Can’t Wait


From John Derbyshire:

“…Now Hillary has her party’s nomination locked up, there’s speculation about who her running mate will be. There’s serious speculation, in fact, that this may be an all-girl ticket. John Podesta, Mrs. Clinton’s campaign chairman, said on Wednesday that “We’ll start with a broad list and then begin to narrow it. But there is no question that there will be women on that list.” [Women will be on Hillary Clinton’s vice president list, by Annie Linskey, Boston Globe, April 21, 2016]

“A broad list …” Get it? There will be broads on that list! Lefty squaw Elizabeth Warren is getting heap plenty mentions in this context, followed by the petite and extremely feminine former Arizona Governor and Open-Borders Enforcer Janet Napolitano…”


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    It’s all good. Pass the popcorn and cold MGD. It will be an entertaining summer. Look for ammo deals online and continue your preps. Once the conventions are over and the clueless turn off their big screens, they will be beating feet to gun stores and such. Get ahead of the rush. This is going to happen. Deal with it.

    • Centurion_Cornelius

      gots me plenty good deals on the M193 and as “back up,” been cranking up the reloading presses to churn out the practice ammo.

      …a man’s gotta know his ammo limits…

      • Grey Ghost

        uh… what ammo limit?

        As someone once said, “stack it deep or you WILL weep.” And I’ve been stacking it deep for years. As to a caliber limit?? uh my upper end is 50BMG, but that’s just me.

        Yuengling lager is pretty damn good and maybe the oldest beer still made in the USA. I’ll be drinking one on my front porch the day the sheep start heading for the gun store after realizing they don’t have enough ammo.

        I like the music from new Modelo commercial, the “Ecstasy of Gold” (from the Good, the Bad and the Ugly) as the music. Doubt I’ll ever buy a Modelo but the music is good.


        Grey Ghost

    • Hell with popcorn…

      Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!

      And Jeez, Dweez… MGD? Really? How ’bout a fine, malty dark porter or stout?

      • Lots of ammunition!

        Just imagine it, that carpet munching strap on psychopath will go totally postal when us men ignore her disarmament diktat, totally refuse to be disarmed, she will loose it big time. She is already so cookoo freakin whacky crazy in the head, I’m betting a case of .556 she will be screaming like the red queen OFF WITH THEIR HEADS! in a NewYork minute. You know she is obsessed with militias, “assault rifles” and men who defy her. Consider how many men have had the hit put on them associated with or have defied the bitch.
        A part of me is hoping she is installed as the next dicktator, excuse me, dicklesstator, that way we can abandon all appearances of tolerance and of pretense of civility, get down to business of ridding this country of these vermin who think they rule over us.

      • jessejames87

        Yeah, MGD is frat-boy fuel IMHO. To each his own though, people think Shiner Bock is piss too. Chalk this one up as putting aside cultural differences in pursuit of a common goal. Baby steps. 🙂


        Oughtsix: Absolutely correct. I do enjoy Guinness, Moose Drool, and Alaskan Amber. I refuse to sully their flavor and bouquet with anything edible. So, when I’m eating Planters Cocktail Peanuts(none of that dry-roasted stuff), other mixed nuts, popcorn, or Juanita’s Chips(greasy and good) and salsa, I drink a reasonably-priced America lager. .

  2. Sometimes……WTF.

  3. just plain todd

    i’m with you , Dweez. nothing fedgov, stategov, or any other fucking gov is gonna impede my life. gonna be fun watching the sheeple. supposed to get real windy today at my place, so once it starts blowing i’m taking some rifles out to work on my wind corrections and dope. anyone can be a good shot in good weather. i prefer the bad stuff to shoot in.

  4. “…Now Hillary has her party’s nomination locked up,”
    I found that line most fortuitous. Especially since by this time the FBI has to have forwarded their indictment recommendation to DoJ by now.

  5. +1,000

    For me it’s Moxie-on-the-rocks and pretzels. I look for lotsa boffo laffs and have already been on the case w/ammo deals and other gear. Family thinks I’m nuts; we’ll see who’s nuts by January, 2017, I reckon.

  6. This garden gnome would be fantastic, for ridicule.

  7. If not VP then watch for a SCOTUS nomination, and watch how fast the GOPe cave to support that.

  8. Personally I think when Hillary Clinton indeed gets elected president it will be a disaster for We The People and America beyond words

  9. This country has been drowning in a sea of estrogen for generations.

    The “suffragettes” have ‘engendered’ (heh!) a great deal of suffering, not the least of which has been the degradation and suffering of women themselves. Men have been weak and complicit as well.

    Hillbitch and all like her are the result and exemplars of the type.

    Do I really need to suggest a solution?

