Partyzantski: Review Of “Battle Leadership”

battle leadership



…the breadth and scope of an officer such as Von Schell dwarfs what we see in America today. We have a force [today] that is heavily driven into COIN (Counterinsurgency) and as heavy motorized infantry supported by a vast fires capability. What Von Schell provides is insight as to how it goes when those luxuries did not exist. In short, what many envision a post SHTF world would look like tactically and operationally…


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  1. Kevin Mussack

    That’s an old picture of “Iron Mike”.
    He’s under cover at the Infantry Museum now.

  2. There is also an excellent article titled “The Company Commander” by another German officer – I need to get that digitized.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. Snagged a copy off Ebay for $1 and shipping….under $5 total.

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      So… you saved some coin and found it for next to nothing on Ebay. Did you at least drop a few dollars in their tip jar with a short note of thanks or encoragement? If every person who read their site donated a small amount and/or bought stuff they were going to buy anyways through their links, they would meet the amount they are trying to raise for the upcoming legal fees. I no longer have a cable bill but support bloggers who are providing value to my knowledge base. YTZ has been preaching for years about “supporting our own” and practices what she preaches. Several years ago she did a whole thing on hillbuzz about buying gifts through small artisans before Etsy was a “thing”. The reason I lurk here is because of PZ. I never knew this site existed until about a year ago.

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  5. mtnforge

    Definite must have book. Right up there with Max’s, John Mosby’s, and Matt Bracken’s works. They all dovetail together quite splendidly.
    Got mine from the Marine Corps online library.

  6. theappalachianist

    Way back when I was a SSG I picked this book up at Clothing Sales. I found it quite interesting, and providing a different point of view. One thing that stood out to me was the recommendation on training. In the U.S Army (and I’m certain other branches are as guilty) it’s assumed that the INTEL is absolute, it’s accurate and you can count on it, and nothing out of it is added to training. The author said to omit something out of the INTEL brief. Give a surprise, a challenge. That would have most U.S Field Grade Officers red faced with their veins bulging out of their necks. “We’re not following the script!”. I still have my copy and I’ll probably pick it back up again once I finish the one I’m reading now. I recommend you read it and I wish I had a few Leaders that had.

  7. SemperFi, 0321

    It’s my understanding that the current Bundeswehr officers in Afghanistan still had the best small unit tactics going, not that the exceptional US would ever admit second place to the Krauts.

  8. QuietMan

    Great book as is Rommel’s “Attacks”, MacDonald’s “Company Commander”, English’s “On Infantry”, Newman’s “Follow Me” (on whom the statue is based, see also Red Beach in the invasion of Leyte), and Howze’s monograph “Howze on training” if you can find it.