Stop Shouting: Review of Max Velocity’s “Patriot Dawn”

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5 responses to “Stop Shouting: Review of Max Velocity’s “Patriot Dawn”

  1. I’ve had the honor or reading all of Max’s work. Really enjoyed them. My reviews as noted in Amazoms review section haven’t changed. This is a well written book, heavy on specific movements, and actions.

    For the layman, this specific movement, with explanation is tough, to grasp. At the end of the book, I was pleased with Max’s creation, and the plot line.

    Perhaps the most important objective, portrayed in this book is/ was the brutality of war. Of fighting a no rules war against a determined well armed enemy.

    It is my belief that Max portrayed an exact replica of a war coming to a country we all love, very soon.

    I have several thousand books, and training manuals, to include Max’s, both in hard back, and I have a Kiindle dedicated to downloads, kept in my faraday cage, just in case.

    What truly amuses me is that a Brit, comes to America and prepares some of the best pre civil war books out their. I admire the fore sight of Max’s books.

    Dirk Williams

  2. SameNoKami

    Just finished the second book. Both are good reads. Both are instructional.

  3. Marlo Stanfield

    The Chinese (Moabites Of The Bible) have no interest in helping someone outside their nation. When they move into a foreign is exactly what they are doing. They start with one business and expand if no Chinatown is already present. They stay to themselves get a job and then try to bring in other Chinese when they can. Americans don’t get that. This Open Arms singing Journey bullshit will bite this country in the ass.

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  4. Outstanding works by Max. If you have not read Patriot Dawn and Patriot Rising: The Unbroken, get ready for spell binding reads. Taking his courses, following his blog, reading his books, you grasp Winning is always a great thing, it is realistic and most important achievable, and that is what Max’s foresight and great spirit is about… never giving up, never bending a knee, and is to me also, all aside from the instructional contextual storytelling of fighting 4th G war against tyranny. I hope everyone reads his work, and is empowered by it all.

    In positive and reinforcing contrast, Matt Bracken’s Enemies Foreign and Domestic trilogy, along with both mens other presentations and work towards training and equipping the citizen patriot, you have two wonderfully complimentary, and entertaining, approaches to the same subject. these things change you in ways as a people today we often do not have critical and empowering knowledge of, but these guys will do that. Add in works by the great John Mosby and all the other outstanding American’s from Brush Beater, to Kitt Lange, DanMorgan7 and so many more, providing us patriots with an embarrassment of riches for defending our families, our liberty and our way of life. The value is priceless, these guys know and teach in ways that transcends and eclipses the tyranny breathing down our throats.
    All these amazing fellow countrymen have raised the bar and set the standard. Not a day goes by I don’t give thanks and feel humble gratitude for the skills and knowledge gained from these people and their selfless work. I truly hope everyone who can finds such sustenance also.


  5. Read ‘m both. “Contact!” in action.

    Pretty good yarns, too, for a first time fiction writer. Compelling story and characters to care about, and some to hate.