Storm Und Drang

Storm und Drang 1

Stilton on the chaos of electoral politics.

One certainty: “More individual freedom, less government intrusion” will NOT be a ballot choice.



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  1. Fence sitters are and have been the problem since politics and voting arrived on scene. If a person blows with the wind, fails to do their due diligence in reviewing the facts regarding that specific politic, votes a specific direction, based on hyperbole facts.

    I’ve developed a rather simple balance sheet, for support/ no support. All I need to know is the candidates past voting record. Don’t give a rats ass what they say, only care how they vote.

    If every local rag, in every community simply posted the candidates past voting record, I seem to think most citizens would have something tangable to review for support.

    I’ve also bestowed my own term limit policy, at the state and federal level, I allow two terms, after that I personally vote out that candidate, regardless of their position. At the city and county level They also get one term in office.

    I’ve voted against several personal friends, have always been up front with them, and why I could not support them a second or third term. Nothing personal, just my personal politics on politics.

    Doesn’t really matter the game is clearly rigged at every level. The above is entirely for self gratification.

    Dirk Williams

  2. CA, that right there you said is a truly sublime comment: ‘One certainty: “More individual freedom, less government intrusion” will NOT be a ballot choice.’

    That right there man, “More individual freedom, less government intrusion”
    IS not a ballot choice, it is a live free or die choice.

  3. The people who sit in the middle of the political road will only get run over.

  4. The late Sam Rayburn famously said, “the only things you find in the middle of the road are yellow streaks and dead possums.”

    Succinct and accurate.

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