Felons Of A Feather


From the Rightly-Guided One.


Virginia Governor McAuliffe restores voting rights for 206K ex-felons; GOP calls it move to boost Clinton

Don’t worry, though.

The general election will be open, honest, and transparent.

Here’s hoping you’ll help to legitimize both the process and the outcome by your participation.


31 responses to “Felons Of A Feather

  1. I remember watching this guy during the gubernatorial race as I’m originally from Virginia. In the ’50s and ’60s the state was extremely conservative. The 2 overriding values that were instilled in me were a respect for womanhood and that if one’s personal honor were lost, all was lost and such a man was to be shunned.
    It was obvious to me watching this man that he would sell his mother, wife and daughter to further his own ambitions. I haven’t checked to see if he is a native but I doubt it. If he is, he’s a disgrace to himself and the people of that once great state. Regardless, I fart in his general direction.

    • Grey Ghost

      The sooner people realize that BOTH marlxist political parties in the USSA are nothing but criminal gangs the better. They will DO anything to try and maintain their control.

      This doesn’t really surprise me… what would surprise me is if the legislature of VA would pass a law allowing 2nd A to those same felons in response… and have enough votes for a veto override… then the Governor might change his tune because all the marxist demoncraps in VA would bitch so loud he would have to change his mind. But I guarantee you’re not going to see the CONservatives in VA do a damn thing let alone the rigged Republicrap party of VA.

      Now all we need is for all the rest of the Demoncrap Governors to follow suit. Yep things sure are getting better… LoL.

      Secession anyone? I know, I know, things aren’t bad enough yet… but the way I see it, USSA is working hard on it.


      Grey Ghost

  2. Centurion_Cornelius

    …nine months.

    9 stinking months.

    in that time, a young baby can be born. a new life in being.

    make these last few “sane” (relatively speaking) days your chance to be “born” into the man you were meant to be.


  3. Frank & Ernist

    being a resident of Virginia I am appalled that the governor has restored the voting rights of these and any felons. This move has cemented my belief that politicians sell their soul to the party to gain office. I expect the other democrat governors to follow suit no that the ground work has been laid. It is a disturbing trend to see prisons opening their doors to let criminals out, Law enforcement have their hands tied (state and local levels) by liberal judges and leftist attorneys. The pResident freeing fleeing illegals and the sanctuary cities and restrictions put on border patrol personnel. It looks like the criminals are making the laws and the law abiding are the targets. Shame on you McAuliffe you just lost the votes of the law abiding.

  4. Right. We all know this was a disingenuous half measure.

    People who have served their time and completed their sentences should have ALL their civil rights restored, including their 2nd Amendment.

    No need for 10% of the population to be a permanent slave class in this country.

    • Agree GS,ALL of them!!

    • Absolutely correct, sir.

      Although the futility of voting for freedom is self evident, a right is not a privilege. And until the ’68 Gun Control Act anyone with or without a felony could purchase, possess and use firearms. The GCA has been an ex post facto means to deprive many of their GOD given right to the means of self defense, as it applies to acts committed prior to passage as well as after.

    • Yeah sure.
      Does that include child molesters, rapists, armed robbers, and 1st degree murderers?

      • Absolutely:
        without exception; completely; wholly; entirely:
        You are absolutely right.
        positively; certainly.
        (of a transitive verb) without an object.
        (used emphatically to express complete agreement or unqualified assent):

        • So you believe child molesters, rapists, armed robbers, and 1st degree murderers can even pay their debt?

          You’re part of the problem..

          They should be executed or never let out.
          They’ve proven they cannot be trusted in society.

  5. Now will they go vote? Odds say no unless if course they have free shit thrown at them as a bribe.

    Unless of course he selectively chose who to give the right back to…

  6. Unreconstructed, McAuliffe was born in Syracuse, NY, 1959.

  7. The future of the usa is flat out 3rd world, no stopping it now.
    Increased disease, crime occurring at a pace the police cannot and do not keep up with unless you’re paying them extra, corruption publicly and privately. Yes, that’s occurring now; but things are going to a whole new level at an exponential rate.
    This is just the disgusting example of that occurring for this week.

  8. analog man

    So we all acknowledge that TPTB are writing thousands of new laws every year for the express purpose of controlling and disarming the population, right? But then, when someone gets caught up in the web, and winds up being a “felon” (which happens to a LOT of people – sometimes as a result of plea, not a trial) they’re just a piece of shit, right? FOREVER… ALL OF THEM!!!

