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  1. …but, but, but she’s not wearing a gun so it must be okay. What is it about ‘inalienable rights’ (that would be God given if my fairly conservative 1950’s education serves me) and ‘…shall not be infringed’ all about? Seems something is out of place here but as a person of no consequence what do I know anyway ,…?

  2. You forgot the fully automatic mp5k.

  3. There is no positive outcome from this “election”. Admittedly, I’m surprised the nation is still intact after 8 years with the magic negro at the helm. But it’s about to get worse. A sociopath, a communist, a megalomaniac and a messianic savior. Yep. Worser is better.

    • Grey Ghost

      Welp, the magic negro is not out of office just yet and somewhere in the dark recesses of my mind I’m thinking he might not want to go. Let’s see he has already said Trump won’t be President… hmmmm…. Martial law after Nov and before Jan17?


      Grey Ghost

  4. At least 10 guys w/20 guns to protect one thing and all they need is a guy w/ garrote and a Randall. Damn! Taxpayer abuse.
    John h.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. mr. parker

    Miss Piggy has had armed guards ever since she was the First “Lady” of AR.

  7. Someone close will poison her. Probably a family member. Hub included. Bill probably tried to have her hit. It backfired and Hillary came out the other side.
    Bill was a henpecked ,pussywhipped bitch. I heard he dressed up like the “Gimp”, from Pulp Fiction.
    If anyone knows where I can buy a copy of Chelseas debut move with Ron Jeremy, please post .
    Isn’t love grand. Nothing better than family in Arkansas.
    One pissed off and pissed on bushpig.
    Coming soon to a theater near you.

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  9. Stealth Spaniel

    God, every damned day, I wake up and she is still alive. There is just no fairness, justice, or decency in this world.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      How do you think those agents feel getting put on her detail? Actually, everything they do sucks, you gotta be some kind of stupid to sign up for that job. Must be the prestige or something.

    • God does not give one fuck about what happens here on earth. He sits on his throne and watches…

      This is a test.

      We’re on our own.

  10. The Usual Suspect

    He never has we were given free will and invariably fuck it
    up from there, he must be pretty amused though.
    Like watching Jackie Gleason movies late at night.
    “Wilma one of these days, POW , to the moon .”

  11. and don’t forget the rooftop snipers. I’m glad Mrs. Clinton has such wonderful security. She’s gonna need it

  12. Witness if you will, the woman is grossly overweight. I’d say at most 70 lbs. She travels all over the world, meaning she is regularly being pressurized, and depressurized. She is probably, from the looks of her skin, eyes, and of course, bulges, not eating healthy things all the time, and probably binge eating after 5pm. She is always irritated, always combative, and very angry, A LOT. Probably not getting all the sleep she needs. Doesn’t take vitamins, or supplements, and has difficulty eliminating waste, and urine. She’s a walking time bomb for a heart attack, stroke, or seizure. Heart disease kills far more women than breast cancer, and with her nutritional habits, the likelihood of her getting colon cancer, or diabetes, or both, are higher than average. Like a lot of “celebrities” she is likely taking some drugs to both get her up, keep her going, and get her to sleep. Including the drugs that help counter act the side effect of the drugs she’s taking to perform normally. She is 68 years old, does not regularly exercise, and I’m betting the doctor(s) accompanying her do little more than provide pills,(painkillers, too) and cluck about what she’s doing to herself, and keep the defibrillator warmed up and ready to go. She already has fainted while giving a speech,(4 yrs ago), put down to a stomach virus. What do you want to bet it was heart disease, issuing a yellow card? I wouldn’t worry about Hillary. Worry about her picking Warren as a running mate.

  13. Sean for the win 😉