Certainly This Government Of Knaves, Predators, Perverts, And Perjurers


Kent McManigal: Long Past Time To Reject Government

Food for thought.


5 responses to “Certainly This Government Of Knaves, Predators, Perverts, And Perjurers

  1. Very succinct and on point….Fear is what the government counts on and once you lose that fear you realize it is time for them to go.

  2. Concerned American: Who is going to come after the Red listers? WHO. The FBI, Paid mercs, Local Sheriffs office, Police, Foeriegn force? WHO? I just don’t see it happening the way we’ve been scared into thinking it will. The governments policy is Scare many, but kill few. If you look into our “government” you’ll find that it’s mostly actors and media propaganda. Not even sure if the feds are real anymore from what I’ve seen. It’s mostly big media conglomerates trying to scare us into submission with fake shootings, fake terrorism and fake politics. They aren’t coming after our guns, they are SELLING the shit out of them to us with FEAR.

    • From your lips to God’s ears.

      My planning assumption is that while the USG is not invulnerable, it retains the powers and prerogatives of any first-tier nation state, which includes the mechanisms of state power necessary to effect a mostly-successful (in the first instance; consequences will be a bitch) decapitation of undesirables.

      • The state may stage a decapitation of a resistance leader, or jail them to scare others. Remember Schuyler Barbeau? Jailed by the FBI for allegedly selling an illegal SBR? Well I’m pretty sure Schuyler is a fed agent. Then we had the standoff in Oregon. Another FBI staged event, very elaborate and sent a lot of militia groups back under ground. That’s how they operate for now, scare many, kill few if any.

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