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  1. The deniers of God want us out of the way and dead. Won’t end well for them.

    • Centurion_Cornelius

      tom is correct. if you are a believer in “The Way,” you know the ending.
      Peace is coming; no one knows exactly when, but it will arrive. Meantime, my CO is is Jewish carpenter; He leads, I follow:

    • Thank you for telling it like it is. Dead is the end goal. Wiped out of history.

  2. I don’t bother with all that kind of crap, like ” I self identify”. If I gouge your eyes out and skull fuck you, then you know all you really need to know about me. Other than that, I will be polite, professional, and have a plan to kill you. “Self identify as…” my fucking ass. People that talk like that should have their under wear shoved into their mouths and forced to walk around like that all day. Did I forget Death To Islam?

  3. Note that if this continues, “candidates” (aka sock puppets) will openly pander (even more) to the tranny/LGBTQXYZ/creeper crowd, the “furries”, the so-called “misgendered” and all the other varieties of cultivated, curated insanity that exists out there.

    We have this explosion of maladaptive behavior precisely BECAUSE it has been encouraged in a thousand ways, great and small by TPTB (ask yourself why the surge of gender issues, the sexual/political inversions, the androgynous style… what purpose does this all serve, and why NOW?)

    Note well that the Phallic, White Christian Oppressor is not, nor will be pandered to by the so-called “betters”. We all might as well be wearing yellow Magen Davids and getting out identification numbers tattooed on our forearms. The regime may have already done its site surveys on many latter day Babi Yars, Katyns and the like.

    There is no voting our way out of this. Witness the comically corrupt Virginia “Governor” stacking the deck with “rehabilitated” felons, from murderers, to rapists and all manner of psychopath… the Regime felt that electorally threatened that they had to go there? McAuliffe has just released a horde (206,000 to be exact) that now owe him personal fealty for his misappropriated act of “benevolence”.

    Is it plausible to think they will all hew to the straight and narrow path of rectitude, or will some non trivial portion of said mob be employed through cut outs and SJW elements as a terror wrecking crew against what remains of western civilization in Virginia? Do you trust your local PD to give you accurate statistics on this? Can you afford to bet your life and the lives of your loved ones on that blind trust?

    As I have stated before, and I believe the money quote & film clip exists on the site here of Fred Thompson as a Naval Officer during the Cuban missile crisis, “this shit’s going to get out of control and we will all be lucky to make it out alive”, or words to that effect. That is the gestalt as we slide into the abyss.

    Remember- when all is said and done, the victor writes the history. Help write that history by keeping detailed lists of malefactors and deeds for the inevitable war crimes tribunals. We owe it to civilization and generations unborn to keep to a semblance of civility. It is bad enough as it is, keep it straight and dryly factual.

  4. There’s an old, off color joke that ends with, “don’t matter to me, I’m going to f**k you anyway”.

  5. The delusions will end soon…grab a bag of popcorn and enjoy the show.

  6. One could have a field day with this kind of presentation. “I self identify as —”

    * A female Napoleon with visions of grandeur. — HRC
    * A disenfranchising Constitutional Conservative — Ted Cruz
    * A hair club for men member — Donald Trump
    * A Moscow on the Hudson Communist — Sanders

  7. Bucephalus

    For the world to disapprove/hate/malign/marginalize/disparage/flog a good Christian man; that is a compliment!

  8. I self identify as a Christian with a rifle and a short fuse. The heathans out there can go screw themselves with a chainsaw.

  9. argument by (self)-definition is a typical Talmudic trick. When Talmudists rule, this is how it goes

  10. Steve Kristmann

    Like I’ve been telling folks here, regarding the whole ‘bathroom imbroglio’..if you got a penis, you use the Men’s room..if you’re sportin a vagina, you use the Women’s room..if you’re confused, get some old school professional help and be ready to cross your legs and hold it while you get yourself squared away upstairs!

    Self-identify?..utter collectivist newspeak bullshit mouthed by zombie assed morons!!

    Oh yeah, Death to Isam..big time on that…nuke mecca, medina and a couple of bunker busters to the ‘dome ‘o the rock’ (want to minimize loss of innocents in Israel)!!!

    Yours in totally Non PC Liberty!
    NorthGunner III

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  12. Christian Warior

    Sean, don’t hold back anything,

  13. K. Jack in Centennial, CO


    STFU and pay your taxes…after all, aren’t you the one who wrote:
    “..Anon, Molly also knows the point of the game is NOT to end up in prison, but FREE. You first, hot rod…”
    Actually, I haven’t in 18 years…but then you’re they guy who talks shit and wants to be safe…. wtf…..

    You talk too much…and say little…Lots of mouth and won’t even wage a tax protest…stay the f**k out of my foxhole, sparky.

    Just sayin’.

  14. ANonEmouse

    Stupid cartoon to wallow in the puddle of victimhood. Want to know why Christianity takes a hit? Because 98% of you are hypocrites. If a mere 25% of you actually lived your life according to the tenants of the Lord Jesus more people would take your proclaimed faith seriously.
    In fact it’s tragically hilarious that the majority of the New Testament is authored by Paul.

  15. K.Jack, I promise to stay out of your foxhole. I haven’t been to a tax protest, yet, but I did march around the cop shop (while they pointed sniper rifles and cameras at us) in an armed march in Temple, Texas, with Vandeboegh, to protest an unlawful gun seizure. I stayed with Mike the whole time because he was sick, and played out soon, and I am crippled, and can’t go far without a lot of pain. I went to another fully armed demonstration in Atlanta before that, while an infection and pain were my constant companion, on the Capitol steps. But yep, you’re right, I play it safe. Been twice divorced, VN combat tour, bankrupt, drowned,revived, hit by lightning twice, run over by a van while on a motorcycle, dengue fever, 2 hip replacements, encephalitis, Crohns, and about 20 broken bones. I just don’t see how prison and ruin for my family will further ANY cause, but I could be wrong. I err on the side of caution, because I hesitate to take my family down that road, seeing as how they have built their own lives and have passions of their own. And for a guy who talks about other people taking no risks, your inability to type the actual word “fuck” sort of give me a raging clue as to how much intestinal fortitude lurks in your bloodstream. There are at least nine people in this world that are buried, because I ended their lives. YMMV. Tom Horn, I just don’t drink decaf, because I’m a grown up. I wasn’t even angry when I posted that. CW, I wasn’t holding anything back, I wake up like this, and I’m like that all day.

  16. I yam what I yam!

  17. Straight up Christian here. Momba doesn’t scare me. However death by Momba scares the shit out of me. Until then, I patiently await the physical arrival of Momba.

    Dirk Williams