They Had It Coming


From today’s NY Daily News.


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  1. Trump didn’t kill it. It was suicide.

  2. The Republican Party owners and operators (the “establishment”) have served for most of a century to foreclose genuine constitutional conservatism by occupying – blocking – that niche on the ballot all over our republic.

    Somebody had to drag them out behind the barn and put one back of their figurative ear. If it’s The Donald doing that ugly, necessary job, I’m down with it.

    Apparently millions continue to harbor the strange delusion that the Republican party is the party of free enterprise, and, at least since the New Deal, the party of conservatism. In fact, the party is and always has been the party of state capitalism. That, along with the powers and perks it provides its leaders, is the whole reason for its creation and continued existence. By state capitalism I mean a regime of highly concentrated private ownership, subsidized and protected by government. The Republican party has never, ever opposed any government interference in the free market or any government expenditure except those that might favour labour unions or threaten Big Business. Consider that for a long time it was the party of high tariffs — when high tariffs benefited Northern big capital and oppressed the South and most of the population. Now it is the party of so-called “free trade” — because that is the policy that benefits Northern big capital, whatever it might cost the rest of us. In succession, Republicans presented opposite policies idealistically as good for America, while carefully avoiding discussion of exactly who it was good for.

    There is nothing particularly surprising that there should be a party of state capitalism in the United States. And certainly nothing surprising in the necessity for such a party to present itself as something else. Put in terms the Founding Fathers would have understood, the interests Republicans serve are merely the court party — what Jefferson referred to as the tinsel aristocracy and John Taylor as the paper aristocracy. The American Revolution was a revolt of the country against the court. Jeffersonians understood that every political system divides between the great mass of unorganized folks who mind their own business — that, is, the country party — and the minority who hang around the court to manipulate the government finances and engineer government favours. It is much easier and quicker to get rich by finding a way into the treasury than by risk and hard work. That is mostly what politics is about. Of course, schemes to plunder society through the government must never be seen as such. They must be powdered and perfumed to look like a public good.

    — Clyde Wilson, “The Republican Charade: Lincoln and His Party” (14 November 2014)

  3. Centurion_Cornelius

    just like a good “nullification” Texas jury who just set loose the defendant for the following reason:

    “He needed killin’.”

  4. When I think about the former GOP, it was pro-business, pro-captialism, small government, anti corruption in the govt and pro-black people. It is none of those things today.

    • No, while the Republican Party has been “pro-business” in the sense that it has always been the faction pushing the politics of mercantilism (from Hamilton and Clay’s “American System” of pork, protectionism, and bankster debauchment of the currency to the bureaucracy’s present-day consumer-diddling antics), it has been decidedly hostile to those small businesses and proprietorships which are the real driving engines of any national economy.

      Those of us who’ve had to sweat year upon year to ensure that we can pay our employees every couple of weeks tend to be pretty difficult to bamboozle with politicians’ yammer about government as our great benefactor, Red Faction, Blue Faction, allalong same-same.

      The Republicans averse to “corruption in the govt”? Jeez, gimme a break, willya? How many Republican career politicians have gotten rich – and are still getting rich – through their pursuit of careers dedicated to “public service”?

      • The “Republican party” has been dead for quite some time. I didn’t understand why the GOP didn’t really fight against Team Obama in ’08, and I had a catbird seat to the over-the-top fraud which secured a second sinecure for Teh Won in 2012.

        We haven’t had a functioning “democracy” with meaningful genuine “opposition” in quite some time.

        I wrote about this back in December, in response to my friends who were upset I was sitting on the sidelines this cycle:

  5. Obit: At the time of its death there wasn’t even enough meat left for a strip of biltong.

  6. Nothing’s changed yet! Anybody the insiders hate is all right with me.


  7. Substitute the name of your choice, though McCain works for them all.

  8. Looks like there is room in the coffin for the jackass too.

  9. I say dig the hole ten foot deep instead of six and fill it with concrete. Don’t want this motherbear coming back as a zombie. It died brainless and might be a bitch to kill twice. 😝

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Cremation is the better option in a zombie scenario. Piles of ash rarely threaten anyone outside of Pompeii/Herculaneum.

    • Don’t forget garlic in the mouth, a silver spike through the heart, and a little salt (about a foot deep) on top of the concrete.

  10. Killed my Chronic “Me Too”ism.