Bracken On Alex Jones Today


Live at 1 pm edt.

Will try to post a video once complete.

9 responses to “Bracken On Alex Jones Today

  1. Richard Raymond

    Thanks for the post; yea try to post the full interview with Bracken, he’s
    worth listening to; plausible scenarios.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Great interview on Alex Jones. Heard you last week and could not wait for today.

  3. Meh, I could not keep a thought due to AJ’s mouth interrupting. AJ was a severe distraction for me. What I would like to hear is a Youtube type talk with only MB. He has ideas I would like to hear. I would think the prepper community would spread that around and bloggers like this one would get the message out. NOG

  4. Nog, read all books by MB. say’s alot,time to ponder too.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. Bracken is correct in the direction and time frame the chaos is heading but I think he is wrong about the chaos being planned by the ‘elite’. Things have gone out of control and the elite are winging it and flailing about. After Cologne, there was this green party politician crying her eyes out at having to shut a border. She was horrified that the right wingers like us were so right about the behavior of the muslim hordes she had invited in, horrified at the thought she had brought such violence to the women she so wanted to protect. Merkel looks as though she has aged 20 yrs in the last 6 months. The Dems never planned the destruction of Detroit. Up until the last moments before bankruptcy, they blamed everything else but their ideology as the problem.
    Belgium is handing out iodine to the masses. Just what do they know and fear? Bracken is right that the Military and police are at the end of their ropes in Europe. They are hopelessly out gunned by the million man Muslim army Merkel has brought in. In Afghanistan, Amerika was at their wits end trying to track down at most, 15,000 goat herders with AK’s, with up to 100k American GI’s. An epic loss by our military.
    Like Bracken says, I pray I’m wrong on this.

    • The u.s. military was sent to afghanistan to die- not win. Plain and simple. Destroy it’s fighting age men, destroy the economy, destroy freedom, and destroy the nations morale.