Aztlan Rising


I’m gonna guess these folks aren’t that impressed with the prospect of restoring the Constitution.

Your country is dead.

Your neighborhood is your country.

And if you need to move to a better country, time is flying.

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20 responses to “Aztlan Rising

  1. Put your mexicant neighbors along with your local Lice and Pols on your Christmas list, they are NOT your friends and they do NOT love you. A lump of coal is fine-as long as it’s on fire makes a nice house-warming gift… If they don’t have a safe place to live, they won’t be living near you… It’s looking more and more like your skin color will be your uniform. GO WHITE TEAM!

    • Grenadier1

      No, your skin color is not your uniform. It may be a starting point but IFF is a multi-characteristic question.
      Profiling is a good thing, just make sure you get past the first point.

      • Bill Harzia

        White folks didn’t make that rule. The other team did.

        But your point about IFF is well taken. After all, there are large numbers of self-hating whites that I want nothing to do with. They “virtue signal” by being even MORE cruel and violent toward whites (which I happen to believe is a mutated form of Stockholm Syndrome).

        Trust will be the first casualty in the coming war.

      • Don’t get me wrong. First it will be color, then it will be class. Brackens CWII Cube is spot on.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          Depending upon where you are and what you are, religion might make an early appearance, too.

    • I lost IQ points reading this drivel. My American Hispanic neighbors are all salt of the earth good people. Way better than the white trash living close by. To paint all with a broad brush indicates either 1)you are a “special ed” kind of guy or 2) a troll paid to stir up the other “special ed” kind of guys. Know your area. Who can you trust and who you cannot trust. I would place you on the latter. NOG

      • SameNoKami

        Not a snarky question but –
        When your “American Hispanic salt of the earth good people neighbors” are given the choice of siding w/the white guys or their fellow American Hispanics, which side do you think they’ll take ?
        I don’t think neutrality will be an acceptable stance.

      • If you’re anything like the majority here, you don’t have any IQ points to spare. Still work for your table scraps and electric bills? You just proved my point. I haven’t worked for a dollar bill in over a decade. Must suck to be poor.🙂

        • Jimmy the Saint

          “I haven’t worked for a dollar bill in over a decade.”

          Really? How quaint! We haven’t worked for a dollar bill in generations.
          The Elites

      • Blood always wins out over any other consideration. Only self-satisfied white cosmopolitans seriously believe otherwise.

  2. Do. The. Math.

    These folks were rumored to be moving weed in weight. Apparently they stepped on someones toes or territory. That someone wiped out the whole family. Plomo o Plato?

    • Grenadier1

      Just watched Sicario yesterday. Good flic for the most part.
      The drug war has morphed into a 4th generational war over the last 5 or 6 years. That is non-state actors at war with others. Your family could very well get included into that “others”.
      The cube is multifaceted.

  3. I have family in the southwest and visit at least yearly. There are a lot of conservative English speaking people who will have no part of the aztlan movement. Utah is more “white” than most of the old Midwestern states. Arizona is heavily segregated and many communities could be quickly gated. Everyone is very well armed.

  4. Why would they want to stay home and make their own nation something to be proud of when their neighbors have already put in the work? They can just slither north and STEAL from them. C’mon man, they just want “their fair share”…..

  5. Maybe someone can reply to Señor Salinas and thank him for the nice, big target he so willingly put up?

    Lists. Keep ’em.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. Roland Deshain

    Sure, let’s turn it into a shithole like the rest of your country. Dumbasses! Sadly, we are doing a pretty good job of destroying it all by ourselves.

  8. I don’t think the kid holding the sign realizes just how unintentionally truthful it is, because if one look at the places where these aliens are settled it is indeed “Making America Mexico” — exactly the sorts of places they fled in the first place.