SLL: Murdering America

Danger skull

It was premeditated.

And the job is almost complete – on a country-wide level, at least.

Your neighborhood is now your country.

And time is flying.

18 responses to “SLL: Murdering America

  1. Always keep in mind that the United States of America is merely a government. That’s all it has ever been.

    Many have been convinced that Murika must consist of 50 states, plus territories such as the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, they have partaken of the Murikan Kool-Aide.

    There is no “America” as a nation, that’s no more than a proposition. I really don’t care if California becomes Atzlan or part of Mexico; I couldn’t care less if Hawaii becomes the independent country is once was, same for Alaska.

    Personally, the south is my nation; South Carolina is my country.

    • And you and yours sit back while black lives matters defecates on your Southern forefathers.

      You’re pathetic.

      • Grenadier1

        The irony is delicious.

      • Grey Ghost

        I’d say Detroit is pathetic… it was once a supposedly great yankee industrial city “built” by Ford, GM and Chrysler. Now after decades of Demoncrap statist rule, it’s just a piece of shit broke city that needs to be razed to the ground and probably soon will be once the ragheads there start implementing Sharia. OR you’ll just pay the jizya like the good little dhimmis that you are.

        And when the time comes… BLM will get theirs. Patience for now.

        Premeditated poisonous murder of the U.S. was the plan decades ago by the hard left. It seems they have been quite successful lately, what with the magic negro, his political cabal and all the left wing useful idiots.


        Grey Ghost

    • The country of 1840 America would have been to your liking then. Your State was your ‘country’ and you had no relation with your Federal Govt other than an occasional election. The compact was between your State and the Feds and the Feds were the underlings. No EPA, DoEd, IRS, No executive orders, etc.

    • mtnforge

      There’s a little secret Pat, that a lot of murican’s are gonna find out the hard way. Us dirt people don’t need the sonsofabitches. Never have. Never will.

      Eric Frank Russell’s masterpiece of total defiance.
      ‘And Then There Where None’

  2. mtnforge

    Damn straight the ending of ‘merica’ its premeditated,
    But like tracers, that works both ways…
    Local Local Local Bitchez!
    It’s how we Win.

  3. rightwingterrorist

    The stupid box is still glowing.
    The brewerys are sill pumping out cans of beer.
    The fat man is still in his lazy-boy, and his bowl of processed shit is still full.

  4. The Walkin' Dude

    Anyone ever mess with Gallium or Mercury and Aluminum? Food for thought. Many important things made out of Aluminum😉

  5. Well well well. look what we have here…

    Speaking of murderers.

    ” An Atlanta-area police officer who prosecutors say claimed to be a hit man for the violent gang and tipped off other members about police activity.”

    SCUMBAGS One and ALL!

  6. StevenKY

    Link doesn’t work. Maybe it hit a nerve with some GOOBER in the Gubmint.

  7. but it’s seeming sort of repetitive and ineffective now. This essay is well written but unnecessary. We all know this already. FDR sucked, TR was an imperialist, LBJ destroyed American with the Welfare State.

    Where’s the plan, Stan?