    I would venture to say that the “felons” in Virginia who are bags of shit, won’t be turning up to vote. Perhaps the ones who’s lives have been fucked with by the government just MIGHT show up and vote for a smaller government… Just sayin’…

    I’d be willing to bet that just about every single poster on this site has done something at least once in their life that, if it were witnessed by an LEO, would wind them up as a felon. So fuck the felons because they got caught! Right? Let’s alienate and limit the options of a not-so-insignificant portion of the population who have already demonstrated lack of judgement in the past… Especially when they’ve completed whatever parole and probation was assigned by the court – fuck ’em forever! Right? Let’s keep ’em down, back ’em into a corner, limit their ability to get any kind of career going, remove their ability to participate in any kind of “safety net” programs, and when they get desperate and break the law again, say “I TOLD you those damn felons were no good!”…

    The enemy here is the STATE, not the people who have been ground through the wheels of the state. There are plenty of folks who fucked up 20 years ago, did their time and learned their lesson, just as there are those who don’t learn, end up committing more crime, and going back. And then there are people who commit crime for years and don’t get caught…

    The Constitution and BOR is pretty clear. It doesn’t say “except for felons” in there, does it? Either you ARE a citizen or you are NOT a citizen. Either the Constitution applies to you, or it doesn’t. Any thing that limits that is just shackles placed on us by a runaway gov’t trying to increase control.

    All “felons” aren’t murderers and rapists. Some “felons” took a plea because they faced overwhelming odds and didn’t have resources to fight. Some “felons” are victims of an overzealous prosecutor. Some “felons” were just framed by police because they were poor and black.

    The enemy here is the STATE and it’s agents who turn a blind eye to the above mentioned abuses. If the STATE had it’s way ALL of us on this site would be a felon! So I find the judgment here to be kinda hypocritical and not very well thought out…

    • Would your position (rational and well-stated) change if you knew that they were going to vote and were being added to the electorate to tilt the outcome towards the selected victor?

      • No.
        Strange thing.
        A principle, belief, or conviction, is only true, consistent and of value when it becomes inconvenient to adhere to.
        Yet, one can take comfort in TJ’s philosophy:
        “I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it.”
        I can only expect to exercise those same freedoms I am willing to recognize of others.

        • BTW, understood that you were referring to analog man post.
          Pre-emptive response – I know, as if.

      • analog man

        No, I don’t think my position would change. Here’s why: the districts that are going to determine the electoral college votes going “blue” are ALREADY “blue”. Arlington, Fairfax, Loudon, Prince William, Richmond, Norfolk and Newport News are, for the most part, where the “blue problem” is. It’s also where most of the crime is… If you over lay the “blue” districts with crime statistics, you’ll see they match up fairly well – Not exactly, of course, but certainly not enough to alter an election.

        Sure, it may increase the POPULAR vote in favor of the democrats, but so what? We learned back in 2000 when Bush beat Gore that it was the electoral college that matters. I certainly believe that McAuliffe’s goal here is to get “MEDIA points” with his socialist friends as he sucks the big democratic dick by doing what he did, but in reality I don’t believe it’s going to change anything that wasn’t already going blue.

        I might be wrong, but I certainly believe that giving ALL of our citizens the rights guaranteed to us under the Constitution is “bigger” than one election. In principal, at least. McAuliffe is “giving back” what should have already been theirs… And who knows? It just might inspire a felon (who is still a CITIZEN) or two to actually become involved in the process. Even if they become involved on the other side, the political PROCESS is important, and voting is a big step in that process.

        Stepping off my “high horse” and coming back to reality, I fully acknowledge that the political process may very well be irrevocably tainted by the socialists that have infected every aspect of our government and that some trees may need to be watered. But if we truly STAND for whats written in the Constitution and BOR, then should we not be standing for the rights of ALL citizens? Including those who’ve done their time and paid their debt? Isn’t forgiveness a Christian value? I also read somewhere something about “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”… In my humble opinion, anything less than that compromises our integrity and leads to a slippery slope…

        History has shown us that any form of disenfranchisement in the name of the public good/safety cracks the door open for tyranny. You can’t “legislate” safety without curtailing freedom. You either own your choices and take responsibility for your outcomes (including you and your family’s safety and well being) or you don’t. There really is no middle ground on this one.

        Keeping felons from voting doesn’t make anyone safer or keep TPTB from fucking with our liberty, so if it doesn’t affect you and yours, why should we care if they vote or not? Disenfranchising someone so that MY political beliefs are advanced goes against everything I stand for. That’s what the LEFT is doing! We are better than that.

    • Exactly this. ALL of it. Frankly, every day that passes, I’m more inclined to trust an armed felon than I am some shitbag liar that hides behind a tin star. I’ve seen too many corrupt cops get away with ruining innocent peoples lives to give a flyin fuck about ANY of them. Judges, attorneys, cops, probation/parole officers are all scum. And before our “lfmayor fuckwit chimes in, No tickets, no felonies, no crimes of any sort so, take your drooling rhetoric and swap it for a roll of buffalo nickels and a wood mallet. I bet even a dullard like you can figure out what to do with those nickels and that mallet…..

      • No family. That’s the tell professor tufts.

      • The last time this lf asswipe chimed in, Pete turned off the comments.

        He’s just jealous that he never made anything out of his pathetic so-called life.

        Pete, keep an eye on this POS.