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  1. To those who scoff at guys like Alex Jones.

    If Matt Bracken gives AJ enough credibility to appear on his show,
    then I have to ask – who are the real fools?

    • I love ya tfA……………but aj is a money grubbing, lying ZIONIST shill….married to a jewish princess and never once talks about the real issues….just another “PATRIOT for PROFIT”……..he and Steve Quayle, Mark Kornke , Hawk, all radio talk show hosts !!! FUCH EM’ all the would not be on the air if not approved by the controlers……..aj has looted the patriot crowed and produced nothing but hot air.

      just my two bits ,,…….and I ain’t no fool…..

      • You are a fool. How do you think these guys fund themselves to reach millions? Thats right , they should pay millions a year in operating costs out of their own pockets so guys like you can complain about how we are all doomed and provide no solutions. The interview was gold, Bracken at his finest if you even bothered to listen.

        • Virgil Kane

          Coca-Cola and McDonalds aren’t lining up to sponsor Infowars.

        • Hey ASHOLE, you don’t even know me and this is your first exposer to me yet you know that I run around saying we are all doomed….On the contrary ,,,,,,It is my opinion that jones is a suck ass …douche” bag and I am going to keep it…….so fuck you over and over…….Good on Mat and ALL of us that fight the good fight………….jones takes the listeners money and buys ranch land in east Texas nice homes hot cars and movie studio quality gear he doesn’t need, you are free to think and feel anyway you want but I would be very careful thinking I am a fool

        • The interview was GOLD & many Vets in the INTEL pipeline know it was & loaded w/ EEI. There is no question we are n a Asmmetrical Non-linear Dispersed Warfare plan right now. 4GW/5GW

      • I get it. He skirts around the ZOG connection, but so does WRSA and everyone else out there. To not do so, alienates a good deal of the patriot community, much like the truth about 911. People just aren’t ready for the hard truth-YET. I used to follow him when I first awakened years and years ago. I met some good folks online from the early days of InfoWars and we still chat daily. Is he a “gatekeeper”? Probably so – he does have ties to Stratfor. I heard he’s divorced from his JAP also.
        Either way, he has a YUUGE audience and reaches many many people everyday.


        Sir: You may not like them. You may have no respect for them. That is your call. And you may have substantial evidence to support your observations. . Please do not kill the messenger. Folks like Jones, Quayle, Rawles, the Deyos, et. al. put things out there that get people talking. They throw out topics that would NEVER see the light of day on the Sheeple Media.
        They force the rest of us to investigate further, evaluate and sift the facts from the hyperbole, and draw our own conclusions. How many people realize that, during the 2012 presidential campaign, Mittens slithered off to attend the Bilderberg conference? Jones was on that secret meeting of these Godless NWO demonic rat bastards.
        Nobody is perfect. We all stumble. We all say and do things we regret. Truth is its own defense. If these folks which I have named are telling me the truth and pointing to verifiable facts, then I will not judge them. I will take the information and evaluate it to my own standards and needs. Then, I will act accordingly.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          110% in agreement.
          AJ may come across as a blowhard, but he’s also awakened many to what were once considered conspiracy theories and we now see them as reality. He hasn’t done too bad on most of his predictions, as far fetched as they come across. Take what applies, throw the rest away.
          And also, take what Fox News offers and see how many accept it as heavenly gospel……

      • SemperFi, 0321

        You are a fool. Most of your comments come across as those of a puffed up 12 yr old on Youtube. Time to re-evaluate yourself.

        • HUH !….12 year old……..sorry you feel that way….. cannot remember any comments where I puffed myself up….these are just my opinios, since they differ from yours am I not allowed……I will keep that in mind here in MY little world.

    • jessejames87

      Sinners and publicans my friend. Unless you believe in some sort of ‘patriot predestination’ then at one point all of us had to learn history, law and whatever other associated information to get to a semblance of truth and the reality of today. I don’t begrudge anyone pushing good information on whatever medium they can. Bracken probably reached several million people and hopefully a couple get pointed in the right direction as a result. It’s a few more people pointing rifles in the right direction.

  2. At 1:30, Matt explains who really hates the cops and why we will need them to try to maintain some semblance of LOCAL cohesion. If our enemies can’t co-opt them, which they are doing militari9zing/federalizing as fast as possible, they want US to kill them, creating even greater pretext for martial law (temporary emergency measures for the public safety!) This is just one more facet of divide and conquer… to issue blanket fatwah on all cops everywhere and without exception, you have to be on the other side, malignant or just not too bright.

  3. Tim Rennie

    We do scoff, and rightly so, at “guys like Alex Jones.” This is the first time that Matt has been on Alex’s show. You’ll notice if you watch the feed, that Alex barely gave Matt any room or time to speak. Jones needs to have Matt on the show, shut up, and let Matt talk about his whole perspective on current events and probabilities.

