Thousand-Foe Stare


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  1. Pretty much sums it all up for most of us. Nicely done.

  2. Anonymous

    If some white males choose not to be competitive in breeding, working, or the simple joy in being alive, then it’s good for the species if those genes die out. Cultural submission, it’s what modern Whites do. Keep paying your taxes and obeying laws written by your enemies. Eat yourself up inside with self-loathing. Medicate with pills and TV to dull the pain. Eat government-recommended food and get fat and sick. Take your place in history next to those other submissive Whites, the German Jews.

    Could we please see some positive examples to emulate? A White man who owns a septic tank pumping truck. An occupation without heavy lifting, which he can physically do until age 70. An occupation with constant demand no matter what government does to the economy. Smiling, happy, reasonable weight and active outdoors. Wife home schools their kids on their hobby-farm in the country, in the direction of engineering, with the help of the boundless Internet cornucopia of real stuff to learn. Have you taught your kids to weld, fabricate a dune buggy, program computers, or calculate the load carrying capacity of a beam? Why not? Are you waiting for government school to do it? Turn off the TV and go change your oil.

    Smiling. Happy. Because many of those thousand vampire foes require you to invite them into your home and mind before they can hurt you. Just say no to self-loathing.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. Centurion_Cornelius

    As Matt Bracken clued me in yesterday on the InfoWars piece, look at a Hispanic group called “MEChA,” a Chicano outfit seeking the return of Aztlan to Mexico. Only problem: these are the states of CA, TX, NM, AZ, as well as OK, KS, CO, UT, NV, ID, and OR. They have been infiltrating colleges, politics, and local, state, and federal government since 1960. For 56 years.

    MECha’s logo: an Eagle holding a lit stick of dynamite and a macuahuitl (sword.)

    Men–the fat is in the fire. This is one–one stinking group wanting to annihilate you, your family, property and heritage.

    Imagine a group called: “White Patriots for America,” with an eagle holding a lit dynamite stick. How long would this group be around before they were prosecuted or hounded into oblivion?

    GOT IT?

  5. The only difference between the Holomador and what we have here is that Americans are encouraged to be fat, diabetic slobs instead of starving to death. That, and the rate of the event. Otherwise, the same objective, the same plan, the same end result. My/Your/Our silence = Death.

  6. For a slightly different audience… White men in America are potentially the greatest right to life force known to mankind. Right to OUR lives, right of our families, wives and children yet unborn’s lives. In this, I pray.

  7. I am am compiling the soundtrack to watch urban cores and political machines burn by. I nominate “O Fortuna”, by Carl Orff. I’m taking nominations

    • I have to go with the 2nd movement, 9th Symphony, Beethoven, w/ Toscanini conducting. Part of the soundtrack to Peak Civilization, recorded NYC April, 1948:

      The second movement begins at 14:33, or just watch/listen to the whole thing.

  8. These articles, commentaries, and opinions of whitey are bullshit. If they are not bullshit and are true in your world, you are totally fucked. You live,work and associate with the wrong people. You should eat a fucking shotgun and put yourself ot of your self-imposed misery.
    As a man you can make choices. Make the right choices and be proud of being a moral upright man. Live each day as if it is your last. Remove obstacles and do not waste your valuable time with the brainwashed retards in your path. This little journey we are on is too short to waste time
    .” Black is beautiful. Tan is grand. White is the color of the big boss man.” Fact of life. Whitey built and invented most of the good shit. I will never be ashamed to be a white man. Ain’t happening!