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From over the transom.

Don’t forget, though: Team Collectivist has most (all?) of the organs of government and media at its beck and call.

Tempus fugit.

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  1. The people on the right hand side know how to organize and conquer and dont mind disruption for a common cause. Theyre always on tje offensive. The ones on the left dont fart unless the get permits to do so and cant even be on defense properly. The ones on the left will also take the status quo as long as they can watch their football games.

    • Disagree. The ones on the right-hand side couldn’t shoot their way out of a port-a-potty. They will be such an easy target, it will almost seem too unfair…almost.
      The ones on the left-hand side will be pissed, because if it gets to the point of a shooting war, there will be NO FOOTBALL!

      • The ones on the right just have to call the one on the left racists, bigots abd homophobes. No shooting necessary. Weve seen how conservatives run away from those terms with their tails between their legs.

        As CA noted – they own the media

    • That is pretty much spot on.

    • The only thing more dangerous than facing a police state military ruled by the agenda of a regime of cultural marxists and trained and equipped by the needs of greediest corrupt private contractors who are the neocon influence “right” side of the regime; is that corrupt political system facing a country wide popular insurgent light infantry and its auxiliary support system.

      What is really far more dangerous is insurgent light infantry and it’s support system that not only is no longer in fear of the regime and it’s actors, but understands to a man that regime of corrupto-crat bankster’s and it’s cabal of George Soro’s wannabe’s are a total fucking joke, let alone a class of inbred clowns and losers who couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag when the police state praetorian guard and mall ninja payroll patriots abandon them like the rats they are on a scuttled burning sinking ship.

  2. The Walkin' Dude one to add to the right side. Thar she blows!

  3. Media is becoming irrelevant. When raw videos are posted of forces of govt gunning people down in the streets, half the populace will know before the first network news broadcast is out, if ever.

  4. 100-200 million…

  5. TimeHasCome

    A Fox News Pundit last night bemoaned the fact that the left was getting really angry outside the Republican convention in California . The only solution was that Republicans could just shut up and go away maybe the left would not be so angry.

  6. The left also has the support of the black and Hispanic communities. Even though they are not socially liberal and don’t agree with the fruit loops in the right image, they are committed to the leftists due to the fact that they are easily manipulated. This is largely due to the welfare state and the lower intelligence/knowledge that seems to occur in those groups for whatever reason. Both of these groups are in excellent physical shape, with the Hispanics being capable of hard times psychologically. On the other hand, most of our youth under 30 are fat, brainwashed, and, worst of all, don’t believe in freedom or capitalism. In short, our hard facts look like this: We have a very, very small group of 40 to 70 year old men with no apparatus of power, that will have to face off against large gangs of in shape* urban youth controlled and assisted by the deep state.

    * If anyone doubts this reality, just look at what black and Hispanic youth do in their spare time. The short answer is basketball and soccer. I see it literally every day in my neighborhood where we have large populations of both. The white kids are inside playing video games while getting fatter by the day at the same time.

  7. You are kidding yourself if you think the red-green axis isn’t going to have arms and foot soldiers to bear them. In addition to plenty of people under age 40 who were born here who have moral relativism and secular humanism as their daily mantras and who are willing to take to the streets, there are plenty of new imports to add to their ranks:

    “The Left has pursued the refugee/immigrant agenda for decades. While we were preoccupied with raising families and earning enough to support them, the Left has been working like termites to erase our culture, traditions, and rule of law from within. Even as its agenda threatens to destroy the nation we love, the open borders, unregulated immigration and refugee flow advocates revel in the chaos, poverty, and misery they create because it all serves their overriding objectives: power and wealth.

    We are way behind the eight ball, but it is not too late for action. Aroused and outraged, Americans are finally beginning to wake up as they watch their communities transformed into third-world ghettos while jobs are taken, businesses undercut, pocketbooks emptied and taxes increased to pay for it all.

    We must recognize that there is no magic pill. There are no easy solutions. We are in a war for our nation’s survival, and we will all have to roll up our sleeves and get to work. Short of armed insurrection, the only answer is political. We can and must confront and change the political culture that has enabled open borders policies to gain such traction.”

    These imports whether from South of the border or the Middle East have no problem cutting throats and taking heads. They have experience doing it. They are not going to align with conservative/traditional Americans.

    The question comes down to which groups can actually mobilize people and which ones will have too many people who sit it out on the porch.


    The right fights based on personal conviction.
    Team collectivist has to pay people to do their fighting for them… No money means a no show… Cops have no interest putting their ass on the line for free…Just ask the shop steward…. The media is the family dog. Many a home invader, despised by the family, is loved by the family dog

  9. Team Collectivist will also have muzzie invaders and la raza/cartels.

  10. Team Collectivist will lose for one reason. You cannot win the eventual victory if you have built your position on nothing but lies. They lie to one another, and everyone else. Lies will not sustain a tyrant, or a cause. As Shakespeare said, “The Truth Will Out”.


