Herschel Smith: Make Your Points In The Shadows


Thoughts on a new Canadian gun control scheme.

Not for Canadians only.

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  1. SemperFi, 0321

    I have friends in B.C., ALL their guns are already on a registry, the cops will want every single one of them, or else. Leaving a beater throwdown or two won’t work too well.
    Years ago it became mandatory to have a gun safe, even if you only owned one pistol (yes, they do have pistols, contrary to what we have been told south of the border, highly restricted like our Class3, but they are allowed). With that law came the mandatory safe inspection and then every gun you owned was listed. I’m sure there are many stashed sawed offs and machineguns, but most folks went along and listed their basic armament so they could use them on a daily basis, just like here.
    Fat chance of this passing, they almost got violent over the last gun control, and then the feds backed off some.

    Thanks for putting up my birth flag, has a bit more character than that new thing. I’m sure some of you will be more than eager to point out it’s connection with the City of London also.🙂

    • The long gun registry was abandoned in every province except for Quebec (which is permitted an endless supply of cutouts from laws that govern the rest of Canada) due to massive non-compliance and unjustified costs to maintain it.


      They just regulate by other means now. To buy a firearm, you have to have a firearms license, which requires attendance at and completion of a government mandated course. My father was repeatedly stymied in his attempts to buy additonial weapons because he would register for the required “firearms safety course” to renew his firearms license, only to have the course “cancelled” without reason or notification before it began. And so on. In “theory” you could still purchase firearms, by attending the “class” which in “theory” had a published schedule and availability, but in reality, was never provided.

      This is actually how I think the Dems will institute gun control – covertly through regulation and making the ammunition almost impossible to source and buy.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        I haven’t been up there to visit in 20 yrs, didn’t know how much it changed.
        The biggest threat we all face is the compliance that most people still show to illegal and unjust laws. I never cease to be amazed at the lack of balls my friends show, they constantly do what they’re told, even down to buying permits for firewood or their 4wheelers. They can’t bring themselves to give fedgov the finger, most still feel obligated to be good little proles.
        I keep asking this question; if you can’t break little laws, how will you ever break big laws, like defending yourself and/or pulling the trigger on someone? But then again, most also refuse to believe we have a problem with fedgov overreach. Copsucking proles.

      • There’s always the black market. With 300+ million guns next door, it should be a thriving one.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. Stealth Spaniel

    Well well-we get closer to the starting shot every hour, don’t we? Little Chelsea must have zipped up to FemBastard Ottawa for a quick speech on gun control. If it were not so maddening, it would be funny. The creepy Leftists are all obsessed with guns and ammo. Maybe some of that operating in the night shadows should include bows and arrows. Add some “diversity” to their worries. Deny, evade, hide, dodge, secret-a lot of lakes to lose firearms in.

    • There is a huge disconnect between the apparatchiks who continue to idolize and attempt to emulate hard core Communist/collectivist ideology wrapped under a wafer thin veneer layer of “social democracy”, and the rest of mainstream Canada outside of the urban “fundamentally transformed” cores. I know lots of people who continue to hunt (elk, moose, deer) as a necessary supplement to the family larder; these numbers exponentially increase the further you are from the Ottawa-Toronto-Montreal death triangle. The local Holiday Inn in Saskatoon offers up a mighty tasty elk ravioli in their dining room, FWIW.

    • There’s literally hundreds of thousands of square miles of bush for peeved off Canadian gun owners to work with, remarkably a significant part of this wilderness is within walking distance of our major urban centres.

      These urban centres are to natural grazing territories of the socialists and anti-gun folks in the country. all of the energy and transported consumable needs of those cities run through said rural/wilderness areas.

      The natural gas energy for all of these cities is provided by a single pipeline running across northern Ontario, can you see the entertainment value of the above scenario

  4. Semper, I agree, it’s gonna get interesting in the next while up here, I anticipate that there’ll be considerable problems in our southern neighbors in and around the upcoming election. If this nonsense proposed legislation is pushed in Canada you’ll see residual effects causing an upheaval here. This could be the keystroke that formally ends the country, as for all intents it’s a Balkanized country right now.

    Interestingly the rules for social change in Canada have been well established by the very people who are pushing this nonsense, violence and/or threats of it have caused the socialists in Canada to snivel and roll over belly up, to the Natives, the French Canadians, more recently to the Muslims and remarkably to the recent iteration of the BLM movement. I would expect that now that the rules have been established that there are gun owners who are more than prepared to follow them

    • “as for all intents it’s a Balkanized country right now.”

      Agreed, +1000. I also predict an upcoming era of power politics in turmoil; as the Balkanization increases, the coalitions needed between various “special snowflake constituencies” for successful governance and compliance/obeisance to official diktats become more fragile.

      FUSA will not be far behind.

  5. After Hillary is potus there can be an Operation Fast and Furious north of the border. Then again maybe there already is one.

  6. Hey Itor…
    This is one of your “felons” who you think should have his rights back…


    “…Malcolm B. Benson spent 19 years behind bars after pleading guilty to second-degree murder in 1995….it took only nine months for him to kill again.

    His victim, a 59-year-old Army veteran named Stanley Carter, was waiting at a bus stop on his way to work with a group of people when Benson shot him during a botched robbery…Police also said that Benson sexually assaulted a woman near the scene of the fatal shooting…”

    I’m betting you’re in the 20-30 something age range?

  7. It doesn’t seem likely to pass.