Wishbook: From A Reader


If you don’t know Lehman’s, you are missing out.


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  1. Lehman’s is one of those resources that you always keep in the back of your mind for that old style tool that your grandparents used long ago.

    They’ll usually have it.

  2. Excellent choice for sharing. That’s some serious off-grid p0nr right there.
    The few things we’ve ordered we’ve always received excellent, above-average customer service and were happy with our purchases. (Our projects didn’t necessarily go as planned/scripted, but that wasn’t Lehman’s fault!)

  3. They tend to be on the expensive side, but they do have all quality goods and stuff you would have a hard time finding anywhere else.

  4. Centurion_Cornelius

    Yep! Right down the road for me; in-store pickups saves me $$ on delivery fees.

    Amish, Mennonite and prepper heaven. Lehman’s still happily accepts cash, as all we “simple folk” don’t use plastic. As I tell folks: “We had ‘plastic surgery’–cut up all the credit/debit cards.” Won’t be functional anyhow when festivities begin in earnest.


    Lehman’s “parking lot:”

  5. good place to get ideas but one can find these very same products at better prices with little effort. maybe send a catalog to your friends who you have been prodding?

  6. Lehman’s is an excellent resource, I’ve done a lot of business with them. Also, folks should check out local thrift shops on the weekends. Anything from cast iron to old tools, books on traditional skills, and oil lamps should be a no-brainer. Don’t ever dismiss the value of old stuff.

    • Yup. And flea markets.

      • Flea markets can yield some nice hundred dollar bolt rifles that are better than a Mosin Nagant. Got a ’43 Long Branch for that price, that way. Much TLC and attention to Bisley bedding instructions has made it a good second tier bolt rifle pick. Ammo is not a problem, much reloadable surplus has come in lately.

      • As I told my son when we were in Cracker Barrel “Wait until the idiots have raided the freezer, then come back with wire cutters and loot the ceiling.”

    • The thrift shops in our area aren’t great, but going to farm and estate auctions, especially ones of very senior citizens that the family is liquidating everything can yield rich rewards, especially for those “odds and ends boxes”.

  7. Buddy of mine heads to Amish Country every so often, goes here to drool.
    I wish I had more funds…but the money tree hasn’t sprouted yet.

  8. I get their catalog and once in a while order but we use it mainly for ideas, they are extremely expensive.

  9. I own 2 of these (2 is one & one is none). With this plus decent amount of deck screws you can build anything. I got mine at estate sale for ten debt bux each.

  10. Bucephalus

    Just go to the FEMA camp; extra toilet paper if you run a floor buffer…//s.

  11. Don’t set foot in this place unless you have an entire day to wander through it…and a second day to go back to see all the things you missed.

  12. SemperFi, 0321

    Great stuff, incredible selection of old time products, however some prices are very high.
    And my favorite place for oil lamps and parts is Kirkman’s, his new lamps are better made than Dietz, (my hands down favorite is the #2 Champion galvanized using thicker glass and metal than Dietz)

    I’ve restored many original Dietz and Alladin lamps thanks to their parts supply.


  13. I don’t think I’ve seen a carpet sweeper since my grandmother died. Excellent resource that.

  14. Stealth Spaniel

    Love Lehman’s! They always have QUALITY stuff, and if it doesn’t measure up, they happily refund your money. Great source for ideas also.

  15. If you are in the Pa area then get to this place. There are many good booths that have a huge selection of used hand tools at good prices.


  16. OT: Bracken is right. Maybe this is purpose for the false flag known as Donzi. Riots are whats for dinner.

  17. Steve Pickard

    A must visit when in Eastern Ohio. I have been there many times.

  18. Gonna git me sum sap bags…