    Before we all start the high-five gestures, take a look at what happened in Costa Mesa, CA at the Pro-Trump/Anti-Trump melee. A lot of white folks got their asses handed to them by the Vato Locos and their leftist handlers. As things get closer to November, the rent-a-mobs of whatever SJW flavor you want will be out there intimidating and pummeling the clueless Sheeple who still believe in the First Amendment.
    If you follow the money and promotion behind these “demonstrations” you will find the same group of “usual suspects” who have been bankrolling this disruption since the Free Speech Movement at UC Berkeley in the early ’60’s. They are everywhere. They are wealthy. They are either out-and-out Reds or useful idiots. And sadly, a lot of them are Haxo’s people.
    Stay aloof. If you do vote, no bumper stickers or signs on your front lawn. Tell your kids/grandkids to STFU at school, especially if they attend a public school which “embraces diversity.” Stay prepped and observant. It is going to be ugly.

  12. Mark Matis

    The organs of the government and the Media stand behind the Blue Wall and laugh. And the Only Ones do WHATEVER they are told, as long as that paycheck keeps comin’ in.

    But dead pig whores tell no tales.

  13. If it was just those two groups, I’d bet my car on the conservatives righting the country; but the democrats/progressives/communists/elites and many “republicans” have spent decades building up an army of thugs, moochers and large numbers of minorities to do the tough work. This is evidenced by the trump protestors. You don’t see those pansy ass people from occupy wall street that my sister could beat up in that crowd.

  14. Our side has Chuck Norris…’nuf said!

  15. The Left knows how to organize plenty well. They also have no problem with sacrificing some of their large numbers to inspire the rest. There are plenty of potential martyrs and victims who will be volunteers or useful unknowing idiots. Left-voters are more reliable than voters for conservatives or reality-based candidates. Reality can be a bummer, leading to demoralization/not-voting. TINVOWOOT.

  16. “organs of government and media”= snakes head…..

  17. Given what we’ve seen at Trump appearances over the last month (which is organized and (we all know) sanctioned by the current administration) I believe physically violent confrontation is a no brainer. One side of me regrets it and the other side realizes the insane amoral excesses of the last 25 years have made such a clash inevitable.

  18. “Liberal” means someone who wants government to impose policy upon innocents. Most of the people on the conservative side of the picture are liberals, too, and carefully obey the laws made by the other side.

  19. True, but consider the following.

    r-select individuals such as the quintissential liberal do not engage in combat outright but instead sent K-select individuals (from the government) to do their fighting for them.

    How else could they have come to have the power they currently enjoy? (That was rhetoric.)

    This will change soon enough as competition for ever-more scarce continues to heat up.

  20. Some great comments based in hard reality. But we’re left with the admonition of a Kentucky judge who after sentencing a repeat felon to 25 to life and the felon saying “I can’t do that kinda time judge”, replied “well then, do what you can son”.

  21. SemperFi, 0321

    Incompetence is still incompetence, no matter what. Our current .gov is a shining example of fuckups in action. The masses are representative of that and can’t survive on their exceptional narcissism alone.
    Neanderthals will win in the end. They know how to survive on a dirt level, Afghanistan has proven that already. You can’t fight spears and muzzleloaders with non functioning cell phones.

  22. Alfred E. Neuman

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  23. Jimmy the Saint

    The Collectivists are the most effective killers in human history. Forget that at your own peril. Vegetarian painters, history professors, medical students, etc. – they may not look like much, but they put up big numbers.

    They never stay in power forever, but they do tend to take it and hold it for quite a while, too.

  24. The Usual Suspect

    It would have worked in the former Yugoslavia had Clinton
    not stuck our noses in.

  25. Acitve Measures

    I’ll take the fat call of duty player over the soccer playing urchin. Better educated. Better eyesight. A lifetime of better nutrition.An SD of intelligence higher. You can whip a person into shape pretty quickly.

    There is also the high amount of conservative young people who have spent their whole lives hunting.

    The vast amount of military intellectual capital is held by conservatives.

    Street thugs not good soldiers make. Once the stores are out of provisions these people will be fuct. Imagine when their water , electricity, and sanitation is cut off. The cities will be death traps.

  26. Before we go too far down a silly fantasy road, It would do to remember that the only way to “win” a culture war is genocide. It would take the extermination of HALF or more of the population of north America to bring about the “return” of the pre-1955 white dominated , Christian America you all lust for. That’s right. You need to kill or deport AT MINIMUM . 145 MILLION humans. How many of you are ready for that? The left will never quit. They will never surrender, and they have already spent a century laying the ground work for global slavery. They WILL and HAVE murdered hundreds of millions over the last century, and are ready AND PLAN TOO KILL hundreds of millions more. So far I have seen few willing , let alone able, to stop them. Oh people will bitch. They will wright angry chest thumping comments. But I don’t see armed white boys stopping la raza , or the cripps any time soon.

    • “AT MINIMUM . 145 MILLION”….

      And yet the feeble and weak of heart desperately hope to coexist. LOL

      Not. Happening.

