FUSA – Spring, 2016

Give it another few weeks….


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  1. This reminds me of my high school… Same A-holes

  2. this kinda stuff tells me real change is coming. or at least they think so.

  3. “Trade” with Mexico is a variation of the sort of slavery that unraveled the Roman Republic. Instead of rich businesses bringing slaves in to work, they take the work to the slaves, all for the purpose of undermining their smaller competitors in the domestic market, who cannot afford to exploit the same rules.

    Trade with Mexico has largely been a game of cost shifting. Other than weed and meth, Mexico is incapable of producing much of anything other than excess people.

    • colddeadhandsdays

      That have a lot of oil and other Natural Resources.

    • Steve Kristmann

      Prof. Quincy Adams Wagstaff wrote,
      “Other than weed and meth, Mexico is incapable of producing much of anything other than excess people.”

      Well, when the “War on [Some] Drugs” is finally seen for what it is, and
      finally dispatched like a rabid dog that is put down by a bullet between
      it’s eyes, then a great deal of the problem goes away..first and foremost
      being the extreme wealth/power of the ‘drug cartels’. The second thing
      that occurs is that ‘gov’ doesn’t have that ‘windmill to tilt at anymore (nor
      is it indirectly contributing to propping up the cartels earnings/power by
      helping to create a monopoly on who provides what to whom..and at
      what price). Read Ken Royce’s thoughts on the ‘drug war’ in his first
      bookl “Goodbye April 15th!” if you doubt this.

      Secondly, such a statement unfortunately shows more than a bit of ignorance in regard to our southern neighbor and what they do or don’t
      produce. I recommend those who are interested in getting a more balanced view from someone who LIVES there visit Fred Reed’s site below regarding

      Yours In Liberty!
      NorthGunner III

  4. The Usual Suspect

    I expect nothing less.

  5. revjen45

    I can’t think of a better way to drum up support for Trump.

  6. highdesert

    I shudder at the thought of what will happen if either the Mafia Queen or the Old Grey Communist gets in power. There will be bloodshed.

    • Violence has already occurred in Kaliforniastan, and the North West.
      At this rate, I expect a Trump supporter to be shot at some point this summer.
      The moment of ultimate “sportiness”, is when they shoot back.

      • redcoogs

        chilling thought, but I cant deny its possible. it’s a good thing so many voted for Obama in 2008 to unite the country; he did one helluva job.

    • Grey Ghost

      What makes you think there won’t be bloodshed if Trump or Cruz get elected?

      Grey Ghost

  7. Welll… At least they speak english. Gotta find the silver lining somewhere.

  8. Bucephalus

    Balkanization is already in place; growing ever-stronger since 11/2008, and in effect, stronger now as a nation (not just inner-city neighborhoods).

    The more they malign themselves, the more balkanization occurs.

    So go ahead and what he ethnic/democrat businesses fail.

    Civil innatention will seem like a blessing.

  9. StevenKY

    Wish I was there in that motorcade (with a paint-ball gun). Have used hunter masking scent (fox urine) to spray in certain selected areas just to mess with people who need an attitude adjustment. Sling shot on that BIG BUTT sure would be funny.

    • Steve Kristmann

      StevenKY said,
      “Sling shot on that BIG BUTT sure would be funny.”

      Hey Steven, you want ‘real fun’, save the paint ball
      gun and sling shot for the islamist headbangers
      when they decide to take over a street/thoroughfare
      with their prayer dustmats to raise their filthy scuzzlum
      behinds in worship of their child raping, murderous false
      prophet ‘mo.

      Granted that the event that is depicted in the video and article below
      happens only ‘once a year’ in NYC, that’s still once to often. Such
      displays are subtly meant as a supremacist affirmation by islamists
      over the surrounding Kaffirs of their dominance..nothing less and nothing more. They’re throwing their domination by sharia over the host cultures country and people/culture anytime they publicly engage in such displays..and the host culture and people are displaying their dhimmitude by allowing it!

      Muslims Praying in NY Streets

      Muslim Prayers Block The Streets Of New York

      So many scuzzlum asses to tag with bee-go prepped paintballs..so little time!!!

