WeaponsMan: Will The Military Follow Unlawful Orders?

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An essential addition to the literature, right next to “When To Shoot The Colonels” by USNA grad Tom Baugh and this USMA grad’s annotation upon same.

Lose your illusions, people.

In the coming chaos, those who resist .gov diktats will be viewed and JAG-approved as “unprivileged enemy belligerents”.

Any other planning assumption is childish self-deception.

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  1. Bill Harzia

    “Unprivileged enemy belligerents.” Sounds like Eisenhower changing the designation of German POWs to DEPs (“disarmed enemy personnel”), thereby circumventing that pesky Geneva Convention.

    Posse Comitatus? What;s that?

  2. nonsense! Not in the USA!


    This is a good review for the uninitiated. Those of us old folks who have been following things since Bush I and the Clintons are well aware of Ruby Ridge, Waco, and other FEDGOV-sponsored massacres. You can take the conduct of the Amerikan .mil as far back as The War Of Northern Aggression to see how “our armed forces” will react against their fellow citizens. And, do not forget the slaughter of the BEF by MacArthur, Patton, et. al.
    Let’s add another nightmare to this scenario. Check out the “Army Of One” soldier holding the Beretta pistol in the above photo. Now extrapolate that “soldier of color” to the thousands of his home-boys and home-girls in their ACU’s. They are looking forward to shooting us White Racists, putting our families into FEMA camps and looting our homes afterward. Booty/loot has been an incentive for occupying armies since Caesar. And, during the Rodney King festivities of over 20 years ago, LAPD managed to arrest some NG’s of color who were helping themselves along with the other looters. This will unfold slowly, gain momentum rapidly, and have a horrific ending for a lot of innocent people in the Blue Hives.

    • Grenadier1

      Not your idea of a “minority army” thats plausible enough, its the idea that they will bother to put them in the Army. Why would they do that? They would need to reform significantly the process and internal procedures to much. Why do all of that when you have the Freedom Corp and other organizations already in place that just need a little non-DOD controlled tweaking to kit them out properly?


        Sir: My point is, they are already in the Army. I served on active duty from ’69 to’71. I did not go overseas. After I got out, I had an eight-year break in service and then enlisted in the Army Reserves. The change was startling. The units in SoCal were flooded with men and women of color, looking for that extra monthly check. I saw two women in my MI unit go from E-4 to WO-1 on their backs. We all know how it has gone downhill since then and the ranks are filled with a lot of Gimmedats.
        Three years ago last Christmas I was at a friend’s birthday party at a local pizza parlor and the Big Screen was tuned to the Georgetown-U of O basketball game back in DC. It was “military appreciation night.” There were very few white faces in the sea of ACU in the stands. Granted, most of the Guidons id’d the units as H&S companies or batteries. But, those REMF’s are all trained in riot/crowd control tactics. The Army started that in 1970, when I was still in.
        Don’t think for one minute that these homies would not be sprinkled among Freedom Corp and other minions of Barry’s “DOMESTIC SECURITY FORCES” and act as cadre. And again, the promise of loot and white girls would be a huge incentive for a lot of them. People on this site are fond of saying how Mr. Bracken’s works are prescient. Read or re-read FOREIGN ENEMIES AND TRAITORS. My uniform will be my skin color.

  4. Who gives a fuck. From what I’ve seen of today’s troops, they’re fat asses. I just ran into a 20 something guard soldier yesterday and he looked at me and quickly turned his eyes. He instantly knew who was the Alpha.

    • Some kid in uniform making next to nothing and with everything to lose if he gets into trouble chooses not to have a third grade staring contest with some foaming unhinged old fool and that makes him a pussy and you The Alpha.
      Your cat stomping heroics made a better parable.

      It’s been a week so, time for yet another treatment to get you back on the pavement

  5. outlawpatriot

    Me, an unprivileged enemy belligerent? Oh, I’m much more than that. So much more. 😉

  6. In the current chaos, those whose are resisting .gov diktats are viewed and JAG-approved as unprivileged enemy belligerents. Any other planning assumption is childish self-deception. <—tense error, i fixed it for you.

    This assumption should henceforth be known as the Finicum Corollary.

    LaVoy knew they were going to kill him, he didn't know when but he knew they would. He proceeded to piss in their faces anyway. God bless him.

  7. Anonymous

    It would be a dilemma for many out of work soldiers. Consider this scenario:

    Society is ruined, electrical grid no longer reliably exists, and food is getting REALLY scarce. Your local LEO / military caravan stops in neighborhood, promising food / medicine / shelter for any soldier that is willing to conscript into service for them. All they have to do is follow their orders and as long as you do, you are safe from prosecution.

    As the parent of a small family, would you just refuse that easily ? Watch your family starve or sacrafice to save them ? Your call.

