SSI: Kit Perez On How Your Nature Works Against You


Food for thought and possible action.


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  1. “We could talk all day about being the gray man, about fading into your environment and being invisible even in public, but that’s not the focus of this article.”

    I just read the whole article and that was my takeaway of its focus. Guess I shouldn’t wear a Veterans Exempt t-shirt in public:

    That “Don’t Tread on Me” and “Thy Will Be Done” certainly sends a strong message. There’s even a snake and skull on it.

    How many Christians have stopped wearing crosses in public? Why did many stop? Fear of persecution.

    Have you seen the left or muslims wearing fewer markers in public? Just the opposite. They celebrate openly and daily. I’ve never seen so many rainbow flags outside of a college campus or a hijabs outside the Middle East until the past couple of years.

    Going grey when they don’t certainly sends a clear message: there’s more of them than us. The middle/unaligned will see that and respond accordingly no matter the substance of our message. Numbers persuade.

    So who are you trying to hide from? The government already has their data on you.

    • “Have you seen the left or muslims wearing fewer markers in public? Just the opposite. They celebrate openly and daily”

      At the grocery store last night, I walked by two different women wearing muslim headbags and this is a lilly white conservative part of town.
      I thought about asking each of them if they had any bombs of them and given san bernadino, I’m entitled; but I like this store and don’t want to be banned from it; so I gave up my first amendment right; this is the usa today; 30 years ago I could have said that with no consequences.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “How many Christians have stopped wearing crosses in public? Why did many stop? Fear of persecution.”

      That’s certainly part of it, maybe even the major part, depending upon where you are. But for a lot of modern “Christians”, it’s just a social club, not a system of belief. Why wear the trappings of something that you don’t really believe in?

  2. It ain’t all bad. Nature works for you, too. I daily practice being a nobody, and I’m good at being nothing of any consequence. Having a little confidence helps, instead of being overcome with self doubt. What was that Oddball said? “Have a little faith, baby, have a little faith”.

  3. IMO, it’s taking time; but people in the usa are getting to the right spot for this. For most of it’s existence, it’s citizens were safe in its lands and worked together locally and nationally to make things better. As that falls apart with the country falling apart, more and more people become more alert of their every action and wherever they are; but there will always be those that are optimistic of everyone they meet.

  4. I have never been a fan of abortion. I also believe that if men were the ones who got pregnant there would be no discussion whatsoever. I lived near a guy who was a vocal, in your face anti-abortionist. I told him a couple of times to shut the fuck up and get away from me. Finally I resorted to sneaking a pro-abortion sticker on the rear bumper of his car. He drove around for a week or two before he noticed it.
    When he saw it,his head exploded. Priceless.
    This grey man scenario works two ways. Set people up to be thought of exactly opposite of what they wish to project. Publicity and recognition for the dirty bastards. Let anyone and everyone know where they live and work. Slap NRA stickers on the anti-second amendment peoples cars,homes,desks. Trump signs and stickers on the libtard vehicles and homes. Postings on social media thanking them for the contributions to the Trump campaign. Bernie stickers on the Republiscams cars. Crosses and Jesus fish everywhere. It is easy and fun. Make it a daily activity that the whole family can enjoy. The possibilities are endless. Prizes for the person who causes the most angst. Confusion,rifts and discourse are easy to sow. Be creative in your endeavors.

  5. I’ve never forgotten one of the last scenes in a film “The Day After” from the early ’80s. It deals with life after a nuclear exchange between the US and the Soviet Union. One of the main characters is a middle aged Kansas farmer who has done everything between Heaven and Earth to protect his wife, son and daughter… no avail. At the end of the film he’s on a horse with a shotgun and approaches a group of dispossessed and desperate people on his land. After roughly enquiring what they’re doing he looks at their frightened, sickly faces and obviously feels compassion. Then he says almost apologetically “But this is my home”. Then a man in the shadows kills him with a rifle shot.
    Point being, kindness kills. Would not be surprised at all if that trips me up.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Point being, kindness kills. ”

      It can, yes. But without it, there will never be a community. Kindness must be combined with alertness, to use a doubleplusbadthink word, discrimination. Kindness without evaluation may well kill you. Considered kindness may well save you.

      • Your best comment ever, Jimmy.

        Correct, and very difficult to achieve that balance but absolutely necessary to try.

  6. Re: “How exactly are you going to convince multi-generational dependents on government payoffs that self-sufficiency and personal responsibility are a superior way of life?”
    That presumes that the EBT cards keep working the checks keep coming, which they won’t. Considering that they will stop —
    a) Does not take much persuasion that their next meal depends on work.
    b) Regardless of whether personal responsibility is superior based on (a) is moot.

    News reports are streaming out of VZ daily now. Power outage, food shortages, hell they can’t even buy more notes to keep the hyperinflation going. VZ is going to crash probably before the end of the year. The US is following a similar path. We are just bigger and it will take more time. But it will grind to halt.

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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  8. LeGrandeGuy

    They used to say “Paranoia Will Destroya”….
    Sure, if THEY go full nazi you don’t want to be driving around in a yarmulke with a star of david on your bumber….
    On the other hand, in a full SHTF mad max anarchy situation that roman numeral 3 on your bumper/molon labe bumpersticker MIGHT help you connect with like-minded survivor wannabe’s…..Your call.
    Just don’t be too ‘gray’. Boring…….

  9. Truth.
    I have been raised and lived my life according to principles of truth. How does that apply to our current state of events?
    There is no truth in government.
    There is no truth in law or it’s enforcement.
    There is no truth in the press or media.
    Hillary,”The Bushpig” should be rotting in a prison cell
    I am insulted daily with lies and blatant propaganda.
    Partial and distorted,edited information.
    Fuck it. My truth is what I say it is. I don’t have to justify it, explain it, reference or tell anyone how I arrived at it.
    People who are complete , ignorant assholes regurgitate garbage and broadcast their bullshit. I am finished trying to educate and enlighten feeble mental midgets. It is time to raise your level of dissatisfaction with the “bullshit index.” Make your stance known. Back it up with a kick in the cunt or a punch in the face if that is what it takes. The recipient class has reverted to violence and intimidation. Like all bullies they will escalate the violence if they are not confronted and put down. These Trump supporters have a right to congregate. They better be willing to fight for it.
    Kindness has a place. Kindness has no place in dealing with bullies.
    No such thing as a fair fight. You win or you lose. Period.

  10. Bucephalus

    It could be argued that looking like everyone else is being “grey”.

    Hiding in plain sight so to speak…..

    Camouflage comes in as many forms as there are environments…

    Think outside the box, but don’t color outside the lines!

  11. Shave my beard?! No way!

  12. Why has it always seemed like the Cointelpro element of the resistance movement wants us to be super secret squirrels, get burner phones, use secret commo apps on our phones, not post on facebook, etc.? It seems like they want us to be quiet and fall back into line…

  13. DAMN! So is he saying that painting ALL of my vehicles in C.A.R.C II was a bad idea? …hope not, oooooops.