FO: Introduction To Counter-Intelligence


Welcome to another essential aspect of the mind game.


Ignore it at your peril.

7 responses to “FO: Introduction To Counter-Intelligence

  1. I had to look up elicitation. The FBI, our friends, have decent little bit on it here:

  2. “To access this content, you must purchase…”

    incremental extraction of cash
    identification of readers via money trail

    Lessons being taught?

  3. Speaking of intel/counter intel.

    Riots brought to you by the Party for Socialism and Liberation (along that red-green axis).

    • Mark Matis

      Don’t doubt for a minute that the Rove Republican swill are funding them as well.

  4. read Schellenberg’s THE LABYRINTH. S. was 2nd-in-C to the one of the great intel/cointel operatives of all time: Reinhard Heydrich. It’s a shame Heydrich didn’t survive to write his own memoirs. But Zion/Churchill hit him in June ’42…an event Heydrich himself predicted about 2 months before it occurred. Heydrich was killed off, incidentally, not because he was the prime architect of the Jew-kill, but for the opposite reason: by the spring of 1942, the Reich’s military and civilian economic bureaucrats, who wanted to use the Jews as forced labor, were gaining the upper hand and the FS was jumping the track. Hitting Heydrich, as Zion intended, got the death machinery going again…thus maximizing the Jew body count & postwar political traction for the Israel Project