Well, There’s That…


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  1. When a neocommunist calls me a racist, I know, deep in my heart, that I’ve said or done the right thing.

    This month, more hand to hand combat training via SEAMOK.

  2. redcoogs

    Hey, I’m of German ancestry. When Germany is ready to stack muslims up like firewood; I’m ready to fly over with a set of ginzu knives and help; but I’m not going over now to sit in jail because I’m a racist while they gang rape the local German women.

  3. mtnforge

    Yumaris aljin mae allah.(Fuck allah)

    • Well, Mtnforge, because Allah (some sort of Moon God) isn’t anything other than Satan, I agree with you.

      As we all know, or should know, Islam isn’t a religion at all, it’s a political philosophy of conquest and enslavement. Those that are involved in it have no protections for their beliefs of any kind. Freedom of religion does NOT apply.

      I’m fully prepared to call for the expulsion of all Muslims from North America and all of Christendom as it existed in the 6th Century at the height of the Byzantine Empire.

      The Turk will have to be removed from Anatolia and that’s going to be difficult. My Orthodox brothers are preparing to do so, and I fully support their efforts.

      • Oh ya, Crusades Bitchez!
        Molan Labe Bitchez!
        Live Free or Die Motherfuckers.
        You know the reasons for musloid invaders. Is there really any doubt.

        Islam is cultural marxism with a suicide vest and a bomb in it’s turban.
        Sharia is communism where every useful idiot has the singular job of collectively committing genocide.
        Realistically I see not a wits any difference between islam and communism socialism, progs, or the left, the GOPe, neocons, even cuckservatives, or the regime running this country. (Somebody tell me where mu assessment id fundamentally incorrect. I’ll buy you a case of your favorite beer.)
        It is one unhappy family comprised of sociopaths and psychopaths who constitute the world wide human extinction movement. Think about it. There is no fundamental difference between the omnipotent wealthy who deem themselves lords of our lives in America, the political class running the regime in DC, the leaders and royalty of the middle eastern nations, of the financial Euro regime elites, the bankster class, what have you. There is only matters of degree, and those degrees are only separated by how much blood they have on their hands, for now. Given time and power they all get to the same stage of using force, violence, and terror, to rule souls.

        In defense of the dirt people, and history of resistance to tyranny, for Liberty, the world is really changing in miraculous ways. It is small seeming, even inconsequential, but I foresee an uprising of freedom and liberty by common people unprecedented in all history. The way of things always requires a balancing out of the eternal battle of good verses evil, it is the natural order of things. And it is a kind of Schrodinger’s Cat kind of equation which intimates at the nature of the forces of balance. The elitists of this earthly coil, their time is almost up, on a grand scale equal or larger than the tyranny they have bred. People don’t require a lot of high intelligence of a grasp of the fundamental dynamics involved in how totalitarianism functions, nor its structure, they only have to grok the essence and trespasses against them, their property, and their freedoms. In this lies the fundamental truth of us who would be free, we rebel, we resist, we defy, we can not be denied these primal instruments of our liberty. It doesn’t take rocket science, nor a system of politics, or governing body, it only takes a plurality, and in that action, there is awesome motive power to be free from tyranny. It really can not, nor never be denied. Sure there are tribulations and misery and blood, but that is the way of such things, for out of that is born the drive to be free, regardless of the onerous nature of the tyranny. In fact in spite of it. That is where the warriors and patriots come from. And that is happening. An awakening. There are signs of it everywhere.
        It is very important, that islam, communism, whatever you call it, is only possible when enough people submit to these things. There is a balance in its own right within that also. It always rides the ragged edge of power, it requires constant maintenance in the form of extremism, of violence, of death, to not only subsist but exist. And that is like other peoples money, the power of it, that runs out, where you not only run out of other peoples money, you run out of people to use as willing cannon fodder also, of people stupid enough to be suicidal dupes. And truth be told, lot of people, a mass really, of useful idiots, sycophants, payroll patriots, praetorian mercenary tax feeders, and free shit army trough feeders, well, they only have a vested interest in what’s in it for them, and as far as that goes. Look at the amerikan nomenklaturer class. The kind behind the Burns Oregon corruption racket, the payroll patriots of the FBI, NSA, IRS, DOJ, HLS, name an armed or onerous regulatory branch of the government. You think about those people, what are they in it for? Their rice bowl? Sure right? But what else is there? When the money runs out, when those who run the regime begin to make more political prisoner’s or kill a lot more than Branch Dividien’s, LeVoy Finnicum’s, orchestrate another 911 for political purposes, out of desperation to hold onto the usurpations they are committing and committed, and shit begins to come unglued, how many of these minions and sycophants have the heart and indomitable will to fight for their rice bowls and paychecks? Me, I think they are lost souls, because they sold their souls for 20 pieces of silver. They are morally bankrupt and oh so very arrogant people. They think nothing of ganging up on a handful of ranchers and executing them, or incinerating a Church full of Christian’s in Waco Texas, blow the head off of a wife and mother on Ruby Ridge, bury a couple thousand people under millions of ton’s of concrete and steal on Manhattan Island.
        But in my mind, they are nothing. So too musloids. They want tyranny, they enable it, they are guilty of it, they live off it’s ill gotten proceeds. What is the difference between those at the top and those at the bottom? Nothing, because tyranny only works if enough people collectively work to make it possible.
        And in it’s own way so too Liberty. Tyranny wouldn’t be possible but for Liberty, vice versa. It is that balance, it swings like a pendulum back ad forth across time and humanity. It is about to swing back the other way with a vengeance and a bone in it’s teeth. I think the big picture here is when Liberty was born in the 1700’s, there has been a faction of the human race that has been hell bent on destroying that liberty. The creation of America, what it stood for in the hearts and minds of those who endured it’s creation, had an incredible effect on the human race. Nothing like it ever existed before. It in simplest terms created a world wide revolution. That in relative terms Liberty is in it’s infancy, it is evolving, and the human race is evolving with it. There where many things never realized Liberty. They require threshing out, to evolve over time and generations. Tyranny is just that. It is a stale old tried and true system, it function the same regardless of time or place politics or people. But Liberty! It is something which never gets stale, it never gets old, there are no traditional ways or it, it is a system ideas, malleable, in constant flux, it has a myriad of components, unlimited motive power is inherent in its nature. Freedom is an unlimited thing, it is action, by its very nature.
        It is the only thing like it in the entire sphere of human activity. It is so precious because it is that way.
        The cats out of the bag. The tyrants can never put it back. If anything, trying to destroy liberty is like trying to stuff spaghetti up a wild cat’s ass inside a phone booth. It ain’t gonna happen.
        I think the wild cat is getting pretty pissed off.

        • ^^^ Nailed it, yep.

        • oughtsix

          “The cats out of the bag. The tyrants can never put it back. If anything, trying to destroy liberty is like trying to stuff spaghetti up a wild cat’s ass inside a phone booth. It ain’t gonna happen.
          I think the wild cat is getting pretty pissed off.”

          Brevity is the soul of wit. You have herewith summed it all up.

          All that really needs to be said is that Satan, the Enemy of God and Man, the father of all lies, the tempter to all SIn, is the author and great common denominator of all the entities you tied together in their unified hatred and goal of destruction of humanity.

          No further analysis is needed. It is The Enemy we face, and whom we must oppose.

          God wins this battle. It cannot be otherwise.

          Be on His side, and fear nought, yea, even death.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          “Oh ya, Crusades Bitchez!”

          Of course, the current Pope is more likely to call a Crusade against Christianity than he is against Islam.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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