Publius Huldah

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NCR sends these words from PH:

To my Friends in the Dayton, Ohio area:

I’m speaking there on May 2.

Now, listen up: I am an unaffiliated and unfunded little old lady who Michael Farris and Mark Mecker – with the seemingly endless stacks of cash available to the con-con lobby – do not want you to hear! They are so terrified of People hearing me speak that they have tried to get my events canceled or sabotaged. They have contacted hosts ranting and raving about how I shouldn’t be allowed to speak.

Ask yourself: WHY do they NOT want you to hear what I say?

Free speech is being wiped out in this Land – and it’s false friends and their minions who are doing it.

So strike a blow FOR the right to speak out boldly in the Public Square on matters of public concern and come to the May 2 event.

7 responses to “Publius Huldah

  1. Centurion_Cornelius

    Roger that! spreading the word here in Ohio Buckeye-land via emails, blogs, phones and in person.

    Q: Will “Johnny ‘The Kasich'” and his rasslin’ tag-team member “Terrible Teddy” be in attendance?

    A: NOT!

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. Being an outstanding citizen and dues paying member of the dirt people, I pledge to be there with you in spirit.
    Farming/ranching,mining. I am as much part of Mother Earth as can be. Speak up for the dirt people.

    Thank you, Knuck

  4. James F. Ponder

    Could someone explain something to me please? Is this the same Michael Farris who is the longtime spokesman for the Homeschool Legal Defense Association? Those guys seem pretty anti Muslim and extremely pro Constitution; I hope this is a different person.

    Thanks for anyone who can clarify.

  5. @James F. Ponder – I was wondering the same thing. The Micheal Farris of HSLDA was always a solid conservative and an upstanding Christian guy. I would really be saddened to find out that he had caved to the establishment.

  6. don’t know about Farris. But she’s right about neo-conz. For whom Muslims are only one of several invasive ethno-shockArmies aimed at destroying White Western Civilization

  7. Guess I don’t have an excuse not to attend, huh?