  8. No US Army formation has ever disobeyed an order to attack US citizens on US soil. The US Army and Marine Corp has been ordered to attack unarmed citizens hundreds of times in the last two hundred years. Native born, emigrant or Indian. The US Armed forces have killed them all without hesitation.

  9. As any thinking southerner knows, the majority of the United States military will follow any order they are given as long as the pay deposits continue.

    When Kennedy ordered the invasion of Mississippi in 1962, yes invasion by 30,000 troops, the largest military action in the US since 1865, I dare say none of them refused to report. If they did, it never made the news then or now.

    The main difference between 1962 and today is the US military will not be facing Joe Bob and his duck or goose gun or his .30-30 Winchester; they’ll be facing most folks armed with the same rifle they have, plus many very long range rifles set up appropriately. Plus, the dependent personnel of said military would have to be taken in as every military installation would require being turned into some sort of “Green Zone” as exists in Baghdad today. There is no base of which I’m aware that has even close to enough housing for these people. One wonders what they will do.

    Things will be different should a president order another invasion of a state similar to what Kennedy ordered. Of course, that’s just my opinion.

    • outlawpatriot

      Yep. Correctomundo.

      With one caveat. Ya gots ta have enough guns standing with ya at any given time. Otherwise, stugotts. Ya got nuthin’. 😉

    • Don’t forget those military bases require electricity, Fiber optic lines, NG lines and various supplies to be trucked in or by train on a regular basis to function. Their small arms ammunition and guns themselves comes from a handful of suppliers, the heavier stuff from a even smaller group. Interfere with them and no more weapon and ammo shipments.

      Bottom line the military would be forced to guard their entire supply chain to protect it from predation, Yes they could hire local cops, but then they wouldn’t have any for other duties. Deploy Federal LEO’s but they hate doing grunt work and the Feds would lose them for suppression duties. Same applies to military folk.

  10. Tom Blamey

    Everything Hitler did was legal. The lawyers will couch all orders in legal terminology so that disobeying them becomes a crime.

  11. I spit ball this question often anymore. Today I’m at 50/50 obviously not good odds for We The People.


    • What’s the factual basis for the 50% pro call?

      • Conversations with my retired military associates. Not very scientific, but at least they have a true sense of ideology within those serving.

        Perhaps my view is infused with ” Hope” that those serving our country, will get it right, for all the right reasons.

        I can confirm my post, after the shtf. Sooner isn’t possible.


        • Those conversations count.

          I have heard that the combat arms personnel will be least likely to do bad things.

          We will see.

          • SemperFi, 0321

            True. My young former .mil friends agree, the grunts won’t shoot, but the other 90% are too dumb to get it. They will do as ordered.
            The same assholes who flock around Obama for a photo-op, all smiles.

  12. outlawpatriot

    Oh, and I’m not real worried about motherfuckers no matter their ilk with a grip like that. 😉

  13. The simple answer is, “Yes, they will.”

  14. Alfred E. Neuman

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  15. mtnforge

    Tom Baugh’s When To Shoot The Colenel’s is pretty compelling insights. It is a pretty sure bet at least half with follow orders without question. Probably 25% will have their finger in the air or desert, and the balance, well that is the big question. And something out of that 25% are the ones all the rest who made or follow the order to Not Shoot The Colonels are going to be very concerned with.
    Even more a germane question involves when the shooting does start. Everything changes then. Federal armed badged leg breakers executing Ranchers in Oregon, burning woman and children alive in Waco Tx, active as arms dealers to Mexican organized crime, you can almost believe because this government is essentially an organized crime syndicate draped in an American flag. But US Military troops shooting civilians as a matter of orders to do so, well that really redefines everything. After that there is nothing left to honor as a civilian in regards to any government but what you and yours make. We are already on the cusp of that anyhow. The .mil starts shooting us, well brothers and sisters, its get on the cattle car, take a nice dirt nap in a bulldozer trench, our fight like there is no tomorrow. Pretty simple choice here.

  16. Will The Military Follow Unlawful Orders?

    What sayeth history?

  17. I have no illusions about what officers will do, and I think the OP about that is correct. The lowly soldier however can do a lot of foot-dragging and “oopsies” that can surely make things drag to a halt. In this case he will be arrayed against the very population he came from. There was a fair amount of this going on in the Viet Nam war even though it was a foreign population. Are soldiers going to aim to hit fellow Americans, or aim to miss? Are they going to refrain from feeding fellow Americans intelligence? I doubt it…

  18. Marlo Stanfield

    1980 basic training was asked a question, Who joined because of Patriotism? Those who raised their hands ended up getting the shitty assignments and later on low annual ratings, slow promotions. Step promotions for those who didn’t raise their hands.   

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