A Parable


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A Tale of Tom, Dick and Harry

The patriot movement, or whatever it’s called these days, is a huge, formidable force, ready and trained to meet any obstacle, any foe, anything. Just ask them. They’ll tell you. In fact, a good portion of the visible people in the movement, truth be told, are a lot like three guys named Tom, Dick and Harry.

You’ve got Tom, who says he’ll leave a pile of bodies on his front porch if anyone shows up to take his guns—but until then, he’ll be running his mouth on various blogs and honing his meme speed posting skills. His favorite kind of memes are the sheepdog ones. Well, that and anything with the words “III%” or “brother” on it. He runs a few groups on Facebook and makes sure to “vet” people before adding them; Tom’s pretty conscientious, so he checks to make sure they post memes and “liberty content” too before adding them. He likes to say it’s time to “take the country back,” to RISE UP AND GO FIGHT!!!!; most of his posts make you wonder if he somehow mixed up the concepts of “offense” and “defense” or is simply just lazy and/or instigating. He says he’s ready to go TEAR SHIT UP…just as soon as someone stands up to lead the rebellion. In the meantime, he’ll be on his porch waiting for someone to come take his guns.

Tom’s friend Dick spends his weekends wearing face paint and running through the woods in repeated iterations of basic stuff he already knows because it’s a much bigger self-esteem boost than actually learning something he isn’t currently familiar with. Dick thinks Tom is a lazy bastard, and yells at him to “get off the porch” and do “real shit.” Dick never met a tactical class or FTX he didn’t like, and he has all the best gear. His favorite saying is “Everyone wants to be a patriot until it’s time to do patriot shit.” And Dick is doing some REAL PATRIOT SHIT. His T-shirts, loudly proclaiming that he would totally END YOU if you try to take his guns, may not cover his 400-lb belly adequately but as he’ll tell you, he’s a force of nature. He even designed his own hand-to-hand combat style. Dick can kill you with one hand while eating Twinkies with the other. He says he learned how when he was in the SEALs, as a Ranger with “Force Recon Delta” while doing “clandestine missions for the CIA.” He’s in a ‘militia’ unit, and he publicizes all of his group’s activities because he says they don’t have anything to hide. His profile picture is him decked out in camo, holding a rifle and a machete with a surly look on his face.

Dick’s cousin Harry thinks both Tom and Dick are troglodytes. He’s a rally-goer and ‘fights for our rights.’ He’s at all the events, holding the signs and whatnot. He uses social media to browbeat people into calling and writing their elected representatives, because in his heart he believes that if we can just get the right guy into the White House, this whole crisis can be averted. He’s on Facebook too, but he’s usually networking and organizing the next event. Every few months or so, he posts a dramatic exit post in which he laments over the “state of the movement” and whines that he’s the ONLY ONE DOING ANYTHING, and threatens to quit. The post always nets a bunch of supportive “please don’t go, you’re so important” comments and eventually Dick ends up staying. His profile photo is him with his favorite presidential candidate, cheesing like a Cheshire cat.

Tom, Dick and Harry encapsulate a lot of things about the movement. Like it or not, we probably all know these guys; if we’re honest with ourselves, some of us need to admit we ARE those guys, at least to some extent. Now let’s talk about Stan.

Stan isn’t related to Tom, Dick or Harry; in fact, they probably don’t even know him that well. Stan doesn’t own any shirts or morale patches, doesn’t have any bumper stickers on his car, and doesn’t go to any rallies. Stan probably doesn’t even have Facebook; if he does, he uses it rarely, and mostly just lurks. Sometimes when people ask him what he’d do in a SHTF situation he looks a bit nervous and says, “Whatever I can, I guess.” He’s just a regular guy; loves his family, takes care of his kids, goes to work, and just lives his life. He’s pretty boring.

Except he’s not boring at all.

Stan** is part of a 7-person group, and he’s in charge of a very important job. He maintains resources all over his area, including 2 safe houses. He knows exactly how much food, water, and supplies his group needs, where the gaps are, and who knows how to do what in his group. He’s worked with the intelligence guy in his group to identify strategic resources in the area, and where the safest places are to store things they might need later. He has a network of contacts, skills, and abilities. Like Morgan Freeman in Shawshank Redemption, Stan is the guy that can get you things.

The other members of his group have other jobs; one of them is the secondary to Stan…and Stan is a secondary to someone else. His group—without a leader or figurehead—is all trained on security protocols for online communications, and they never let their ‘work’ environment cross over into their ‘regular’ lives.

Stan and his group have the capability to engage in a host of activities at a moment’s notice, wherever they happen to be when it’s required to act. They have plans and more plans; they practice those plans and each person understands their primary and secondary role. They don’t have a Facebook page or Twitter account, and they don’t talk about things they’ve done, even with the other members they did those things with. And…they’ve done some things.

