Alan Kay Survival



Good man.

Can run and gun with the Big Dogs.

Can also teach your wife and daughters appropriately, transferring skills and knowledge without inducing panic.

Highly recommended, especially in the WNC/North GA/East TN oblast.

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(H/t NCR)

8 responses to “Alan Kay Survival

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Leauxryda

    Alan is a good dude and ultimately made the first season of Alone, one to watch and learn from. Was nice to hear from him again as narrator for the 2nd season intro on the new cast members.

  3. outlawpatriot

    Dunno. T-Fat says you gotta be rich, pretty, have abs, a young woman and be an alpha male.

    I think I will require further pertinent information verifying the above before I could concur.

    Oh, and he’s gotta live in Michigan. Detroit preferably. Validates a degree of toughness you understand.😉

  4. Thomas J Crowley

    I wonder who will be Alan this year. Good show but too many people who will or will not go the distance.