  10. Does the White House barber shave their bugs?
    Carpet munching tyrants… It’s what’s for tyranny!

    You know what this is like?
    Invasion of the body snatchers. It will be the the rise of the femmenazi’s. If you think the cultural marxist sociopaths and psychopaths are thick as ticks on a hound under the “Won”, just wait, the strap on these maniacs will don to sodomize what’s left of this country will make make you wish obama declared Martial Law and became dictator for life.
    Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, Edi Amin and ISIS all rolled into a pants suit.
    If you haven’t given violent revolution to save what’s left of your way of life serious consideration, nows the time to give it a really good think.
    8 Months, 21 days Brothers.

  11. Remember, these two strap-on’s own all those dead American’s burnt to crispy critters in Waco. Now imagine them sitting in the emperors seat. To them heterosexual Christian’s are the scourge of Ghia. Add an “assault rifle”, a touch of tea party terrorist, some right wing extremists conspirator, and you become an instant Kulak. Those Fema camps, commie “healthcare”, “assault weapons” ban, get the Militia’s, Waco, Oklahoma City, Fast & Furious, Benghazi, Libya, 911, and just about every false flag event imaginable from the end of Bush I, to toady, spanning 20 years, began when these two megalomaniac’s in pants suits reached seats of power and influence within the federal regime.

    • Tom Kratman wrote of such a scenario in his book “A State of Disobedience.” I prayed to God when I first it that it was a flight of fancy. The more time goes by, I think Kratman was being very prophetic.

  12. In other news, the sleazy lobbyist leading Donald Trump’s campaign has admitted to a closed-door meeting of GOP elites that Trump is “playing a part” and “projecting an image”, and that he will change once he gets the GOP nomination.

    QUOTE: “Donald Trump senior aide Paul Manafort said Thursday behind closed doors at a Republican National Committee meeting that Trump is “projecting an image” that will change at he moves toward the general election.

    Manafort was speaking at a private briefing at the RNC spring meeting in Hollywood, Fla.

    “When he’s out on the stage, when he’s talking about the kinds of things he’s talking about on the stump, he’s projecting an image that’s for that purpose,” Manafort said in audio obtained by The Associated Press.

    He added, “You’ll start to see more depth of the person, the real person. You’ll see a real different guy.”



    ‘You’ll see a real different guy’: Donald Trump’s campaign team tells the GOP he has been ‘projecting an image’


    Of course, Trump is now backpedaling and downplaying what his top advisor said.

    But it seems pretty obvious that Trump is playing his supporters for fools.

    He will shit on White people as soon as he doesn’t need us anymore.

    Say goodbye to the border wall, deportations, and Muslim ban. All empty promises designed to hoodwink White people and lull White people back to sleep.

    He still won’t release that tape where he allegedly told the New York Times that all his policies are negotiable.

    Patriots shouldn’t trust Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Kasich, or ANYONE else running for President. They are ALL enemies of White people.

    • Grey Ghost

      Calm down… go get yourself a drink and relax and listen to some of your favorite music, or go grab your favorite woman for a roll. I’m thinking you need to go buy more ammo… now! You seem to think there is some way we are going to vote our way out of this shit… wake up… there is NO way we are going to vote our way out. End of discussion. I’m still not going to vote but I’m rooting for Trump. You gotta admit he’s right about one thing… it’s rigged on both sides.

      Who cares what Trump does or Hitlery for that matter… just go and vote for Cruz if you actually think your vote counts and that a friggin Canadian born jackass will actually make a difference. I view Trump as the destroyer of the Party of Lincoln and the marxist Demoncrap party. Good riddance to both. Go Trump.


      Grey Ghost

  13. Something yucky this way cometh.

  14. Napolitano is about bright enough to take that pay cut. She’s making six hundred thousand a year as president of the University of California system.

    But she’d do it just to be the first lesbian veep of the U.S. In her mind that would be HISTORIC! And don’t count her out as a Supreme Court nominee if the veep gig doesn’t materialize.

    • People would be wrong if they underestimate Napolitano’s intelligence. I know several people that have worked for her, and one that supervised her. They all, independently, agree that she is sharp as a tack.

  15. Jimmy the Saint

    The Dutch Land Reclamation ticket – a series of dykes.

