A Reader Asks: “What’s With The Lee Greenwood Hate?”

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A commenter asks:

Dude, what’s the backstory on the Lee Greenwood hate? The song’s overplayed, but there’s gotta be something I haven’t noticed in the last few months of reading this blog.

My reply is below.

I plan to put this post into the margins for future reference, so please include with full citations those works that have awakened you from the Greenwoodian delusions of your past.

Thanks in advance.

My slightly-edited response:

I used to listen to That Song, and it had all of the emotional effects on me that it does on others.

Then I started to learn how, since the founding of the American Republic, the promise of individual freedom had been dialed back with the intent of extinguishing it forever.

I learned about the Anti-Federalists [ http://www.constitution.org/afp.htm ].

I learned about the foundations of judicial tyranny in Marbury vs. Madison [ http://tenthamendmentcenter.com/2015/03/08/the-myth-of-marbury-v-madison/ ].

I learned about the early rebellions against Federal power [ http://www.mountvernon.org/digital-encyclopedia/article/shays-rebellion/ and http://www.mountvernon.org/digital-encyclopedia/article/whiskey-rebellion/ ], as well as earlier rebellions against “lawful government” such as the North Carolina Regulators [ http://www.learnnc.org/lp/editions/nchist-revolution/1.0 ].

I recognized that, despite the cries of today’s Constitutionalists about the Divine inspiration of the US Constitution and the accompanying Bill of Rights (USC/BoR), both of the foundational documents of American governance were drafted by mere humans based on the political accommodations necessary at the time (e.g., chattel slavery) and had no effective provisions for enforcement when violated.

I realized that, even if one does not fully accept the “intentionally fraudulent from the beginning” premise of Royce’s Hologram of Liberty, the institutions established by the USC/BoR have failed in preserving individual freedom and American sovereignty.

I learned the real causes of what Northerners call “the Civil War” and what Southerners properly call “the War of Northern Aggression ” [e.g., http://www.confederateamericanpride.com/10causes.html and http://www.amazon.com/Everything-Taught-about-Civil-Southerner/dp/0982770073/ref=pd_sim_14_2?ie=UTF8&dpID=51lRAJrWY2L&dpSrc=sims&preST=_AC_UL160_SR104%2C160_&refRID=09GDZS2607A3N43XKRF4 and http://www.amazon.com/War-Crimes-Against-Southern-Civilians/dp/158980466X/ref=pd_sim_14_4?ie=UTF8&dpID=51XQhFdSIEL&dpSrc=sims&preST=_AC_UL160_SR103%2C160_&refRID=09GDZS2607A3N43XKRF4 ].

I learned about the real Abraham Lincoln in an essential book [ http://www.amazon.com/Real-Lincoln-Abraham-Agenda-Unnecessary/dp/0761526463 ] by an essential professor [ https://mises.org/profile/thomas-j-dilorenzo ].

I learned about the Trail of Tears [ https://www.loc.gov/rr/program/bib/ourdocs/Indian.html ] and the “Indian Wars”/genocide of American Indians by the US Government [ e.g., https://www.history.org/Foundation/journal/Spring10/war.cfm ].

I learned of the Great Progressive Sweep via the founding of the private Federal Reserve System [ https://archive.org/stream/CreatureFromJekyllIslandByG.Edward-G.EdwardGriffin/CreatureFromJekyllIslandByG.Edward-G.EdwardGriffin_djvu.txt ], the elimination of state selection of US Senators [ compare http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/jurisprudence/2014/02/conservatives_17th_amendment_repeal_effort_why_their_plan_will_backfire.html with http://blog.constitutioncenter.org/2016/04/what-would-senate-look-like-without-the-17th-amendment/ ], and the implementation of the Federal income tax [ http://www.wsj.com/articles/SB10001424127887323701904578276210776108672 ].

I learned the truth about FDR and his New Deal in Garet Garrett’s essential The Revolution Was, along with the works of John T. Flynn [see https://mises.org/library/roosevelt-myth and https://mises.org/library/we-go-marching ].

I learned about Rose Wilder Lane and her The Discovery of Freedom: Man’s Struggle Against Authority.

I started to read Billy Beck, and I learned of The Endarkenment, along with its various and sundry applications.

