Powerline: Hillary Wants Your Guns


When the Powerline lawyers write in the clear as they do here, it is significant.

Something for your “Just calm down, George – remember how you were saying the same thing back in 2008?” associates.



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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Let’s wargame how this might play out. Hillary gets elected president, then in the first 100 days enacts some new registration scheme from the executive branch. The compliance outside the cities will be lower than the 10% compliance seen in the registration scheme enacted in Connecticut in 2014. (Who cares what the compliance rate is inside the cities.) Millions of rural husbands will finally stand up to their wives, against the childish idea that complying always increases safety. Hillary’s signature first 100 days policy gets completely rejected by the population.

    I don’t think Hillary would make that mistake. Husband Bill said Democrat stuff to excite his base, but once elected governed more centrist. I think Hillary is doing the same, this is just talk. The actual legislative trend of the last few decades has been towards increased gun freedom. Hillary won’t be able to reverse that.

    Whatever harms Hillary will actually do is more subtle than gun control. Prepare yourself to identify them.

    • Hillary not equal Bill.

      Hillary is a damaged person with vendettas.

      My planning assumption.

      • Mrs. Clinton intends to liquidate the “vast Right-wing conspiracy”. We’re it

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Yes, Hillary isn’t Bill. She’ll have more trouble buildng coalitions, etc. Even her own party hates her, at least in large part. She’s got a heavy Emperor Caligula vibe about her. It will be dramatic, no doubt, but she could easily end up with no support except her personal staff.

      • Mark Matis

        It will not be Hillary who comes to the door. I know where the pigs live in my AO. Do you know where they live in yours?

        And I don’t intend to wait for them to come a-knockin’…

        • And it’s doubtful anyone would be coming to the door, at least initially. That would titillate the masses too much, provoke too much of a reaction. I suspect they’ll be content, initially anyway, to grab people incidental to other things, such as traffic stops. Or perhaps they’d just do nothing for a long while, knowing the “violators” will never again leave the house with their firearms, accomplishing a sort of de facto confiscation without lifting a finger. I wonder if any of the resisters in CT and NY are taking those rifles out to the range any more?

          As you say though, it’s eventually going to come down to the question of when will people start taking proactive measures.

      • Vince Foster and Ron Brown were not available for comment.

      • Precisely. This is someone that would have her own internal bureaucracy that could accurately be dubbed Executive Revenge Council. ‘Vindictive’ does not do that creature justice.

  3. Stealth Spaniel

    Hildabeast is just so creepy and weird. I would put nothing past her. She can dream up whatever gun laws she chooses, that will just put her in the position of Chainstarter for The Festivities. And that is a battle neither she nor her cohorts are ready for.

  4. I think now would be a good time to scour the internet and download every piece of information you can get your hands on for making and fabricating home made guns.
    Get that information formatted and put on a removable storage device before deleting it off your computer.
    Then share it with your friends.

    Right now the price of EBR’s has finally recovered from the last Obama inspired run up,
    .22 LR is still hard to come by and some ammo prices are still high but availability is pretty good for the most popular calibers right now.
    More Gitsum.
    Primers and powder. Primers were very scarce not that long ago.

    Hillary Clinton be damned, there are already more firearms in this country than anyone could ever hope to do anything about seriously.
    Ammo is the Achilles heel here and they are damn well aware of that fact.

  5. The supreme court legislated gay marriage, they too will legislate gun control.

  6. Name (required)

    We may discover that Hillary is more interested in importing more mohammedans than in gun control.

    Phillip Paul is right: we have enough guns to last a century. How long will your ammunition last after resupply is cut off? However much you have, you need more.

  7. Virgil Kane

    “Democratic politicians are generally lying; the question is, to whom?”

    Don’t piss in my ear and tell me it’s raining. When are Republican politicians any different? I can read the Clinton’s statements and completely understand them without your sugar coating the savior GOP.

    After Johnson in 1968, which party has trampled the 2A more? Clinton signed the AWB with a sunset and Obama opened up national parks. Obama hasn’t even infringed in ways he legally could with imports and such. I don’t know what has stopped him, but don’t tell me the GOP will protect the 2A.

    • Virgil Kane

      Bush 2 didn’t do anything bad that I recall, but he kept saying that he would renew the AWB if congress would send it to him.

      Cruz has a strong record on gun rights, but his latest actions with the GOP leaders show he will likely do what he is told.

      “We won’t be voting our way out of this.”

  8. Uncle Larry

    If ammo runs dry, wouldn’t want to be the police carrying extra mags of it that we need. Also, ammo from everywhere south of the border, will become available. Can’t stop drug trafficking and won’t be able to stop ammo trafficking.

  9. Re-loading supplies and parts kits for what you already have. And, as always, keep your mouth shut.

  10. “There is a chance, of course, that Hillary doesn’t really mean what she said in Connecticut and will drop her obsession with guns once she gets to the general election.”

    More than a chance, it is an absolute certainty.

    Hitlery won’t do squat about guns unless the economy crashes, and even then she’d have to think twice before kicking off a nation-wide war. She may be corrupt and evil, but she ain’t dumb.

    Hitlery, like all “major league” pols both R and D, certainly prefers unarmed peons. There is a difference between wanting something and getting it. If she starts a war, all bets are off. She probably would rather avoid doing a Mussolini imitation.

  11. What is a lot more likely from Hitlery, is war, war, war in the Middle East and maybe involvement in Ukraine, along with a vast expansion of the surveillance state. That’s bad enough, even though gun control won’t be happening.

  12. Molan Labe Bitchez!

    CA, can we get some of these trolls on WRSA?:

    The (STRAPON Psychopath) campaign will essentially be employing an unknown number of paid, pro-Hillary trolls to spread positive news about the candidate and counter anyone posting negative information about her. And these aren’t just ragtag trolls living in their mothers’ basements — they are industry and campaign professionals.