imprisonment or death by the authorities or the ranging mobs.

    Happy to say his all his grandsons and great grandsons have made up for Franek’s firearm deficit in spades!

  5. I imagine the Germans were saying to themselves this isnt happening here .I especially imagine the Jews were thinking this isnt happening . just as the sheeple here are saying your a nut job the Government isnt spying on you come on get real ! lol idiots free men dont have to choose a new master every few years or wory about the masters having bigger better weapons or the master being able to suppress their speech ect ect

  6. …ugh…I think it is happening here ……

  7. Bucephalus

    53 million+ abortions on American soil; the commies are already here.

    Where are the graves of the murdered American children?

    Body parts sold, stolen, incinerated with the household trash.

    The under-cover video-reporter exposing the devil has been indicted.

    Is this country worth fighting for; or would we fight for ourselves?

    Read the Port Huron Statement; mission accomplished.

    Southern Poverty Law Center has 75 definitions of “extremeism”; the govt. agrees.

    The commies are already here; find them anywhere that you find
    High Collectivism, High Power Distance, Low Masculinity, and High Uncertainty Avoidance.

    The GIs who served to contain communism were defending it….

  8. I would suspect if one were to comb the archives of Civil War actions one might find similar events. Calvary did not have the time and wherewithal to hold prisoners.

  9. The thing to remember is this…

    Communism is not a political system. Communism is not an economic system. Communism is a SOCIAL system.

    And the US is more Communist than the USSR ever was. Consider that every single one of the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto is permanently enshrined in Federal law.


    • That might be the most insightful thing you’ve posted on this sight Barry. Well said.

  10. Alfred E. Neuman

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  11. Marlo Stanfield

    Danzig Poland 50,000 German citizens are killed, Hitler seeks revenge sends in the troops got carried away. For every one else buy 50 BMG target rifles and AR pistols. Cans for them would be nice. Ear Pro, Eye Pro, large binoculars. Use the 92 million Americans not working as lookouts. Equip them with binoculars, two way radios, bull horns. Deployed correctly no one should ever be able to sneak into your county or Parrish. Helps to already live in a area that is defendable.

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