I learned that what I had been taught and what I had believed all my life was wrong.

And I knew that the lyrics to That Song were wrong as well.

So I mock Mr. Greenwood and his anthem, not for themselves, but as symbols of the intentional disinformation that is poured down the throats of Americans every day.

And I hope that you will, too.

The truth shall set you free.

But it will hurt along the way.

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  1. table five

    i wish i hadn’t seen this post; i liked the site so much.

  2. Bruce A Wineman

    All that you say is true. If one reads the DOI, the Constitution and the BoR carefully, you will see that they address “Human Nature”. The Framers were not going to be able to make The Citizens of the US of A do anything. That was up to US! Through the desire to have the “Ideal Job” taught to me at lunch while working summers at the family business, a steel fabricating plant, I learned that “the ideal job is where everyday is payday and no work on payday”! Through the tortuous process of dumbing down the public via the education system and lack of “responsible ambition”, we have taken ourselves there. WE have to turn this around. No one else can or will do that for us. The longer those of us that are the ultimate support for what this country has wait, the more pain will accumulate. I believe that for a country to be FREE the people HAVE to participate. The work will NEVER be done as the author has described. If we are not vigilant, the “Opportunistic” part of our NATURE will cause us pain. There are 3 things some Old Guy told me once (as I was looking in the mirror). Homo sapiens is 1) Not Nice and 2) Opportunistic. Lastly, Anything for Free has NO value. If we do not see ourselves for what we are (this includes ME as well) we ill suffer the pain and it will be “self Inflicted”. I am for FREEDOM and the Responsibility that requires from WE the PEOPLE.

      • Bruce A Wineman

        I understand your association with BWS. I have dealt with individuals under serious stress and the following seemed to come to the front. Keibler-Ross suggested that those in the process of Death and Dying went through 5 stages. I believe that she was looking to close and assigned those stages: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Resolution to ONLY those with terminal cancer. I believe these 5 stages are applicable to any Severe Stress Process. We continue to be in Denial and that is disturbing to me. I don’t think we are far apart in our way of addressing this issue but the issue of Human Nature applies to each Citizen on their own. It really seems to appear that the “time proven” Divide and Conquer approach has worked. We have been made to feel alone and helpless. This has caused many to “withdraw” instead of fight because we believe what we do will NOT count. I submit the reason Mr. Trump has had such success is that he has stated what many have been thinking but the consumate liars we have hiried to Represent us in D.C. have tried to keep us thinking no one cares. We have to unite behind ANY candidate that is able to present a compelling argument for OUR CONSTITUTION and BoR. Gettinjg Angry and taking our Ball and Bat home will do us no good. If the fight comes to the Streets, so be it. We do not have to start there, however. Take back control at the Local level and move up from there. When will we see a State of Our Union Re-Declare it Sovereinty(sp)? There are many places to go but IT still starts with each of us.

  3. Excellent post! Now I shall copy this link and send to the Greenwood fanclub. Nice bunch of power packed references you gave. Kudos, cheers, and 7.62! :))
    (a small addendum:. The same traitorous group that gave us the 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th amendments gave us the power robbing US representative cap as well. We once had one US Rep per 30,000 citizens, today we have 1:600,000. Who gained power; The politicians or the people?)

  4. Gunderson

    Too many to list but you nailed several of them.

    • Yes. Some excellent links in there that are new to me; will definitely be reading and absorbing.

      Such an appropriate post to mark the Communist hijacking of “May Day”, no?

  5. Yes. The first step to my personal awakening was reading “The Real Lincoln” and then following the many citations in the book.

    I came at it from a place already skeptical of the “national consensus/shared history” as my viewpoint of the Revolutionary War as a descendent of Loyalists who were forced to abandon their homes and flee to Canada was already at odds with some of the “national consensus” which made for some interesting exchanges in my US history/US Constitution classes I took at the local junior college when I first emigrated to the US. For my husband, I think the awakening was more painful – he joined the military out of true patriotic fervor and love of country – we used to tease him that he should have the Stars and Stripes tattoo’d on his butt – and the hurt and personal pain that realization – and as our looney leftie “friends” like to say – “self-actualization” of that knowledge has been deep.

