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MVT is introducing three new events, with no training prerequisites. Utilizing UTM man-marker rounds (Force on Force ammunition) allows those who are not Combat Team Tactics class graduates to be introduced to training without live fire safety concerns. This will make training more accessible and also allow people to experience the MVT training facility, and understand the need for training.

A new Run n Gun competition event will be introduced on the Fridays prior to Force on Force Team Tactics weekends.

In the afternoon, there will be an approximate 4 hour class on Tactical Clearance (CQB) utilizing the UTM FoF munitions (AR 5.56 only).

There are no prerequisites for these classes. There is no competitor limit on the Run n Gun. There are limited spaces available on the CQB class, due to numbers of UTM bolts and available cadre. Each of these classes can be taken singly, or combined with the other classes.

The Force on Force Team Tactics class is an excellent training experience and is run exclusively with the UTM Man Marker Rounds. There are no live fire safety concerns and it is the closest you will experience to a real firefight without actually being in one. There are no longer training prerequisites to attend this class. You can combine this with the Friday activities, or simply attend the FoF Team Tactics weekend.

Class prices include the cost of the UTM ammunition, but you will not expend live ammunition (excepting the Run n Gun.)

Upcoming Dates:

Run n Gun / FoF CQB events are scheduled for 30 September and 11 November.

FoF Team Tactics classes are scheduled for 25/26 June (no preceding Run n Gun event), 1/2 October, 12/13 November.

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AM: MVT Run n Gun.
PM: UTM Force on Force CQB (Tactical Clearance) Class.
Saturday / Sunday: Force on Force Team Tactics Class.

MVT Run n Gun Outline:

The event will be run over an arduous / hilly route at the Velocity Training Center (VTC) near Romney, West Virginia. It will consist of a run / walk at individual best effort over a pre-defined route (distance TBD), which will include shoot stations (likely 2). The final shoot station will be the shoot from the MVT Rifleman Challenge.

This will be run as a competition with placement from both the run and shoot adding up to final scores. There is no pre-requisite for this event, it is open to all comers. There are no limits on numbers of competitors.

It is likely that there will two classes of competitors:

‘Fun’ with no gear or weight requirements, only a requirement to carry a rifle and specified amounts of ammunition.
‘Competitor’ with a specific weight / gear requirement in addition to the rifle and ammunition.
The event is under development and the page will be modified as appropriate.

Cost: Likely $50 entry fee. Directions to the VTC emailed on receipt of fees.

UTM Force on Force CQB:

In the afternoon there will be a voluntary 4 hour period of instruction in CQB, utilizing the UTM FoF ammunition (AR 5.56 rifles only). This will be similar to the CQB instruction that takes place on the MVT Rifleman Challenge, but utilizing UTM Force on Force ammunition. This will be an instructional period on Tactical Clearance with some controlled CQB scenarios at the end. Places will be limited due to the number of UTM bolts available. First come first served.

Cost: Likely $100 class fee + $200 UTM ammunition fee (you will not use live ammunition).

Force on Force Team Tactics Weekends:

The Run n Gun is currently scheduled to run on Fridays the day before FoF Team Tactics Classes. It can be booked with or without the FoF weekend. There is no training prerequisite for the FoF Team Tactics events. The next FoF Team Tactics Class is on the 25 / 26 June (with no accompanying Run n Gun).


More details:

MVT Run n Gun / Force on Force CQB Single Day Events:

Force on Force (FoF) Team Tactics:

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