Claire Wolfe: Between Rage, Ridicule, And Resignation


A rational look at #2016.

Keep on keeping on.

Remember this billboard:


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32 responses to “Claire Wolfe: Between Rage, Ridicule, And Resignation

  1. There’s nothing rational about Claire’s hatred for Trump, just the typical female “he’s not nice enough” crap. Perhaps she’s an open borders fan, tho I doubt it. Trump is the last chance, Claire, you need to examine why you can’t see that…..

    • colddeadhandsdays

      I agree. This is the same thing I’m hearing from friends of mine in upper Idaho.. No rational reason why they trump they just hate him and in fact will be voting Gary Johnson. I think it’s just day northeastern New Yorker demeanor bias. I just don’t think they like the general vibe of people from the Northeast and don’t understand them. That’s the conclusion I’ve come too.

      • I agree. I was just telling a friend that last night. Look at the way they voted in the primaries. Arizona and Nevada had some exposure to some NE sunbirds, perhaps that explains the way those primaries turned out.

  2. Interesting, while I admire her willingness to hang it out, I don’t spend much time with her, or anybodies position, and the why/why not, crowd.

    My position is mine to make. Often I agree with rid bits of others position, rarely am I, “all in”. I’m not interested in following anybody, anywhere.

    Been then the industry expert dog and pony show many years ago. Thought I was doing the right thing, seeking answers to questions, from those noted as experts in their prospective fields.

    I do view, Claire as an Industry expert, sharp lady, I’m just not a follower.


  3. I love Claire for having opened my eyes back in 2008. Trump is a wrecking ball, and he has my full support. I can’t imagine having said anything like this back since Patriot Act in 2002, but I refuse to be pigeonholed anymore. The perpetual cycle of libertarian failure and malaise is why the Alt-Right is gaining traction. Get out there and finally do something. Trump is the bullet I’m using to shoot some of the basturds. Nowe is the tyme.

  4. FrozenPatriot

    Fixed it for ya.

    • Maybe. Maybe not. Didn’t you notice how many resources were thrown into trying to destroy him? Did that not seem atypical? I am betting on it being atypical. I think he could be the wayward oligarch. Crisis / opportunity.

      • FrozenPatriot

        What resources? I know of significant establishment resources poured into promoting Trump:

        As is repeated around here; Trump is a weapon. People often wield weapons with the intent to destroy when they’re angry — which many Trump supporters are. The crux of the matter is the number of times people say, “I’m really proud of that decision I made when I was angry.”

        As for Yellow-stain Boener’s texting BFF being in the oligarchy; Trump happily admits to buying/bribing political critters. Do you really think he’s going to stand on principles against such a system once he’s on the receiving end of the payola? Get a grip…

        • The TV coverage was the side show. We are talking about the cash spent by the cucks trying to demolish him. Yeah, I am proud of some of the decisions I made when I was angry. Especially quitting that shitty job (and getting a better one) because I got fed up and had enough,foolishly thinking loyalty was worth something there. I have a pretty firm grip on reality.

        • ExGeeEye

          How many of those 776 minutes were spent deriding, criticizing, and generating false fear about him? A significant number of people have received significant, even wall-to-wall coverage without being “promoted”.

          Full disclosure: Not a Trump supporter. Ever. But from the day after the RepCon ends, I am a Dem fighter and aspiring Dem defeater. “Cause that’s how I roll.

          • That you for making the point that I thought I implied but failed to articulate!

        • I’m not sure negative press usually counts as a favor.

    • Frozen, I love it. I had to look twice, but that’s all it took, splittin’ a gut.

    • Still not fixed yet.

      “It’s a SMALL club…”

    • Good ‘shop job. To paraphrase a well-known aphorism, it may be untrue, but it is also irrelevant. It’s said that JFK had a change of heart – became a “reformed” oligarch, so to speak, after he took office. I don’t know if I actually buy that, but assuming for the sake of argument that it’s true, we all know what it got him. If Trump is also a “reformed oligarch”, I can see no reason to expect any essentially different outcome.

  5. Comrade X

    “Just live a good life, as free a life as possible. Watch the clowns perform.”


  6. I voted for Trump, but I don’t favor the guy personally. He’s a tool, like my knife, rifle and chainsaw. His function is to rip the GOP a new one. I don’t care if he wins or not, so long as he keeps ripping the place up.

