Losing The Authority To Govern

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From ChicagoBoyz comes this thoughtful letter on the importance of legitimacy and the consequences of its loss.

Although written in the context of British politics, concepts such as a new Act of Union translate to any nation beset by a burgeoning State.

Incompetence, madness, and greed beget more of the same.

Until reason – or collapse – prevails.

The moral collapse has already happened.

More to come.

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    One of the most corrupt, evil, hypocritical empires in modern history is in the process of disintegration. How delightful!

    • Which is why building parallel societies that reflect our values NOW is so damn important.

      • That sounds like work;)

        • I had forgotten to answer one of your queries (Re: syllabus for western civ) on an older thread, and then comments were no longer available.

          Any pre-1965 curriculum for the humanities or Western Civ will work; for example, Columbia University’s older “Red Book” of the Humanities core is an excellent choice if you can find it. If not, “The Great Books” list also works, and you can begin sourcing older editions in used book stores, garage sales, E-Bay, etc. For the longest time I carried around (what eventually became a very ratty copy) a list of which editions of the “Great Books” I wanted to buy for our homeschool literature/humanities library.


          Best, YTZ

      • Yep. Mosby’s third book appears as if it offers a way of doing that. Haven’t ordered it just yet, but will.

  2. Our own government is losing it’s moral authority to govern. When the .Gov itself commits acts which are illegal it loses it’s position of moral authority. Once that is gone it can only govern through fear of consequence and that only works on some. Ask TL how that works for him.

  3. California Atty. Gen. Eyes Crackdown on Conservatives


    • Harris is tops on the list for removal. Blatant disregard for the constitutional rights of those who have a different perspective than hers. You California hard cores better be updating your mission statements.
      People talk about California as if it is ruined and not worth saving. I disagree. If the dirty bastards want it that bad..they must pay in blood. Nothing should be easy for the dirty bastards. Make them pay dearly.
      The illusion exists that it’s too hard and beyond saving. Anyone not willing to do the heavy lifting can kiss my ass.
      Anything that has true value and worth must be earned. Earning it is just the start. Now you must be a steward and protect what you have. Hence the need for a second amendment.
      You don’t have enough ammo.

      • like Obama, Kamala Harris is halfBlack/halfWhite, and the Black side hates the White side. She and the rest of the Calif Uniparty will, by and by, be spoken to in a language they can understand

  4. Getting the fuck out of peoples lives, pockets, and way, would go a long way towards reform here, but it will never happen without bloodshed. The bloated and grasping class will never relinquish the stranglehold on the people, the economy, and bureaucracy they have, except by force. Such as it ever was. They actually think, “Power is mine!”, because of their cleverness. But every once in a while, the tumbril rolls, the blade falls, and their cleverness is exposed for the stupidity it is. You just can’t shit on people, and walk away. Not forever, and not for long.

  5. The German Jews were fully convinced of Hitler’s legitimate authority, that’s why they obeyed him; the highest value of that culture was not life, it was obedience. Legitimacy, and thus authority, is not produced by citizen happiness, it is produced by citizen obedience. Refusing to register guns and being willing to fight enforcement is an example of reduced obedience. When there is a mass movement to evade taxes and get away with it, then that particular government will have lost legitimacy.

    • Don’t know if it’s true, but I’ve read that only about 50% of those who are “supposed” to pay income tax actually do so. Not sure how to verify this…

      • Steve Kristmann

        And people still put ‘faith in gov’, or believe that a gang of nattily dressed parasitic thugs has any ‘legitimacy’…give me a break!

        There is no such thing as a ‘legitimate government’, ‘legitimate authority’,
        or that perennial favorite mouthed by gov worshippers, ‘consent of the governed’. It’s all a lie, a con-job..a one sided game played on the rubes by a class of sociopathic narcissistic parasites on two legs for their own enrichment and enjoyment of control of others..all with the blessings of their victims.

        Read Larken Roses, “The Iron Web” and “The Most Dangerous Superstition” to fully understand this.

        The Most Dangerous Superstition (PDF)

        The Iron Web can be found on Amazon.com

        Here’s some videos that he did that will help as well:

        The Whole Problem (and Solution) In Two Minutes

        The Jones Plantation

        If You Were King

        The Complete and Undeniable Truth

        You’re Not The Boss of Me!!! (Full Version)

        Ya Gotta Vote!

        Yours In Liberty!
        NorthGunner III

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  7. A wordy piece but leave it to the comment section to illustrate the thought more clearly. Kamala Harris was once the mistress of then Speaker of the House in the Kali legislature, Willie Brown. He was 30 years her senior and he got her a highly paid job in the govt. It looked to be a straight up money for sex proposition, prostitution. At the very least, she was a ‘kept’ women. The hire violated every possible conflict of interest or nepotism rule. The Dems and the Press, proud protectors of ‘womens rights’, totally ignored this abuse of a young, vulnerable woman. But perhaps she wasn’t so vulnerable and wasn’t above fucking her way to the top. And she’s goin right far too, she’s the favorite to be the next senator from the great state of Kalifornia.