    However, you can’t rectify a bad situation/problem if you refuse to seek out and find the real root causes of the problem. True for on-site problem solving of engineering issues as it is for a country and a culture in distress.

  6. Posted on my Facebook page for all to see.

  7. Neocommunists are going to produce the worst bloodbath ever seen on this continent, US invasion of the south included. I expect upwards of 20 million deaths from direct combat. The recent Rock Stone Mountain demonstration proves that.

    We in the League of the South are training to defend our southern lands.

    • Dark Side of the Moon

      Pat, I concur with your assessment. I live in AL and people are getting pretty fed up with current regime.

  8. Just one more set of references to support the allegations of this post:

  9. I always wonder — Is it that the premise of the DoI and USC are flawed or that we have so far strayed from their precepts that they are no longer in effect? Personally I believe it is the latter.

    • “Created equal” = terminal romantic flaw in DoI.

      USC/BoR = designed for a single, moral polity with zero effective means of punishing violations.

      Both flawed from the git.

      • The ‘Created equal’ does set a standard that can’t be met.
        “… zero effective means of punishing violations.” There was a mechanism that the Founders expected to be used from English Common law — Grand Jury. Sadly that has been nullified from nearly the get go, even though SCOTUS has stated multiple times GJ’s are available and enforceable.

        Appreciate your effort in putting the post together. Much of the links I have read previously.

      • DiLorenzo was going to do a book on the methodology of the creation of the Constitution. I sent him a link to Kenneth Royce’s “Hologram of Liberty” and he abandoned the project. I can’t be sure that I had anything to do with that, but it could have been a factor.

        Royce’s book is well researched and authentic. If you read the two accounts of the Convention, published in violation of the oath of secrecy extracted at the convention, it’s pretty clear a cabal was responsible for the document. There was a limiting rule set up in advance, the Federalists voted to trash that after the convention began. It was brought up for a vote two more times, voted down both times.

        The US Constitution was the worst document that they could possibly have created, worse yet, it is operating exactly as intended.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          But Pat, that can’t be. I’ve had people swear to me that the DOI is divinely inspired, God spoke to our founding fathers. We are a nation created from Heaven.
          Actually, I’m also a big believer in Royce’s book, he did research that goes far beyond what most people have done, and in the end, our gov’t was established by another earlier cabal of crooks and lawyers. We had the best gig going, until the hot air got out of the balloon. Then it fell to earth, like everything else man made.

      • The movement was Masonic in origin. Which is to say, according to Albert Pike, Luciferian.

        “Flawed from the git.” You betcha.

    • Old Soldier

      “One People…” – a collectivist fallacy – there aint no such animal. Individuals human beings live and die independently of the existence or lack of existence of “The State.” The DOI is inconsistent and contradictory from the first par into the 2nd. It did NOT recognize “individual liberty”, in par 1, rather, it promoted the concept of the supremacy of the group over the individual and the “duty” of the individual to subordinate ones self to that group vs promoting the concept that every individual human being is a sovereign in his own right based simply on his “EXISTENCE”.

      In par. 2, it promotes the concept that all are born with “unalienable rights…”. It then regresses back the the notion that “governments” aka MONOPOLIES held in place by brute force, subsisting only by plundering wealth created by “individuals” under it’s “protection” in order exist, are morally and logically correct and necessary. It thereby promotes the logical fallacy that ONLY coercive monopolies can “secure” unalienable rights.

      It completely ignores the “market alternative” – the alternative of FREEDOM – as a mechanism “to secure unalienable rights”. It does in fact promote the “crowding out of the marketplace of ideas” the development of market-driven “rights protection services”.

      Monopolistic services, which are held in place, and subsist via deadly force, are contradictory to the idea of FREEDOM. There is no right way to do a wrong thing. The DOI did not recognize this truth – in fact, it ignored it.

      Just as the accuracy of a rifle decreases with the distance to the target, a fallacious theory will fail with the length time that passes by. We are now 200-plus years later, and the theory of ‘monopolistic gangs’, aka governments, has proven that it is waaaaay off target.

      I suggest that “the State” is nothing more than “The Divine Right of Kings” in drag.

