Dr. Bill Forstchen: The Elites Will Take Care Of Their Own

Via NCR, Part I and Part II of his speech this past weekend.

15 responses to “Dr. Bill Forstchen: The Elites Will Take Care Of Their Own

  1. Part II is the video to watch.

  2. Everyone should have been taking care of themselves from day one.
    Since when was it anyone else’s job to take care of others? I’m responsible for my survival and no one else. Am I going to share the fruits of MY efforts and labor working 16 hour days with the guy next to me while who spent his “free time” drinking beer and watching sportsball with his loser buddies?


    Start swimming or sink mofo’s.

  3. When I read his book, I got to work on preps in earnest. Thanks to this site, (looking at you, Pete) I think me and mine got a better than even chance. That book chilled me right the fuck out.

  4. NHPatriot1776

    Is this the same guy who wrote the books One Second After and One year after? Great books by the way.

  5. There’s a reason why they have made it so far and it’s not just about the money…Working together to accomplish goals imagine that…

    • Amen. And, amen. Bill Forstchen will be seen in the future as the modern day Nostradamus. Or, perhaps, John the Apostle. Either way, he is prescient – something wicked this way comes…

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. Survivor

    His books are a must read. To hear that every member of congress got a copy and they have done nothing… nauseates me. The elite will take care of their own. bastards. all of them.

    • I can’t think of a better way to get rid of a whole lot of people without damaging the environment… Just what the elites want…

  8. Grey Ghost

    Was there EVER any DOUBT the fed.gov criminals and oligarchs are going to take of themselves and leave us to our own devices? Ever since the District of Criminals stopped the CD (Civil Defense) program decades ago you have been on your own… and either you knew that or didn’t and some still don’t.

    Grey Ghost

  9. Stealth Spaniel

    I kept putting off reading One Second After, and then when I opened the pages, I could not put it down. For a woman, it is a hard book to read. We are emotional creatures, and emotion is so much a catalyst for us. (I don’t know which was worse, killing the dogs or watching your 12 yro child die.) The book scared the hell out of me, and started me prepping in earnest; including for my beloved spaniels. Everyday I remind myself.
    Happy the videos were posted!

    • Iceni26AD

      Yes. That book literally shook me to the core. The probability of that scenario, in whatever form, became the focus of the preps…mind, body, spirit, and provision.

      I haven’t read the second book, but I have made the first book required reading around here.

      Matt Bracken underscored the necessity quite effectively in the Alex Jones interview…the grid will be down, by hook or by crook, and will be immaterial to those of us on the ground, who did what to whom, in the final analysis.

      The worst thing to me is the cannibalism, which will commence frighteningly early…given the nature of the invaders enabled by dear leaders, it may begin as sport rather than a result of hunger…and that is a level of hell, I fear few of us are prepared to face.

      Psalms 91.

  10. no, I thank the Judeo-globalists have plans to take care of “us” as well…at least until their enforcers can no longer be properly compensated