Sparks31: Down-Grid Communications


The third edition of Sparks31’s guide to comms in disrupted times.

Lots of value for your $10, especially if you haven’t been able to make his class.

5 responses to “Sparks31: Down-Grid Communications

  1. is this a must have a new HAM operator?

  2. phantomfive50

    use the scalar wave communication. Tesla knew about.
    It will work, the governament stole his invention.

  3. DiinduNuttin

    Listen, If you do not buy 10 of these and distribute them to your network, YOU ARE ******up!

    I have been to 2 of Sparks classes, He ROCKS! and is funnier than Jerry Seinfeld.

    IF you know absolutely nothing about communicating. You need this book.

    It is what we call “A laminated clue on a string, hung around your neck.”

    I just bought 10. They will be annotated with frequency lists and protocols

    Then distributed.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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