  7. Grey Ghost

    I’m for Trump because I view him as the destroyer of the party of Lincoln, who was IMHO the worst tyrant/President this country ever “elected”.

    Grey Ghost

    • Bpfreebuckeye

      Couldn’t agree more…I lurk everyday & don’t comment often but no candidate will fix the gov’t, as much as we would like to think they could or would…burn it all down, starting with the damn rhinos…It will be spicy before you know it…

  8. I voted for nobody during the primary in my state for one reason: I have heard no candidate clearly state what he will do to bring .gov back under the reins of the Constitution. Nothing on presidential nullification of bad laws or alphabet agencies. Nothing on states rights. Nothing but appeals to either the status quo or whatever populist ‘hot button’ would receive the most coverage. All I heard and saw all the way through was a mud slinging contest.

    I will most likely vote for nobody during the general election as well. Never thought I’d get to this point….severely disillusioned.

    • Atlas Shrug

      Before voting for Nobody, I recommend going in and writing “John Galt” in for any office where you don’t have someone you want to vote for.

      I’ve long felt that this was the best universal write in name. Perhaps it may catch on one day…..

      Keep your powder dry,
      Atlas Shrug

      • Mark Matis

        Don’t expect it to work in Florida. They don’t seem to bother with write-in names that are not pre-approved.

    • You aren’t alone.

  9. Trump is just the avatar. Now watch the leaks from inside the deep-state as the fence-sitters and opportunists jockey for chairs in the now real potential of a nationalist administration , which has a huge mandate from the much abused productive class.

    Not holding my breath but giving this guy one last shot can’t hurt. Sure beats the prospect of creeping around culverts with a rifle.

    The media was not trying to promote him – he refused to pay the advertising [ protection ] money and he never joined/ submitted to any of their pedo/queer secret societies. Rather he ju-jitsued their smears into promotion . Simple really , their hatred of Trump is really their hatred of the average joe. He exposed their projection for all to see. He has had 15 years of Putin to learn from.

    If he does even a few of the things he says I’ll support it. Here in NYC he is known as someone who gets shit done and his people get taken care of.

    Claire Wolf and that whole generation of writers are good people but history is about to over-run us all. There will be no righteous revolution , rather a gang fight between globalist and nationalist groups. I’m with the nationalists warts and all. I can articulate nationalism to my kids – burn it all down – not so much. Form or even desirability of govt. we can argue on the other side.

    • If he does any of the things he says he’s going to do, the Country has to be in better shape than otherwise. We definitely know the regular crew are taking us on a one way ticket to our ultimate demise. Which probably and realistically isn’t escapable one way or another anyways. At least the odds may be better for Team Freedom Fighter if Trump is able to build some barriers so to speak. We can hope, anyways.

      I follow that up with, we are so utterly fucked.


    • Jim Klein

      “Not holding my breath but giving this guy one last shot can’t hurt. Sure beats the prospect of creeping around culverts with a rifle.”

      Ha, good insight. Can’t say you’re making the rational choice, but it may well prove to be exactly the choice. Nationalism or culverts, and everyone gets to choose.

    • Amen Brother…Well Said…

  10. Steve Kristmann

    Trump?..Hillary?…Sanders? Bah, they’re nothing more than putrid collectivist sockpuppets for the banksters and other freedom killing parasites!
    Politics is nothing more than a game of ‘enter the roach motel’..and collectivists hope we’re the roaches!

    You want a ‘Leader’..go look in the mirror! That’s the only leader
    you’ll need.

    “presidents?!…we don’t need no stinkin presidents here!!!”

    Yours In Liberty!
    NorthGunner III


      Sir: I think you are on to something. The voices in my head are still telling me to keep prepping and planning. Ignore the circus. The Donald may sound good to others, but it remains to be seen what will happen SHOULD he get elected.
      He can be totally neutered by the Dead Elephants in Congress and the Communists on the SCOTUS. And, if he chooses the wrong running mate such as, the porcine fascist Christie or the NWO Illuminati rat bastard Gingrich, then he will lose and we will inherit the Hildabeast. I look in the mirror every morning and realize that I must continue to lead my own little tribe and my community is my country. Bleib ubrig.

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  12. Don’t fear the libertarians. They are as neutered as the cucks and as insignificant as excrement.