      Yours in islamless Liberty!
      NorthGunner III

  10. redcoogs

    “Give it another few weeks….”
    Exactamundo. I’d bet my dog, you’re going to see “spontaneous” protests in California when Trump is trying to wrap up the nomination as he’s getting all the spotlight at that point.
    Then, I’d bet my car that you’ve got daily protests at the gop convention as well as protest and marches at other places that week.
    For those who wanted the country to dissolve into a country divided by class and race, full of riots and looting; I’d say it’s working out nicely(and I’d wished I’d won the lottery, so I could move to a self sustaining property in Montana and avoid it.)

    • Yes. And will Barry Sotero aka Barack Obama come to the American People and call for a calm procession of a national election and a “quiet transfer” of POTUS?

      I know…… The crickets are deafening.

    • Come on up if your a decent fellow We will find room for ya;)

      • redcoogs

        I’m not kidding, if I can save the money up; I’m moving to a north state that’ll be a haven. I’m in Texas which is okay now; but will go to crap as 40 years of illegals will hand it to the democrats eventually, so be warned I got some bad habits of Newcastle beer, Churchill cigars and playing Boston, Yes and Van Halen entirely too loud.

        • …so what you’re saying is you’re like the rest of us? (hahaha) see brother Lineman’s reply above. And if you add some country to your tunesmix, we’ll get along fine… you’ll like the Bitterroot. Heck, there’s always moving back if’n you don’t.

        • Well if you need any help just let me know and I will do my best to help out…

  11. TimeHasCome

    I am waiting for the NICS data for April . My money is on 2.7 million, another staggering month for gun sales . Sure, sure this will all end well in a group hug in a Safe Zone.

  12. CA Warrior

    cinco de mayo in 3 days.

    Yep, that ought to really whip them up!

  13. Just bought more ammo.

  14. Virgil Kane

    Raising those kids right.

  15. Anyone know what’s a mile from Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland? Third largest port on the Great Lakes. Lots of rail lines. 2 major interstates. One. Mile. What could possibly go wrong?

    • Centurion_Cornelius

      Ya–here in “Clebelando” rumor has it that TPTB just advertised for bids on security stuff for the “R” festivities come 18 July. Ya–dat’s gonna work out real well, with purchasing, inventory, (the usual “shrinkage” issues) time frame deliveries, and last, but not least, how in the bloody hell are the LEO gonna get training time with all the new goodies?

      Gonna be real interesting here; got me bags of popcorn and suds.


    What we need is some Out Law Bikers in those Trump Ranks !

  17. Alfred E. Neuman

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  18. Ok, I look at this site just about daily, but I’ve not yet made a comment.
    I just picked an article and skipped right to comments.
    I don’t have lots of time because of two jobs and lots of busyness.
    Please help, I read that we don’t have enough ammo, so how much do I sort of need???
    Maybe someone could write an article about this to guide someone like me.
    I’m going broke trying to find out how much I can get, I mean need. LOL.
    Have a nice day. Stu OUT.

    • As much as you can afford without neglecting other supplies and your truly-essential daily stuff (e.g., cable = not essential).


    • Grey Ghost

      Not wanting to put an accurate number on how much I have in a public forum, suffice it to say, I have SEVERAL thousand rounds for each .mil caliber weapon I own but then I’m a lightweight compared to some of my friends. I’m STILL adding more when I can. Always remember the golden rule… you can NEVER have too much ammo. Storage is a consideration… out in the backyard shed is probably not the place.

      IMHO, if you are starting out, you should limit pistol calibers to your favorite two. Limit your rifle calibers to two or three tops. Sell the rest of the weapons and start buying ammo for the calibers you have remaining. I recommend .mil caliber weapons… easier to get more ammo when the time comes. The .270 and .44mag are great calibers but just not as much ammo “out there” as the .mil calibers. I’m not saying don’t own them if you want, but in the end, ammo will be harder to get for the non-mil calibers. JMO. I’m sure others here have a different opinion.

      Hope that helps and best of luck on whatever you decide to do.

      Grey Ghost

    • How much? “You don’t have enough…” is a euphemism for a long insurgency. We will be eating soup with a knife.

      If one can count their quantity of ammo–one does not have enough ammo.
      If one has so much ammo that they cannot quantify their round count–one does not have enough ammo…YMMV
      E Pluribus Unum

      • Just got back online and checked the comments.
        Thanks guys, I was starting to feel guilty for buying a “few” cases.
        Now I feel better and got a good laugh.
        Stu OUT.