Once they plastered posters stating that “TAXATION IS THEFT” all over their local college campus. They used Pet brand milk, as mentioned by an old school activist, to ensure that their handwork was stuck there forever. That was about 2 years ago, and they smile to themselves when they walk by the posters—all of which are still there.

Another time, they made little cards, about the size of a business card, with the words “Are you really free? Look around,” and put them in every single 12-pack of pop and beer in stock at their local grocery stores. Still another time, they made business cards for the 100 Heads Life and Casualty Company and put them on the car windshields of every elected official in the state legislature. LaVoy Finicum’s name was listed as the agent. When activities like these were finished, they were never spoken of again.

Stan’s group does not need attention, and prefers that no one know what they are, who they are, or what they’re doing. They know how to cover their online tracks, practice good tradecraft, mix technology with ‘analog’ old school methods, and just generally wreak havoc of the good variety. Two of them are even members of Moms Demand Action; they like to go to the meetings and get information so their group can mess with them later (such as volunteering to pass out pamphlets in the neighborhood and ensuring none of them actually reach their destination, or accidentally deleting the contacts database). Their group isn’t all the same color, and they don’t agree on a lot of things. They do, however, teach each other and work together.

All in all, Stan and his group operate in a world where no one gets to stand up and get recognized for their contributions. No lawmakers applaud them, no Facebook community puts up links to their exploits and lauds or condemns them; in reality, if anyone met Stan at a rally, they’d think, ‘gee, what a boring guy. It’s almost like he doesn’t even WANT liberty.” In reality, Stan dearly loves liberty, and he’s willing to set aside his own ego to help further its cause.

Which of the four men are the most effective? Who is most needed, most valuable?

We all are at least a little bit like Tom, Dick and Harry. A lot of us should be a lot more like Stan.

**Stan is obviously, like all the guys in this tale, more a composite than anything. The exploits of his group are mostly made up.


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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. [ alert, small a, to CA, I’ve changed the pay scale.]

    Requesting analysis of HRC as POTUS, plus one other event.

    A Checklist.

    In addition to those checked off –

    Which “one” would be sufficient?
    Which “two”?
    Which “three”?

    Nuclear Attack
    Civil War
    Electrical Grid collapse, and not recovering
    Major Land War, betrayal or incompetence by POTUS
    Economic Depression
    Internet collapse
    Dollar collapse
    A large Bio-Warfare attack
    Clinton or Sanders as POTUS
    Obama in office – A “3rd Term”
    A lack of freedom of speech in the USA
    A degenerate SCOTUS … The 9th Justice X/?
    Intimidation of Political Dissidents X/? (Ann B., still free….)
    Internet Censorship ?/X
    Execution of Political Dissents ?/X
    Still a porous Southern border X
    Insufficient Nuclear Deterrent X
    Insufficient ABM system in place X
    Insufficient preparation of the civilian population to survive Nuclear War X
    Too little intellectual attack on the Islamic “religion” X
    Too few quality members of Congress, in place, or in line to be elected X
    Still too much pricing corruption in the Health Care field, X
    Department of Education still existing X
    Electronic voting, and electronic tabulation of votes X


    • Which of the following have already occurred:

      Wars conducted on foreign shores without declarations of war
      Congress passing multiple unconstitutional laws
      POTUS egging rioters on in urban neighborhoods as they burn
      Scotus death under suspicious circumstances
      Approval for drone strikes on US citizens debated and approved and conducted
      Small arms supplied to drug cartels via a false flag designed to discredit/eliminate us 2A rights
      DOJ supplied arms resulting in the murder of Brian Terry
      Multiple murders of citizens by Fedgov (Ruby Ridge, Waco 1&2, Lavoy Finicum etc etc)
      Series of false flags designed to screw the American public (Bldg 7, Sandy Hoax etc etc)
      Trillions of debtbux provided to prop up paper assets while Americans were tossed out of their homes by “the authorities” after the banks claimed foul.

  3. There’s a bit of Tom, Dick, and Harry in all of us. For me, I can see it, feel it, smell it, and yet it hasn’t impacted me personally. I understand it’s just a matter of time, and it, will impact me, or my people.

    Until then, I just hope I got the preps right, the ability to defend right, and I pray nightly that I have the wisdom, the resolve to do what eventually will need to be done.

    What is it you guys say, ” no plan survives first contact”?

    God Bless
    Dirk Williams

  4. I’d say the author hit the nail on the head. As Heinlein penned – “specialization is for insects”.

  5. “**Stan is obviously, like all the guys in this tale, more a composite than anything. The exploits of his group are mostly made up.”

