Drudge Is A Master Of Brevity

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  1. Shinmen Takezo

    Good riddance Ted (zipper-head) Cruz!

    I bet President Trump will nominate you to be… the senior men’s room attendant as the Air And Space Museum.

  2. This Presidential election will determine everything.

    Congressmen and women are vital to our nations future.

    Your representatives care about you.

    Your vote matters!


  3. Grey Ghost

    UntrusTED mathematically eliminaTED.

  4. Drudge has been in the tank for Trump for a while. Only negative stories on Cruz, only positives on Trump.

    The Trump supporters will get the statist they deserve. Either Trump or Clinton. Unfortunately they’re going to take the rest of us down with them.

  5. Trump on the first ballot should send most of the open-borders Judeo-globalist neo-con/cuck wing of the GOPe spinning off toward Mrs. Clinton. Who should go on to win the November election by a substantial margin. At least I hope so

    • First of all the purge of the GOPe is a good thing. Let them go to the Dims. They will find the sledding there not to their liking. (Imagine Koch sitting next to the Undersecretary of Lesbian Affairs for State.)

      As to the general, 6 weeks ago I would have agreed with you on Trump’s chances. Now I am not so sure. Last nights results are a fair indicator that Trump could actually win PA in the general. That has not happened for the GOP in a quarter century.

  6. Sometimes I don’t grasp the double edged meaning of some of these articles. Is this anti politics, or anti Drudge.

    For years I identified Cruz as someone whom ” might” just might be a different breed of cat. Someone who was inside, yet really outside. This election cycle has proven me wrong again. Is it so wrong to want to believe in the only system I’ve ever known.

    I know nieve at best. After OSP MURDERED LaVoy Finicum, their is no going backwards for me.

    My personal dis-appointment in govt, has gone from mild to literal rage. When this dance is over, I’m considering oligarch, and govt official hunting, for sport.

    Drudge, I consider his site to be one of the more practical news sites on line. Not saying his shit doesn’t need to be vetted, just like his style.

    My main sources for news are generally from across the globe, I find a better representation of what’s really going on within our boarders, and how that news applies across the globe.

    Thinking out loud here.


  7. ‘Give us a king like all of the others,” they shouted with fists held high to God. So the Lord said, “Very well.” And king Trump who makes much of his money in Mexico, who wants his immigrants to touch back and then come back home to America through that big, beautiful open door in the fence to work in jobs “Americans won’t do,” who gives big to Hillary, who enabled communist Terry McAuliffe to rule in Virginia with his big money donations, who supports the killing of unborn children, who favors judicial appointments of known eugenicists, and who is on record favoring a single payer health care system, takes the seat of power. And soon all the people lament that God has smitten them so, blame it on the most High, and demand hope-n’-change and things and stuff and other shit.

    I’ll sit back and watch and laugh, and laugh, and laugh. Suckers. Bend over and get the Vaseline ready.

    • And then there is natural born Canadian citizen Rafael Eduard Cruz, alias “Ted”. Say, isn’t there already a prez with an alias? Born elsewhere?
      Supporter of oligarchy? Hitched to the Goldman Sachs card carrying CFR member?
      Described by his father as the “messiah”?
      Claimed to NOT BE an insider, yet openly supported by the insiders?
      Curious, that.
      For me, I’ve long been done with “voting”. Doesn’t work. Never has.

      My advice – from C.H. Spurgeon – “Between two evils, choose neither”.

      Furthermore, I consider that islam must be destroyed.

    • IMO, You would do yourself some good to get out of whatever propagandized closed box you are in and look at it all overall from a broader spectrum. The Donald being forced to pay the scum off to function is not anything the same as doing so because he actually believes in the good of the people he pays in the current protection/opportunity racket scheme he is forced to work within. Besides, if you are to look at the overall of his support, it would not be an emphasis in those that you despise. Like I said, “closed box”…

      If you are of the belief that Cruz is of any good, I think you would also be grateful to a view from “outside”. It may prove painful, but I’m sure you will see with some light on the matter.

    • As Israel demanded Saul, against God’s ordinance of David, with equally poor results…..

    • mrgreyling

      Herschel, I read your blog, and have one major discrepancy with you, and that being your obvious blind support for Cruz.

      I’m sorry, but “Ted” Cruz is a huckster like his father (speaking in tongues, oh please, come on!). Ted Cruz goes to the border welcoming third world illegals with soccer balls and teddy bears. He supports amnesty, TPP, climate control, the never ending war scheme, and to boot, there is no excuse for his CFR wife. No excuse. How about “Ted” and his voterless antics? What world are we living in that this is in any way a good person to lead this Country? Anyways, why the sealed records to his legitimacy to even run in the first place? Constitutional, my ass. Sir, wake up and open your eyes.

  8. Should all of your fears come true, after you get done laughing at the “suckers”, you can vote with your .308 “as an example to the others.” Or not. You choose.

  9. Is everybody now thinking that the GOP won’t eliminate Trump with a rules change? I have no dog in this race. Any president at all is bad news as far as I’m concerned. The concept is broken at the root. But it’s a fun game to watch, just to see how incredibly corrupt they can all get before people start shooting politicians on sight.

  10. (((drudge)))

    rafael edwardo cruz today announced fiorina as his v.p. choice. he’s still banking on stealing the nomination. those cuban-canadians are a rascally bunch.

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