GoV: Fundraising & Love Amongst The Ruins Of The Revolution


GoV asks for help, if you can spare it.

The Global Counterjihad Movement exists in no small part because of the efforts of folks like the GoV team.

Friends like that are hard to find.

And deserve your support, if you can help.

3 responses to “GoV: Fundraising & Love Amongst The Ruins Of The Revolution

  1. Thanks for posting the reminder. The Baron was one of the first people to wake me up to the true danger posed by Islam. He was on the barricades for years while the rest of us slept.

    Threw some kibble in the kibble jar over there.

  2. The only site I assist anymore. The rest of donations, help go to people, families in need I hear about through the ‘grapevine, here, etc. that I know are legitimate requests for assistance. The onwers of G of V are truly sterling, stalwart people. Have known them for many years now. Just me thoughts is all.

  3. Bill Harzia