    Because Stan the gray man doesn’t do direct action in real life. Too risky. Leave that really risky stuff for some other group. Stan won’t even post here.

  6. Really. Fuck the nail and the hammer,Stan,ESPECIALLY EGO. We’re NOT on our own here peeps. It’s about others,always. I’m especially least of all.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Wow, now that’s a literary masterpiece.
      Any idea what it was about? I’m not a real follower of shorthand thinking.

  7. I think for many who have watched and understood the devolution, life over the past decade or more has been kind of like this:

    Everyone has different coping strategies. I still prefer the tacticool peeps over those who want to inform me of my ignorance and hate by regurgitating official “facts” about how wonderful everything is. Cause MSNBC said so.

  8. Stan is tagged and being tracked every time he uses the phone, internet, or buys groceries in town. Nobody is as grey as they think. The NSA has a dossier on him just like everyone else. The ones who will do better in hard times are the same ones who have done better in good times. If you’ve been making the right decisions all along, you’re laughing at all the pseudo “experts” out there throwing in their .02 cents who still wake-up every morning and work for a paltry living because they really aren’t as smart as they think they are. You want to learn from real experts? Find the guys who beat the system years ago. But, chances are you won’t because they want nothing to do with anyone who isn’t as bright as them.

    100-200 million…

  9. outlawpatriot

    On being Stan, the most important thing is to know and accept ain’t nothin’ perfect and the real world does not resemble much of what is pontificated across the internet. For instance: the slightly obese kid with no military experience shoots better than all the combat vets, a very, very, very small number of individuals can actually ruck 20 miles humping 70lbs, leaders with a rank will actually be respected, no matter what, whether work detail or perimeter defense, numbers mean a lot, flag and country are precious to more than less, you will have no more than a fire team of true bad asses if you’re lucky, a group can be standardized as to weapons and caliber. There’s a bunch more, but hopefully your pickin’ up what I’m layin’ down. 🙂

    • Says the life-long pencil pusher 60+ year old man who doesn’t even own his home YET. I feel sorry for you. If you weren’t such an asshole, I’d pay the POS off for you just to be able to laugh even harder.

      • outlawpatriot

        Whew! That’s a relief! Assistance from you in any form for any matter at this time or at any point in the future is not only unnecessary, but unwanted. 😀

  10. craigslistrr@gmail.com

    I suspect that Stan and his group are in their 40’s and 50’s. Ego, boasting, self promoting, self importance, one-upping, among other boy-ish traits. take a while to learn how to control….

  11. Stealth Spaniel

    I’d like to thank Stan for his instruction and advice on small war platforms in the face of evil. Nothing like stirring up the natives and screwing with their television viewing. I intend to put some of this excellent advice to work.

  12. I’ve really tried hard to be more like Stan. Dumped the FB. Stop focusing on guns and realized that I need to focus at least that much on water purification and food storage, lighting, medical supplies, intelligence gathering, etc. I am having trouble forming a group though. Very difficult to find the person who knows what’s coming and is actually ready to get ready. My wife is mostly onboard, really. I have my immediate family members but they’re not really contributing. Tough to find a group like the one “Stan” has.

    • “Tough to find a group”

      I feel ya, you face with face with folks and as soon the topic moves off what Bruce Jenner and the Kardashians are doing, or the latest hollyweird celebrity scandal, or the current monday night sportsball match their eyes glaze over and they leave you dead in your tracks for their smartphone or ipad.

      As soon as any medium of information exchange is utilized in an attempt to sift from a larger demographic you open yourself and others to being recorded, sorted, categorized, tracked and having your entire existence reside on a server in Utah or some other place.

      Then, heaven forbid attempt to setup a meet and along comes the major threat of having such attempts infiltrated by a fedgov goon or three with all the attendant bullshit that results from them coming to the party.

      It’s real tough not to be an island unto yourself, especially in very rural environs.

      Say, where do you hail from? Just joking


      • You guys need to stop living in fear of the what if and just start living in a way that makes your life better…If you have no one around you that is Liberty minded and you have been living there a while it might be time to look elsewhere… Everyone knows on this site at least where I stand on what I think could improve our Liberties so won’t go into it again… The offer always stands though for those who want to take advantage of living a better life…

    • Ditto that, almost to the letter. It’s all very well to tell people to go out and network, to get involved with a local SAR group or start making friends at the range, and sooner or later you’ll start detecting those who share your position, but it doesn’t always work out that way. There are huge trust issues involved, and we all know that Uncle has taken a more than passing interest in folks like us, so snitches and plants are a real concern.