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  11. If this site were a standard-app (and narrowed) discussion forum this post and its refs would be stickied under “Required Reading before Posting.” Well done.

    Read Flynn’s hardcover FDR treatment at urging of another visitor here some time ago – highly recommended, as well as output from Mises Institute. A wonderful treat to encounter academicians that warm to the cause of pulling back the commie curtain on socialism and can walk their talk in any genre. (here’s where I find out if that wp italics thingy works. 🙂

  12. Matthew Wilbanks

    Awesome list, reblogged on cooscountyiiipercent.wordpress.com

  13. I miss Billy Beck.

  14. ok, so the DOI, Constitution and BOR doesn’t work, weren’t intended to work from the beginning and have no hope of working in the future. Everything we’ve been taught has been a lie.

    What’s the alternative? No, really, what is a real, articulated, workable alternative? Once you have that penned, how do we get there?

    All the chest thumping by various small groups about how badass they are doesn’t worry TPTB one bit. Even if heads start to roll there’s plenty of people who will be willing to stop in to fill the empty slot. I don’t know if you (we) can realistically kill them (the elites) all.

    Of course you could burn the house to the ground and start over. From the basis of pure raw numbers we do have the edge but who out there is going to bring this huge, disparate, independent, my dick is bigger than your dick, you’re not a professional, bunch together into a cohesive force to be reckoned with? If Ms. Barnhardt’s axiom (greatly abbreviated) “that to seek political office automatically disqualifies one from it” is correct, wouldn’t that hold true here as well? So who you gonna follow?

    As fervent as Mr. Klein is I honestly don’t see his vision of non government ever coming to fruition. It might work for a very small group in a very isolated area but as soon as the bigger gang over the hill with more force and a desire for what they have crash their party it’s all over for the little group.

    But let’s say somehow you (we) get there and all out of the ashes of the FUSA a phoenix is going to rise. We’re right back to the second question above, what’s a real, articulated, workable plan for the minimal amount of governance needed? Oh, I know the Articles of the Confederation, right. Sorry it’s just a bunch of words on parchment like the other one that failed. It depends on the goodness, fairness and righteousness of mankind to work.

    I pretty much go along with it’s not the paper (parchment), nor the words on the parchment, nor the thought and intent behind the words that failed, it’s the people (us) that failed and it’s only us that can start turning it around.

    That means we have to get involved at the local level, even smaller than our city or town, we have to get involved in the family, the school board and as teachers, the church, and then at the city level, at the county level, at the state level, at the federal level.

    We have to start playing the long game because that’s another area where we’ve failed and it’s where we’ve ceded our position.

    Before you will get me to follow anyone into the abyss, you (impersonal sense) are going to have to do a much better job than just expressing “the truth will set you free” because I was taught that truth is like looking into a well, all you see is a reflection of yourself. So now we have a bazillion truths out there, which one is the real truth?

    It’s all well and good to prepare for the worst and hope for the best but before this whole movement can get off dead stop a lot of ground work is going to have to be done into providing an answer to what is a real, articulated, workable alternative to the present system. Until you’ve got that all you got is a bunch of hot air and my ar is better than your ak.


    • Short version:

      Group effort for actual mortal international threats, local/individual efforts versus local/individual threats, sanctity of person/family/property against all threats upon pain of death, MYOB elsewise, be kind when rational/possible.

      And know that the Bad People are the ones that want war, and that you and your family are one of their targets.

      • CA,

        Recognize that I’m not necessarily arguing for/from any particular position, and I’m most likely leaving myself open to being savaged by some for the heresy of questioning the narrative.

        “Group effort for actual mortal international threats.”

        What group? All volunteers, called when needed? In today’s global environment, how fast is that group effort of a bunch of volunteer individuals going to come together in any meaningful manner and be on the front line ready to defend?

        If it is not a totally volunteer effort and there is a standing force ready to respond, where comes the resources to keep them at the ready? Where does the money (or debt bucks) come from to pay them and keep their families?

        Regardless the group, who is going to have their finger on the button of the most dangerous resources of war? Who controls them?

        “local/individual efforts versus local/individual threats, sanctity of person/family/property against all threats upon pain of death, MYOB elsewise, be kind when rational/possible.”