  19. Stealth Spaniel

    Try living next to the little bastards! They have just about destroyed every nice, pretty, middle class neighborhood in LA. You will have your car broken into nightly; nothing in the yard is safe-including the dog; your home will be broken into daily; I have seen 9YROs that are perfect peeping toms; drugs are sold openly-even in Studio City on Ventura Blvd; you will grab 2 bags of groceries out of the trunk, shut & lock the trunk, & then unlock the front door, take in 2 bags of groceries, then relock the front door. If you went to Costco, you have to repeat this 12 times. If you have 20 million in the bank, so you can afford your own staff of attendants and guards-LA, & OC, are perfect places to live. Otherwise, it’s a little stressful. San Diego hasn’t fallen apart as badly because of the military bases and all of the retired military members. The “Hispanics” tend to want far north of the border also. Watching this just makes me wish we could use the UN for moving target practice.

    • Grenadier1

      They want to get away from Mexico because its a bit too murderey, and basically an open sewer of humanity. Then they proceed to turn their new found home into Mexico.
      I cant say its quite that bad here in Metro Atlanta but the heavy hispanic concentrations are generally crime infested. Lots of things happen because people are illegals an thus they are afraid to call in any kind of legal assistance. It creates a general aura of permissiveness.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      We left Van Nuys in 1963 for Coeur d’Alene ID.
      Perhaps you should give that some thought too. I’ve moved many times in my life, and I know you can still rent moving trailers. Using the old standard “but I can’t leave, all my kinfolk live here” is a sure death sentence. Your choice.

      • Nubbin-Finger Jake Rodell

        Wow, SemperFi! You were WAY ahead of the curve. I didn’t get my ass (and my 5 kids and wife – kicking & screaming) out of Baltimore, MD for Cd’A until 2012! It is comforting to know there are like-minded folks in “this” country!


      SS: Maybe you should give serious consideration to moving. When I retired from police work in 2002, my spouse and I agreed it was time to get out of Riverside before we had to shoot our way out of there. In 2014, we evacuated her dad and his caregiver-granddaughter from Menifee as the onslaught continued.
      While we all disparage these third-world savages, it would be prudent to remember who has been allowing them in for so long. The Dead Elephants and their Remoras wanted union-busting cheap labor. The Jackass Party wanted more recruits for their Free Shit Army. The rest is history.

      • Stealth Spaniel

        I moved to the Sierras in 2000. I mean way up in the Sierras in a nice little community called Swansboro. Horses, cows, and a few houses. Hard road-basically an undivided paved over mule trail. Swansboro is getting Bay Area people by the hundreds, who bitch about no street lights, well water (is it safe?!?), and the wild animals. They like deer, picturesque but then they go in the yard. And it’s messy. They also eat your flowers. Do mountain lions really kill people? I mean, can’t we tame them? Should we feed them? Why do my cats keep disappearing? They were okay in Marin. The road should be updated. Why isn’t it at least 4 lanes? It’s hard to drive so slow. Why do they close the old bridge when it snows? I have a Lexus with 4 wheel drive, but I still crashed into the mountainside. I can’t understand it. What’s black ice?
        Fast forward to 2015 and I am in Folsom. Suburbia, and I can’t wait to move out of state. That’s the new goal, unless the State of Jefferson comes into existance.

  20. Send these foul beasts back to the abyss from which they come.

    PUTIN, 2016!

  21. isisdoesntsurf

    “You will have your car broken into nightly; nothing in the yard is safe-including the dog; your home will be broken into daily; I have seen 9YROs that are perfect peeping toms; drugs are sold openly-even in Studio City on Ventura Blvd; you will grab 2 bags of groceries out of the trunk, shut & lock the trunk, & then unlock the front door, take in 2 bags of groceries, then relock the front door. If you went to Costco, you have to repeat this 12 times.”

    Yup …pretty sad to see the Valley has become just as 3rd world as the rest of LA. Good thing the City Council requires all firearms to be locked 24/7…even when you are home.

  22. 2,000 rds for every rifle, in the caliber of that rifle. 1,000 for every shotgun in the caliber of each shotgun. 1,000 rds for every pistol in the caliber of that pistol. Minimum 20,000 rds of .22 ammo.

  23. I’m just going off of what I learned from Kim DuToit, back in the day.

  24. anondude

    Who else wants to see a few Lil’ Abner big ‘ol white boys jump out of those vehicles and head towards the trolls? I bet those kids would run so fast, their clothes would catch on fire.

    ..Not sure how fast Big Booty Sista can run, though.