    Alex makes the statement that, in Bracken, he has found his “new guru.” Better late to the game than never, Alex.

    Matt, if you’re reading this, don’t let your message be co-opted by these guys. Be a Ron, not a Rand.

    • Why do ‘we scoff’? ‘Better late than never’ – LOL , Jones has being pounding on this stuff for over 20 yrs.This is also not Matt’s first time on this show. If you guys were half as critical of the enemy’s antics since JFK as you are at being style critics of rough and ready types like Jones we wouldn’t be as bad a shape as we are now.

      • Grey Ghost

        Exactly right… this is NOT the first time Matt has been on the show.


        Grey Ghost

  4. Bracken – as always – does a great job explaining what he knows. Alex Jones — as always — can’t keep his mouth shut and let his guest complete a thought. The constant interruptions are a reason why I seldom listen to him. As a talk radio host myself, I’m amazed at how many other hosts jump on a their guests and take over the conversation. It’s rude and unnecessary, and annoying as hell to the listener. Why have a guest on if you’re going to do that?

    Kudos to Bracken for patiently getting out important info despite Jones’ hyperactive interruptions.

  5. Grey Ghost

    The real fools are the ones who actually believe AJ is a conspiracy theorist whacko, I’ve been an AJ listener for YEARS, but then I don’t GARA who calls me conspiracy theorist. Funny how many people I run into that listen to that show. Call me all the names in the book you want.

    I listened to AJ and Matt live yesterday instead of the HUSH BIMBO Cruz bootlicker show, which I never listen too anymore. Great interview by the way AND AJ said he was going to get Matt on for another 1.5 hrs sometime next week. We’ll see if it happens.

    The discussion centered around Matt’s “Tet” and “Coup” articles.


    Grey Ghost

  6. Good to see Matt get the exposure. He deserves it. Too bad Jones has such a penchant for talking over his guests.

  7. I’ve been listening to AJ for the last 15 years, so needless to say, I was a little nervous for Matt. AJ is very passionate about current events, and yes, he can certainly bloviate with the best of ’em when he wants to. I was VERY pleasantly surprised. Nice job, Matt. And AJ, if you are reading this, thank you!

  8. When Bracken speaks I try to listen carefully. His books are incredibly prescient looks into our dystopian future/present, I’ve read them multiple times. There is so much in there it’s a wonder the guy has not been plane crashed or nail gunned. God Bless Mr. Bracken and thank you for having the balls to say what others wont.

  9. mike-nineroscarfour

    AJ got the education…

  10. AJ is a clown. Bracken is a doom-author-optimist with an interesting life history. AJ has lots of viewers, that’s why.

  11. Those who do not discern. Listen to it again – do you *really* think Jones shoots deer at a thousand yards? Google “Alex jones william cooper 911” and see who has more street cred on 911 in June 2001. Bracken is on a mission to warn, jones is asset to distribute the warning.

  12. Matt gave a great interview. Jones also gave mention of WRSA at the begining. I caught it on SW last night.

  13. I enjoy reading AJ, daily. Never know which nugget or pearl of wisdom one can discover. Which piece of the puzzle will appear.

    It’s our jobs to find that nugget.

    Dirk Williams

  14. Virgil Kane

    Damn, Roger Stone is creepy looking.

  15. Glad to see Bracken get some exposure. He came across very well and even with the interruptions was able to get some clear and coherent patriot content on the air. I hope to hear him get back on for some q&a.

  16. Matt is good people. Enjoyed the interview in spite of AJ’S interruptions. Glad Matt took the opportunity to try and get the message to a wider audience. I know firsthand how passionate both he & PZ are about trying to warn everyday citizens about the depth of the islamic threat and sincere in the desire to help families prepare, be aware, and survive. The threat is real.

    Well done, Matt. Thanks for all you do.

  17. Stealth Spaniel

    Infowars is an amazing site, even if AJ gets like an over rehearsed racehorse at the gate. As always, I learn a lot listening to Matt Bracken. I am grateful for the opportunity to hear Matt’s wisdom and depth of understanding. He has a unique perspective on role playing his ideas to a possible conclusion. I will certainly listen if AJ has him on again. It can only be a good thing that WRSA was mentioned. We need to wake up as many as possible. The Festivities are near.

  18. The Usual Suspect

    We all live in our own little world, different places, different life
    experiences, different allies, the same enemies though, keep
    that in mind.
    My little town is my world and I know most of the inhabitants.
    You would do well to do the same, don’t mean you have to like
    We see the same storm clouds as you all and quietly discuss the
    diminishing options our country faces at the open bar before the
    city council meeting starts.

  19. Looks like its already started in San franCisco last night…