      This game is for all the marbles. Don’t be the loser.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      So true Ray,
      Too many folks still want to play nice, and hold the high moral ground. It’s what keeps us together as a people you know.
      Fuck that shit, if you want to win and survive, you have to get bloodier than the enemy is willing to, and most white, christian americans aren’t up to it. Too much brainwashing from childhood. All you have to do is look at riots in america, who gets nastiest all the time? The darker peoples! They don’t have a problem whooping the shit out of anything that gets in their way, they just do it. White americans just don’t want to get dirty it seems, and they always look over their shoulder, wondering if it’s legal or not. We are the most stupid, compliant bunch of people to inhabit this earth, and it will kill us in the end. But I guess if you want to be a moral corpse, that’s OK too.
      Funny too, the whole genocide thing. Hitler was evil for wanting to rid his people of what he considered scum sucking parasites. He’s condemned today for being the devil, but white christian americans seem to think it’s OK to exterminate the muslims, because they’re evil. And then turn around and lecture us all about being on the high moral ground. When you’re that conflicted, you obviously have no idea what you really are.
      Me….I’ll keep swinging for Wotan, the white god.

    • I’m strangely comfortable with your evaluation of what needs done.

  27. When things go pear shaped and the hammer starts dropping, one needs to select the proper targets to maximize you bang for the buck. IOW as Bracken has pointed out target – the lever pullers and their mid-level functionaries(lawyers, accountants, analysts) who are unprotected.

    The lever pullers are the brains and movers behind the government and the ones who really want us eradicated.

    As to who the lever pullers are, it’s pretty self-evident as they aren’t hiding it anymore since Trump rattled their cages with his Huey Long routine. They are best described as the Fortune 500 /Chamber of Commerce/Silicon Valley billionaire club/Wall Street banker types. You could fit the entire lot in a high school football stadium. The rest who reside in the beltway or Wall Street are just their enablers and worker bees who do the real thinking and working for them.

    If you’re not sure where some of the big money guys stand, just google them on trade and immigration and you’ll know if the guy is a globalist/Davos scumbag pushing for demographic obliteration of whites or just a mainstreet rich dude.Most sadly are in the former category.

    Oh i almost forgot, the MSM is their primary tool for coercion, cripple that beast(which is very easy) and the establishment loses one of the best tools for social management.

    All of this wouldn’t take more than a thousand unfortunate accidents to produce real change.

  28. Bob dobolina

    I’d be willing to help run the ovens if that’s what it’s gonna take.

    • Too energy-consumptive.

      An informal study of the issue by local law enforcement and prosecutorial experts in the mid Nineties favored grinding/shredding, with resultant excreta being used as either fish or fowl food.

  29. Missing from that image, on the right side of the picture, are the triple armies of the BLM/ghetto blacks, the LaRaza illegals, and the ELF/ALF/Green/Pinko guerrillas, plus the enemy-of-my-enemy Muslim horde (the Left doesn’t really like what they do, but the Muslims are useful to them as agents of chaos against the Right). The left absolutely has footsoldiers, and many of them do have fighting skills (even if most of it is street fighting and other 4GW-related tactics). Too, many on the left are fitness/health nuts. Unfortunately, they’re not all the human flotsam in those pics.

    And while we have plenty of conservative attitude, it’s an unfortunate truth that many of our would-be fighters suffer from Mitty’s syndrome. We look back with nostalgia (or regret for missed opportunities) on the days when we could bang out a 10-miler and be ready to fight at the end. Now, we’re often past our best days, and likely out of shape. There are still plenty of younger folks on our side too, though. The biggest problem is that our very nature stands in opposition to our goal. We’re all for freedom, independence, and individual liberty, and as such we tend to shun working in groups. Meanwhile, the very core tenet of the left is the Group above the individual. Our biggest advantage is that, because we’re not so invested in being part of a group, we won’t fall to pieces if some prominent figure of the right is taken off the field. The left doesn’t have that; they’re sheep, and they’ll be lost if their leaders aren’t in the picture.

  30. Sixgun6 is absolutely right. If anything, the people on the left are out manned and gunned. There are the drug cartels, Los Zetas, MS-13, the Mexican Mafia, Nortenos, Surenos, 18th street gang, Bloods, Crips, Folk Nation, Al Qaeda, ISIS and Anarchists. The cartels are armed by Obama and have rocket launchers, submarines and air forces. Hell, the left can count on the entire combined Mexican military and police forces when it comes down to it. Make no mistake about it, the above forces will take the side of the left and there are hundreds of thousands of them. They are armed to the teeth, well trained, and have scads of experience in mass murder.
    On the Patriot side, there are certainly a couple million men and women who lean to the Patriot side, most of which are former military and are well armed and trained and motivated. I’m gonna take the side of the Patriots who are a bit more numerous and much more motivated and most likely will be fighting right outside their own front doors with their kids hiding and crying right behind them. But make no mistake, If it comes to shootin, count on massive casualties on each side. Don’t ever under-estimate the opponent. And for Gods sake, don’t alienate the people leaning Patriot again by pulling another Burns, Oregon stunt.