        And what happens when this doesn’t work? Who makes the rule of the above and who enforces it? Who is going to mete out the death of the ones that don’t respect the sanctity of person/family/property? What about the guy(s) that don’t respect the rule of the above?

        You know they will exist because they are all over your site, who rules you? who owns you? is a popular refrain.

        I’m really curios here and maybe instead of a bunch of talking points some meat can get put on the table.

        Thanks for your time


        • The US military today is an all-volunteer standing force. Has been since 1973. Why wouldn’t such an organization work under a different form of organization?

          Payment is an issue. Kinda like it will be when the USD is repudiated internationally.

          Technology is going to moot a lot of control issues that have traditionally been solely in the hands of a nation state. If everyone has PGMs, be they conventional or non-conventional, everyone will control their own weapons. An armed society is a polite society.

          Gonna be a lot of meting-out by a lot of folks. You might want to look to the former Yugoslavia for lessons learned.

          Couple questions for you:

          1) You presumably haven’t killed anyone, either today or ever. Why is that? Because of the words on statute books or because of something else?

          2) You’ve never commented before. Why is that? I ask because I am trying to decide if you are a concern troll or a genuine reader of WRSA.

          • Seeing as how I’m the only one still living that knows where the bodies are buried, yes I have killed, outside the law if you must know, regarding your words of statute comment. And though they are very ugly memories for me I have no qualms about delivering whatever level of violence is necessary to protect me or mine. Which has been the case in the above instances. However I am not so vain as to believe that I could withstand a large armed onslaught and come out the victor, the law of averages are against it.

            I guess that begs the question, have you killed, either sanctioned or outside the law?

            You need to check your system, I’m not a troll and I have commented different times here on a variety of subjects. In a few instances I have addressed you directly with either questions or an offer of info and a couple of times you have replied to me, but I fear my manner or style may have offended you sense of decorum because I never had any more followup after that from you. No I’m not upset by that, if I was pissed off I would just stop perusing your site, there are other venues that offer similar content and opportunities.

            If you are tracking my IP to determine if I have posted before or not that is most likely the issue, we have dynamic IP assignment where I’m at and I tend to exploit that to my advantage, heh.

            “Payment is an issue”,

            I would think payment is a quite large issue what with viewing all the angst among some of the regular commenters here that decry the theft of their efforts in the form of taxes. Actually I agree with them and have made changes to my situation that lets me avoid that form of theft.

            But all the other commentary aside, it is issues like this that need to be hammered out and a sound solution/plan in place before precipitating the jump. Yes I recognize all bets are off if (insert your favorite collapse scenario here) occurs.


            • Your IP has not shown before yesterday. WordPress shows it; I don’t “track” it.

              By the way you live your life, based on your representations, you are already living outside of the DOI/USC/BoR/”government is the boss” paradigm.

              That is the best scenario that can be sought.

              But it also makes me question the good-faith of your questions.

              Enjoy the day.

    • Good questions and observations.

      As one of the Founders stated, the government they left the people was for a ‘moral and religious people’. Not what we have today which are a toxic stew of atomized and alienated individuals and mindless herd bound consumers who are best worker drones with no real historical knowledge, or appreciation of their cultural and it’s accomplishments or understanding of things in general. All being lorded over by a small elite and their quill driving babus or liaison class.

      We are certainly not the same people we were 60 years ago, let alone that which dealt with the Great Depression.

      It always boils down to the quality of people and their values to make a community or state viable, safe and prosperous.

    • “what’s a real, articulated, workable plan for the minimal amount of governance needed?”

      Common moral consent, whether derived from God, Nature, or “man’s survival qua man” isn’t a difficult concept. Don’t use force except in defense of persons or property. Don’t steal. Don’t lie. Until the delusion that “governance” requires some individuals (i.e. the State and / or its agents) be exempted from that common moral consent is eradicated, no “plan” will prevent “governance” from being hijacked by sociopaths. I am continually astounded – or perhaps disgusted is a more accurate way to put it – by the resolute failure of those who rail about the lack of “goodness, fairness and righteousness of mankind” to consider the question: Doesn’t this apply, in spades, to those who would become the State?

