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  1. Thank you for posting this here. I want to take the opportunity to re-iterate just how important this topic is. Without this active, ongoing security mindset (both personal and unit based), anything else that you do is apt to be compromised. It is a Russian nesting doll of incomplete information, intelligence, analysis and in the end, it relies upon YOU. YOUR judgement. YOUR discernment.

    For the Ladies out there, it is not too far a leap to apply this to your dating and romantic lives. Men, too… but I especially mean this advice for women of all ages and experience levels. For the ones stuck on stupid, I pray for you.

    Ladies, the farther away from ex cons, felons, creeps, so-called “pick up artists” and the like, the safer that you will be. No father, mother or sibling wants to get THAT call in the dead of the night about a life cut short by some human waste product. Life is NOT FAIR. Women ARE at a disadvantage in many ways…. be smart and do your due diligence.

    Meet somebody new and interesting? Look to the state’s department of corrections and look them up. They are probably not in there, but what if they ARE? Look up state sexual predator registries. Same drill. Do not invite drama into your life that can get you killed or implicated in their activities. If your first instinct is to unquestioningly trust some new stranger in your life, your mindset is in the wrong century. That culture no longer exists (if it ever truly did).

    Women in many ways are better at counterintelligence than men. It is the innate conservatism and caution that enables this. Women with children know this to be fact. You need to survive long enough as a young woman to come to grips with these realities and understand that it is best just to walk away and find a more favorable situation than try to “save” some pathetic excuse of a “man”.

    I am working on the assumption that WRSA has mostly a male readership. CI is a function that women are readily adapted and predisposed to. Gradually introduce the precepts and ideas of CI to your wife, your daughter, your whomever. Not only can it be operationally useful after SHTF, it WILL help her in her day to day life. It allows people to impose some order on seeming chaos, to place events, personalities and places into appropriate context.

    A final word on CI… DETAILS matter. It is in those details where you will see the deception. How the “story” shape shifts… how so and so is never to blame for their misfortunes… stay clear headed (knock off the booze and smokes), stay in your protective groups (you go out [and come back] in fireteam strength for a REASON) and NEVER be left alone with sleaze or suspected/unknown entities. Get analytic, shelve the emotions and execute CI as a way of life. The times are too risky for anything else, I wish this were not the case, but that wish was eaten by a unicorn crapping skittles and rainbows.

    • Very good summary comments. I, for example as a middle aged male with mostly gray hair, blend in like a MF when I’m out walking the dog, shopping, driving around, casually gathering info in daily conversations at the grocery store, the pharmacy etc. See, Evaluate, Act, Learn!! And like Mattis said, be nice, be polite, and have a plan to kill everyone you meet. The cold harsh reality is that your ‘nice’ neighbor will inform on you when the time comes. Be discreet, be prepared.

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