SLL: You Say You Want A Devolution?


Robert’s latest.

Centralized control versus consent-based individual arrangements.



Or freedom?

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  1. “consent-based individual arrangements”

    It depends on how you define “consent”. And “individual”.

  2. Great article!

    “Today’s behemoth governments secure few advantages to their productive and honest citizens, and exact myriad and substantial costs. If the collapse of centralization is accompanied by balkanization and devolution, then among the many smaller political subdivisions, enclaves devoted to liberty, limited government, and individual rights become real possibilities, provided they can secure their territories.”

    That’s the hope and the plan in a nutshell.

    I remember reading Tom Chittum’s interesting book “Civil War II” which is a long form essay on what large polyglot political groupings (which he terms empires, even though many are quite small) are inherently less stable than monolithic “nations”. As an example of a Nation think Poland, which is almost completely composed of a single ethnic group, speaking a single language, following a single religion. Chittum views such arrangements as potentially quite stable. (And it’s interesting that even though Poland has been literally removed from the map twice in the last 1000 years it has returned in more-or-less the same place, with the same people both times.)

    He contrasts this with Yugoslavia, which in his terminology is an “empire” because it was made up of lots of different groups: Serbs, Slavs, Macedonians, Croatians with different religions (Orthodox Christians, Moslems, Catholics,) and languages. It iis Chittum’s thesis that such entities can only be held together by force and coercion, pitting one group against another, and almost always fly apart in Civil War.

    It would be interesting to analyze the former Yugoslavian states now to see if the dissolution or de-evolution of that state has resulted in more “enclaves devoted to liberty, limited government, and individual rights”.

    While it’s true that if you are English that London is closer than Brussels this works in reverse too. There is an old Chinese saying regarding over-reaching imperial power: “The mountains are tall and the emperor is far away”. Living here in the central Cascade Mountain region I sometimes take comfort in just how far D.C. and New York are from here.

  3. If the Brits (spit) had a lick of sense, they’d leave the EU. But they don’t, and they won’t.


    “Regardless of who wins in the US, the government will not surrender its resources, power, etc….” So what is the point? What is the “game, set, match” solution? Since the only thing that is holding this mish-mash together is the consent, compliance and acquiescence of the Sheeple, I do not see ANYTHING of import happening.
    The can will still be kicked down the road. The Sheeple will still accept debt bucks and trade in debt bucks. Amerikan debt bucks are still the currency of choice for the International Bankster community to transact their diabolical agendas. As things continue to melt down in Eurabia, the smart money will migrate here or into the Southern Hemisphere. This will further solidify TPTB and their continued control.
    The .gov/.mil establishments will still be thriving in place, as the previous posts about the legions of government lawyers attests. There are way too many people(the 51% who vote for a living), who have a vested interest in keeping this Ferris Wheel turning. Short of a Deus Ex Machina event, natural disaster, or world-wide economic meltdown(all remote at this writing), we will just be “keeping on”.

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  6. A positive thought to put in my pocket and carry around. Nice.

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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  8. Not really related, but I saw this in the news:

    City of Cleveland Ohio agrees to pay the family of Tamir Rice $6 million (!) for wrongful death. Rice was shot by police while brandishing a fake gun.

    According to the article, the families of Walter Scott and Freddie Gray also received about 6.5 million each, for their respective cities (North Charleston SC and Baltimore MD).

  9. A 1911 fully loaded, with at minimum one spare mag. This is lawfully glued to my hip everywhere but schools and government buildings here in the Great State of Texas, with my shall issue Handgun License. In Cali, only cops, politician’s bodyguards, and those with political connections could get a may issue license. They ask you why your life matters, and if you don’t answer with I’m a politician, celebrity, or have a lot of money, you don’t get a license. And then if you carry anyway, and get caught, you get two misdemeanors, and lose your gun rights for ten years. I never carried a pistol in Cali for that reason. I did know a Marine who said fuck you to California and carried a fully loaded 8+1 riot shotgun underneath the back seat of his truck though. I highly advised against this, and said the law is the law, but he just said fuck the communist bastards. Luckily for my buddy he made it out of the tyrannical slave state of of Cali and back to the free State of Texas. But crossing the border from Cali to Arizona was like making it from North Korea across the DMZ to Free South Korea. No honest law abiding citizen, should ever have to fear both the peace officer and the felon!