      “. . . it’s all over for the little group.” Two words: Basement nukes.

    • Old Soldier

      Wes, I smell sour grapes. I suspect you don’t want him to be right. The criticisms of the DOI, CON, & BOR don’t require the critic to suggest alternatives in ordr to be valid. If it’s f _ _ K_d up, it’s _uc_e_ up. Gripping about the critic doesn’t argue the point.

      I’ll offer a clue though. The spontaneous actions of the marketplace of ideas will out by and by. It will be a laborious and very possible a bloody birthing process, because the clueless with defend their persecutors to their own demise because of the massive ingestion of disinformation by the ministry of indoctrination – AKa, the public screwal system.

      Knowledge, like freedom, isn’t free. One must seek and study to discover truth. That requires effort – thinki ng (ahhhhhh!!!). The literature of freedom is everywhere man. Avail yourself of it. In the final analysis, all education is ‘self-education’. The rest is brainwashing.

      With respect, Old Soldier

    • Anonymous

      When you remove cancer or organized crime, you don’t replace it with a different cancer or crime gang. The ecological niche government occupies needs to be continually emptied, like you treat a noxious weed. A weak spot of government is the inspections that allow tax collection and regulation enforcement. If they can’t see you building or trading, they can’t take a cut. Without taxation they can’t hire enforcers.

  15. SemperFi, 0321

    Everyone has their addictions, for the masses it’s believing in religious and patriotic mythology.
    Anything that has been handed down from authority figures is accepted as gospel, never to be questioned, unless you’re one of the few who says the figures just don’t add up, how come? And then you embark on a journey of becoming an outcast for questioning anything and everything that no longer makes sense, merely having faith doesn’t make it right.
    Personal growth is about not buying into other peoples bullshit.

    • Old Soldier,

      With respect see your ENT person, no sour grapes on my part at all.

      It may surprise you but I have no feelings one way or the other about whether he is right or not and I’m most certainly not gripping [sic] about the critic.

      My questions stem not from whether the DOI, CON, BOR are invalid, critiqued, found wanting, hated or anything else. I’m not even attempting to champion them. Instead my questions, such as they are, stem from an honest curiosity of what’s going to fill the void if and when they are gone and how whatever fills the void is going to work.

      The following,

      “local/individual efforts versus local/individual threats, sanctity of person/family/property against all threats upon pain of death, MYOB elsewise, be kind when rational/possible.”

      though an admirable sentiment, seems to me to fail for the same reasons the DOI, CON and BOR have apparently failed, it depends on men being honorable to each other.

      With respect to getting an education, I may not be the most learned in classical studies but in the freedom arena I have that pretty well in hand. I have already structured my life that with the exception of property taxes, I don’t pay any other tribute to Caesar and seek no permission from anyone for what I do. Well that’s not entirely correct, I do seek permission from my wife of many, many years but that’s because a man has to sleep sometime and if I piss her off I just might wake up with a knife in my ribs.

      How many of you (impersonal sense) on this site actually live your convictions? How many seek permission to concealed carry? How many have a HAM license or a drivers license? For that matter how many have a pet license. How many pay taxes? How many get a background check to purchase a firearm? Pick your favorite law or rule to hate and how many of you adhere to it or follow it anyway?

      I don’t owe anyone anything and I take nothing from anyone in any way shape or form. I live within my means, own what I own and don’t pay rent/interest to a bank for any possession including my land and home.

      My children have been raised to respect others and have solid values and know how to think for themselves. I know for a fact they know how to do many things that most that frequent this site would find foreign.

      All of the above is done within our existing system, as flawed as it is. I just want to know how those that want to start over are actually going to make it work this time.


      • oughtsix

        Wes, thank you:

        “The following,

        “local/individual efforts versus local/individual threats, sanctity of person/family/property against all threats upon pain of death, MYOB elsewise, be kind when rational/possible.”

        though an admirable sentiment, seems to me to fail for the same reasons the DOI, CON and BOR have apparently failed, it depends on men being honorable to each other. ”

        That is the exact critique I have made, repeatedly, of the many attempts to justify anarchism, and many another proffered system of human economic/political organization.

        Each is predicated upon the adherence to the system and the “morality” (adherence to the system!) of the “voluntary” participants. Or else!