  16. It’s all over, but the shouting.

  17. I see the structured dichotomy of the series of oligarchs who have usurped the White House since Regean was elected in 1980. (Actually Ross Pero and Sarah Palin are analog, and prologue, to Donald Trump in they where grass roots candidates, basically fuck you candidates in serious terms, real citizen politicians, who faced the political corruption of there is no voting our way out of this, basically what is an anointment process of who is to be the next ordained regime leader for the money changers and cultural marxist factions of the oligarchy who presume to rule over us.)
    What I’m saying by “structured dichotomy of a series of oligarchs who have usurped the White House”, is each sequential anointment from Bush I to the psychopath in a pantsuit, is each is the strategy of unerring the general populace to a new normal, whereby with each installation of a subsequently more radical and treasonous “president”, you kill a number of cultural and societal birds with only a couple of stones. After Regean, I see it as the fuckers out to destroy this republic, then rule America, really where blind sided by his popular election by the dirt people, and they have connived and conspired ever since to never permit such a popular uprising happening again. The signs of such a system of controlling elections are boundless and permeate every facet of the entire sphere of the electoral process. The media has been a the most effective, dangerous and foul instrument of manipulating the truth lies and narratives towards these goals of never permitting the dirt people their free vote and will.
    The effects of this slow escalation of ever more egregious and treasonous occupancy of the oval office is evident in the anointment of the psychopath in a pantsuit as the next tyrant of the united states. If you think about it, on the face of things we have this shriveled old crown, a barren hag of red diaper pedigree, a consummate and pathological liar, really a blood drenched Nork Dictator who looks like everyones cookie baking grandma. And after the musloid in chief of the last 8 years and his attainment and usurpation of the oval office through essentially the same vote rigging as we are witnessing in real time right now, this strap on despot in a pantsuit looks tame with the state media’s death grip on obscuring the diabolical truth of what a truly nasty piece of human garbage she is.
    I think too, the naked emperor and the genocidal pantsuit are the intended last illusions of legitimacy of a republic. They are the endgames of the illusion of a representative form of government, and I say this because the intended outcome in the time frame since Carter was the usurpation through the office of the chief executive, “from the top down, inside out”, to finish of the long march of the Fabian’s.
    After that, it really doesn’t matter what the dirt people think, or do, because by the last stages of usurpation, the federal government, the leviathan is to be of such a all encompassing totalitarian structure that it is supposed to be able to survive and rule over all of the population regardless of its defiance and resistance to its tyranny. The fuckers running things can get away with whatever it so chooses. It is on the cusp of achieving this level of power, or so it perceives itself, but if you give it a good think, they see 4 years of the pants suit psychopath as a designated .400 batter with the bases loaded. Grandslam motherfuckers. Adious America, your fucked sucks to be you you dirt people, after the pants suit imposes her blood thirsty red diaper radical chic revenge on America, they can all sit back and coast. What the hell, the rest of the world is run by cronyism and despots, it will be like one big family of dictators. No pesky bitter clinging dirt people and their “representative government, their “rule or law”, their stupid Constitutional Amendments, and their right to bear arms to get in the way.
    You don’t got to be political rocket scientist to see where we are heading here. Anything as crooked, as insane, as wicked, conniving and cunning, as treacherous, with the literal blood of hundreds thousands upon her fetid meathooks, (and she isn’t even a papered certified dictator in office yet, God help us), as Hillary Clinton, aided and abetted 24/7/365 by the legacy media, as reviled and repugnant a thing, as IT is, being foisted on us by the mandarin’s and oligarch’s, tells you, unless by some miracle, there is no voting our way out of this by ballot box.

    As Billy Beck said,
    “There will be no voting our way out of this, and that is as it should be, in at least one aspect: free people do not supplicate to government. They become manifest in their actions.” — Billy Beck

  18. doubt if it’d be double-ugly dyke. How about some kosher eye-candy giving us the skinny on Mrs. Clinton, @

  19. SameNoKami

    Having a woman as the leader of your country is a sign that the men in your country are a bunch of yeast infected, lame-o, low ‘T’ pansies.
    You just think things are bad now. Wait til this scorned psychotic lesbo gets power.

    • jessejames87

      I would posit it also signifies the truism of the Barnhardt Axiom. The actual alpha males recognize the sham either on an intellectual or gut-instinct level. Your applicant pool continues to shrink as the fitter of the species eschew any involvement in politics for more profitable and worthwhile ventures. Ass-kissing Dindu Nuffins and perpetually offended SJW’s, and selling your soul for money does not get you statesmen. Assuming the show goes on long enough, I fully expect some type of post-gender Camacho to be an actual candidate. The only difference between the choices then will be Pepsi or Coke…we won’t even have to change the party colors.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth I had pretty manly countries. Boudicca had a fairly tough populace. Even Hatshepsut had a solid Egypt. But yeah, they are exceptions to the modern example.

  20. When you accept the fact that our elected representatives are nothing more than common criminals, it becomes…. Liberating. Worry less about what’s “legal” and do what’s right. As always, keep your mouth shut.

  21. SemperFi, 0321

    Perhaps she could be bombarded with enough negative political posters and billboards that she has a terminal coughing fit. She really isn’t very healthy.

  22. They were doing an expo somewhere with one of those scanners and she/he/it wouldn’t walk through it. Scary.

  23. Alfred E. Neuman

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  24. But… but… The 19th Amendment is part of the Constitution!

    You deserve it.