Ron Paul: Drafting Women Means Equality in Slavery



The PTB mean to have themselves a big ol’ war.

By any means necessary.

19 responses to “Ron Paul: Drafting Women Means Equality in Slavery

  1. The PTB can mean to have a big old war all they want. No one is taking the bait this time, and the usual chumps are buying gold, digging in and compiling dossiers on all the satanic scum . It IS different this time. Lying, murdering , child molesting, false-flagging and piracy got them a long way but countdown is almost over.

  2. Stealth Spaniel

    The picture is creepy, but consider the Muslims carrying out the act.
    Women will not do well being drafted. They are NOT doing well in an all volunteer military, despite what every journalist wants the sheeple to believe. There will be much weeping, crying, and alleged prejudice from the femmes who get caught behind the 8 ball. No feminazis will be affected, as they would never fight for anything anyway. Some Lesbos may be affected but they will look for the cushiest spot that they can find under the banner of inclusion. As usual, white men will bear the brunt of this social experiment.
    Hide, evade, or disappear when the Banksters and Elites need more fodder for their retirements.


    It’s how I got my wife over the threshold.

  4. oughtsix

    This is the most sure of the many signs that the current paradigm, the regime and its adherents are failing.

    How will they garner and retain the “women’s vote” when most of the women who have supported them all these years burn their draft cards, or forbid their daughters to go?

    It’s one thing to agitate for a “woman’s right to combat duty” when you yourself have no intention of doing do. It’s quite another when the whole lot of the eighteen year old, spoiled, pampered, entitled, emotion driven, air headed little princesses are ordered to Parris Island. Where are your damned “safe spaces” then?

    “Hell NO, we won’t go!”


    • SameNoKami

      Drafting women and women not signing up for Selective Service could work out to be a win, since if you don’t sign up, you can’t get a .gov job.
      There are too many fembots in .gov already.

  5. excellent news. The 4th Dyke Para-Brigade will liquidate the ragheads – or certain domestic extremists – with reckless abandon. Thus enabling the ZOG Empire to win its far-flung wars even more expeditiously than is already the case

  6. Where in He2xl did you find that picture???????
    From the looks of things…it sure ain’t “Hollywood!!”
    ‘Just wondering…is she going to be “Dinner” tonight???

  7. Easy sex, easy divorce, easy abortion, easy selective service registration.

    Easy slavery ending with easy death.

    No real freedom and they didn’t even know it.

    • “And they didn’t even know it”…
      Yes, and that is exactly why we, as men, need to understand that women need to be protected. Not only from external threats to their mental and physical well being, but internal as well. Its our job. We are to be their protector (humanity demands it). They may kick, scream, run, or throw a tantrum. —> but that’s to be expected. All the same its of utmost importance that we grasp the reality that modern women are simply unwise, yet intelligent, spoiled little children in need of protecting.
      PS -Try this exercise for fun —> Replace every child with a women in William Golding’s classic Lord of the Flies. Re-read and let me know what you think.🙂

      To women reading this post —> there are exceptions to every rule. By the simple fact that you are reading this blog YOU have been filtered from the herd. More than likely you are the exception.

  8. Could provide a useful influx of die Fotze with a serious hard on for straight, white, non-cucks. Much more willing to impose their fetid view of society and given to emotion, not reason. Quickest way to turn .mil into what the elites want, something resembling a paler version of Idi Amin’s Ugandan Army. I don’t doubt a femi-nazi behind an M-2 would give pause to much of the US despite what a regular first-world army would do to her. We aren’t gearing up for a war overseas, we are gearing up for one over here. Pick the easiest to control and throw lots of hardware in their hands and let them run amok. Bonus points for selecting those already programed to hate the people they are killing. Summer of Fun™ is going to be a blast!😉

  9. Uncle Larry

    Looks like the recent unpleasantness in Sri Lanka. Tamils?

  10. If women belonged in combat, they would have showed up, in numbers, a long time ago. Yeah, I know, some sneaked into the War Between the States, and the War for Independence, and all that Israeli and Russian stuff. Bottom line, women are the repository of the NEXT generation. Kill enough of them off, and there is no next generation. There are maybe 100 million excitable young Chinese men who, thanks to their idiot govts. birth control laws, can’t get any action. What do you think they’ll do about that situation? I predict a trim hunt that will inundate their neighbors.

  11. The Usual Suspect

    Fuck that, you protect them, I’ll protect mine.