        Sorry, CA, but your replies fail by this same standard.

        If the DoI, BoR etc have failed because they depended on a common morality which men failed to uphold (and clearly they/we could not given the onslaught of venal predations of the power and money boys) how is it that men can uphold and maintain, by means of higher and common morality, any other system you may propose?

        Zero Aggression Principle? Don’t make me laugh. Men are the most violent species on the planet v. their own kind, possibly excepting chimpanzees and lesser species that eat their own young.

        ZAP would require an even higher level of morality than any previously known in order to be the founding principle of a functioning society. Likewise the notion of freely entered contractual agreements, for which the breech, in extremis, would likely have no other result than violence. Free market courts? The very same.

        God’s Grace and instruction to His people supersede any attempt by Man to alter, support, improve or suborn. It is for our good and happy life, free from the misery of strife, striving and sin of all types, and the disease and death which result.

        Real Liberty is the freedom from the bondage of Sin, not license to do whatever another may prevent us from doing.

        • No, actually, I am not a ZAP guy.

          I don’t believe in the honesty or essential goodness of people.

          I do believe in human nature and human history, which teaches me at least that with the level of weaponry in FUSA, there is going to be a whole lot of of killing.

          I also believe that after a score or more million dead, there will be an equilibrium of violence along the lines of “We’re both sick and tired of all of this. I won’t mess with you, and you won’t mess with me. Deal?”.

          That’s where the short-form ruleset below enters:

          Group effort for actual mortal international threats, local/individual efforts versus local/individual threats, sanctity of person/family/property against all threats upon pain of death, MYOB elsewise, be kind when rational/possible.

          Boys, the system you believe in is deader than Judge Crater.

          And the PTB have a LOT worse planned for everyone who is not in their club.

          • oughtsix

            “Boys, the system you believe in is deader than Judge Crater.”

            I don’t see where either Wes or I offered a belief in any man made system… we are questioning what, if any, proposals can be shown not to include the same fatal errors.

  16. mtnforge

    Right on CA.
    Fantastic response to a great question.
    Thank you for the timelines of truth.

    The truth only hurts you if you can not accept it or learn from it.
    Like it is said, “The Truth in a time of universal deceit is a revolutionary idea”, that “Those who ignore the past take the dirt nap first”

  17. Old Soldier

    AMEN, AMEN I SAY!!!!! Brilliant summary – simply BRILLIANT!!!

  18. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on ETC., ETC., & ETC..

  19. They gave us the gift of their sacrifices and expected that we would hold that gift as dearly as those who fought, sacrificed everything and died to retain it.. Their gift was to identify for us what was more valuable than life and the failure to accept the responsibility of keeping it and making those same sacrifices was ours to lose.
    We didnt have a chance to lose it because we couldn’t wait to give it away.
    The fault with believing in lies like Greenwood’s songs and other forms of social disinformation is that they are easy and comfortable to accept when hiding from the reality, they help bury the guilt deep.. The Greenwood’s of modern society are just useful idiots that help dig the hole.
    In the end a mirror will show us all who to blame. Guilty as charged.

    • To some extent.

      As for me, I am not responsible for what happened in 1913, or 1933, or 1948.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “As for me, I am not responsible for what happened in 1913, or 1933, or 1948.”

        You white? You’re responsible. And good news – you’ll be responsible for every bad thing that happens until the stars burn out. Cessation of metabolic function does not alleviate your future guilt.
        -About 95% of the people on the planet

  20. CA : very excellent.

  21. The new way has yet to be invented, and will be the outgrowth of the failure of our current paradigm, likely taking some years to coalesce. We are absolutely on a new frontier, given that this is the first time in known history that the entire world as we have known it has undergone simultaneous meltdown. We’ll need to build on the knowledge that the old way doesn’t work, and then figure out what does. I read somewhere about keeping decisions at the lowest level possible, ie, local. Personally, I like anarchy for the most part, and a well armed anarchy would be problematic at best for would be conquerors, either domestic or foreign. Meanwhile, anything we can do to hasten the undoing of our current SNAFU is God’s work, in my opinion… WRSA is a key piece of this process; keep up the excellent work.

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