      In my case, I’ve had to move several times recently, so I haven’t had the time to build up connections to the point that I can trust them enough to start building a “Stan” group. I wish there was a short cut for this but I haven’t found one yet. One possible avenue might be to organize a series of roundtables across the country. No cost, nothing that requires any more investment than a short travel time. Sure there will be a lot of Toms, Dicks, and Harrys, not to mention Feds, but there will be a few Stans as well. If the roundtable topics can be coordinated through high-visibility sites like WRSA and SSI, we can also benefit from getting everyone talking and thinking about the same things.

      • I joined up with a 4WD enthusiast group to be able to have company out on trail rides in remote areas. Low and behold, quite a few folks in that group think a lot like I do about “other things”.

        Your “groups” are where you find them.

    • Jbryan, my observation is this, IF you have to form a group, your doing it wrong. Groups especially cohesive groups seem to form themselves within specific circles, and spheres.

      Strengths are noted, weaknesses addressed. Leadership non existent, a simple matter of everybody knowing and understanding their role.

      As for the forth guy in the tom.dick, and Harry, gig, why take silly chances on meaningless stuff, why waste money on somebodies mantra. Little cards have to be printed somewhere and a bread crumb trail always exists, for a savoy investigator to follow.

      More meaningful drills are literally knowing every trail, alleyway and canal path in your AO. Knowing where every bridge, to include railroad bridges are and physically walk those paths, trails and abandoned roads.

      Also knowing power line easements and forestry roads, that have been blocked by uncle sugar. Those roads still exist, there’s just a bolder pile to keep tom, Dick and . Harry out.

      Do you know where every food wear house in your area is, do you know how to read railroad car codes, for content? I use to and think I still do.

      I’m at a point in my life,,wherein I really don’t know, exactly what I do know. And it sucks.


    • outlawpatriot

      Can’t find a group? Start one. You’re the first member! Right now your mission is to recruit. Get busy. You just might be surprised what can happen when you put your mind to it.

      But I must caution you, don’t put too much stock in what you read on the internet. Just way too many characters pontificating way too many absolutes that can actually stifle an effort. There are no absolutes! There are only solutions.

      Now, get busy. Tempus fugit. 🙂

  13. Hurl Vreeland

    I get it and understand but there are those of us who call our elected officials over 2nd Amendment issues, who attend rally’s and invite coworkers and their kids to introduce them to shooting sports. Who engage those againist gun ownership, are verbal. Who pass down the love of our country to our kids. I know to “survive” the hordes you need to be on the down low and put up your facade but really screw that. I’m proud to be an American and I’ll fight if need be. Unless you will live a 2nd life your coworkers and family know you and your beliefs. Live your life now, walk tall and command the room.

  14. This parable is funny but it is like a cheap suit funny. It misses something on a higher order, so does it behoove us as men to belittle our dignity of liberty our will to be free to become victims of our own foibles as portrayed?
    I think not, for the instructional and cautionary aspects are the meat and potatoes of who we are as a people, as freemen. As men who are going to have to fight our arises off against the corrupt leviathan, and many of us are gonna die really bad ugly brutal deaths in the process. Just as all those Confederate Soldiers the cultural marxists are terrified others will look at their statues and become inspired and forewarned, as those statues where meant to, look at LeVoy Finnicum, that brave son of a bitch knew he was federal armed badged leg breaker dead meat, how about the Branch Dividein’s, they fought and never bent a knee. I don’t see a single Tom Dick or Harry in those brave souls, I see people who never say die, who say Live Free or Die.
    Virtue Bitchez!

    All I know is resistance is never futile, that it is always the dirt people who rescue humanity from itself, from tyrants and tyranny time and time again, that it all begins with each of us, and what is really happening is not a revolution because of arms or civil war, but an evolution in honesty and first principles, the real revolution is inside our hearts and minds, that without virtue, without integrity of the man first, without facing the harsh realities of the predicament we are in in this country, we will never be freemen, we can only have our liberty and the primal freedoms, the component parts of living as a sovereign man, if we become that kind of men who not only looks the truth straight in the eyes and never flinches, but goes after the truth with a bone in our teeth and a rifle in our hands, and in this way we all become leaders, ambassadors of liberty, and then we set the bar, the standard for others to aspire to and follow or become leaders in each his own way, it is we who determine our lives and no one or nothing else … This is the indomitable thing, it can not be stopped, it is called winning.…..The only thing more dangerous than fighting our tyrannical corrupt government that has amassed unlimited resources against us freemen is this tyrannical corrupt government facing an awakened citizenry who face the truth they have their liberty and freedoms within their hands and always have and it isn’t negotiable, that loosing is not nor ever will be an option….there is no other way out of this just as there is no voting our way out of this.

  15. I ran the do nothing Tom, Dick and Harry out of my AO a long time ago. What are YOU waiting for?

  16. My experience is very similar to yours jbryan314. Only my wife is not on-board. She is in full denial. I live in the same world you do.