Fred: The Mask Comes Off – Putrefaction Most Foul


Fred uses the clue-bat without mercy.

More, please.


20 responses to “Fred: The Mask Comes Off – Putrefaction Most Foul

  1. colddeadhandsdays

    Spot on. However everything they do to try to stop trump on the makes them stronger. The more Mexican illegals and leftists riot and burn cities this summer the more people will be pushed into the arms of Trump. I predict a landslide victory surpassing that of Reagan.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      And I predict blood will flow before November.
      Never before have we seen such rabid opposition to a candidate as we see this year. Most of the rabidly insane Dem protestors don’t even have a real clue why they’re so rabidly insane, they just do what they’re told. And they will go overboard in their lust to protest.

    • Mark Matis

      Except back when Reagan ran, the Republicans WANTED to win, even though they opposed him. Today? The Rove Republican swill would prefer Hillary.

      • There are no Republican and Democrat Parties.
        There are only those in power and the dirt people.
        Seems the latter have finally snapped to it.
        2016 should be quite an interesting year.

  2. actually, Fred, the mask of the Judeo-Uniparty has been off for some time. now. Nice that you finally noticed. It began to come off during the run-in to WW I, when Rothschild/Warburg overcame the Jacksonian demos and imposed the 3rd National Bank, alias the “Federal Reserve”, via a professorial patsy named Woodrow Wilson, in order to debt-finance the prospective warfare/welfare state. It peeled further during the 1930’s, when Demoncrats and Republiscams together conspired to plunge America into the War to Save the Soviet Union. During the Truman election, Zionist Jewbucks outright purchased what was Left of the Demoncrats. The grinning collectivist visage was further revealed during the 1950’s, when Eisenhower, Nixon and friends stole the Republiscam nomination from Bob Taft and spent the next decade+ consolidating the New Deal and coddling the Reds, domestic and foreign. Since then, less Reagan’s brief flicker of anti-collectivist lightening, and culminating in the the Judeo-neoConz 1980’s-90’s takeover of the “conservative” media and then the Republiscam party itself, the mask has been roughly discarded.

    Trump? In the unlikely circumstance that he means what he says – about “free trade”, ethnic invasions, and the rest of the Judeo-globalist rackets – AND wins in November, he will shortly be impeached, convicted, and removed by the Congressional wing of the ZOG. In fact the entire Beltway Mob – politicians, apparatchiks, lobbyists, and media flacks – must be liquidated, as well as their Hollywood, Las Vegas, and other urban, group entitlement debt-purchasees. Ditto at the state level: Austin, Sacramento, Albany, etc. are microcosms of the District of Corruption. Only the lead ballot will get that job done. And Mrs. Clinton, not Trump, is here to help .

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Reagan’s brief flicker”

      Too many people didn’t see “the Reagan Revolution” for what it was: traditional America’s Bulge Offensive. It was the last throw of the dice, it got some success – but didn’t achieve its aims, and there wasn’t anything left after it was spent.

  3. Detroit III

    Good, but it changes nothing. We’re all worm food before our time.

  4. I’ve got several years worth of experience up close and personal in HUD properties. Not bad ones, but somewhere in the middle. People defecating out of windows, used condoms, syringes, drug deals and the usual mix of $5,000 wheels. Epic levels of corruption with the regional bureaucracy that I worked with. Renovations being done because of destruction by the residents, replacement of playgrounds that were ~2 years old and a budget of `~$100,000 for the four properties for lawn care. Yep, a hundred grand of your money to mow the grass for the summer. Multiply that across the US and consider how much money you spend making sure the leeches don’t have to look out their window and see tall grass. The market cost for the same services? Maybe 1/3 of that. That is, of course, assuming you can’t get the people there to figure out how to use a lawnmower…what about that white privilege?🙂

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “what about that white privilege?”

      If you’re white, it’s your privilege to pay for it all.

  5. The Usual Suspect

    If they fail to threaten him into compliance or fail to kill him,

  6. NightWatcher

    “…–all of this is legal.”

    As was everything done under “The Third Reich”.

  7. Grey Ghost

    While many here at WRSA have seen “the mask” for a long time and seen it for what it is (you took the red pill and nothing was ever the same again), there are many others in our country who still believe their vote counts. They erroneously believe only the Ds or only the Rs are corrupt and only the other side has a rigged system. They thought they were free until the destroyer, the iconoclast, came along.

    The reality on the ground was that we had a LARGE percentage of the CITIZENS who had taken the blue pill and believed what they were told from birth in the public propaganda houses of higher “learning”. NOW because of Trump and Sanders they see the political corruption of the USA is not much different than a real bannana republic. Now many wonder how long it’s been going on and what else the system has lied to them about? They now realize the system is broken and are moving towards trying to fix it via the ballot box. This has IMHO a high probability of failure for any number of reasons, but mostly economic, since politicians seem to only understand Keynesian collective economics and not even know of Austrian economics, capitalism and liberty.


    Grey Ghost

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Very true, but how many will just plod along as if nothing has happened? I talk with friends who still act like going to the polls in Nov is same as always. This election hasn’t awakened them yet!! Mindless fools who speak of how they are upset, and then just go push the button again for a D or an R. Fukn hopeless.