Z Blog: Trump Is The Warning Shot


Money quote:

…People do not go from happy to bloody revolt overnight. It’s a process and the early stages are warnings, at least they should be viewed as warnings. If the people in Washington insist on flooding the country with helot labor, despite what’s happening in the election, the people are going to insist on building scaffolds in Washington…


Bipartisanship is just a noose on both ends of the rope.


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  1. I would love if Trump develops into righting the country movement, bloody or not; but i think he doesn’t get the chance. The dumb-masses are the majority now and enough of them can be convinced to stomp on any movement at the risk of their goodies.
    IMO, the tea party movement was the right movement timed perfectly after obamacare; following one ego maniac that talks tough will not solve crap.

    • Dude, no offense, but you miss the one thing which trumps your thinking. It isn’t a majority that prevails, it is a determined indomitable minority, a plurality that is legitimate in its cause. A plurality in freedom possesses the motive power to turn everything on its head. If you don’t believe that, your missing the truth to power of that reality, because you wouldn’t have the luxury of free speech to comment thusly, speak your mind here, now, to own a weapon, to even be here alive and well as an American today if it weren’t for a determined tiny minority of people who never quit. Not to insult you, you are brainwashed into believing resistance is futile while nothing could be further from the truth, you have had the use of fear used against your self determination and you God given primal right to being free and sovereign. I’m saying this to you with generosity of spirit of being so free I can never be conquered by fear or loathing of my liberty by those who desire to rule my soul. Fuck the fuckers. They are nothin’.

      Watch Andrew Breitbart, this is motive power, indomitable spirit in action:

      “Bring it on”

      “We Have the Guns…”

  2. So at some point we quit pissing on campfires and start lighting them


    • You g’damn blubber ass’d big mouth. Get out there and start a fire then instead of talking shit like you always do. You keyboard commandos make me sick.

      • So what are YOU waiting for?
        Or are you a payroll patriot troll shit stirrer?

        • I think that’s one of tfta’s sock puppets. When his tit is in the wringer there are several “new” names that suddenly start posting

  3. colddeadhandsdays

    Spot on.

  4. Double Down

    Dr. Bill Forstchen, author of One Second After: “The Elites Will Take Care of Their Own and to hell with the rest of us”

  5. The 2012 elections were also a warning shot whereby the Republicans were elected and took control of both Houses where nary a thing that was promised happened. The Uniparty exists. At my age, revolt is the very last thing I want on my bucket list. But if “they” continuously want to be reckless with this nation and its treasure (in the physical & human aspects), I have another bucket.

  6. mtnforge

    It’s the revenge, defiance, and resistance of the dirt people rolled into one symbol of The Great Fuck You Bitchez!

  7. Excellent piece. I enjoyed it for reasons other than it feeding my confirmation bias. 😉

  8. Grey Ghost

    Got rope?

    Grey Ghost

  9. Trump is one of us, but they will likely kill him. The Bush Cartel does not like being openly mocked, whether’s it’s 911 or the JFK coverup.

    • Trump is not one of us, and “they” don’t need to kill him. He is, as indicated, merely a mild zephyr before the Storm

    • Mark Matis

      They will indeed try. However, he does have SS protection. And since he seems to be friendly to “Law Enforcement”, there is a chance that they may go out of their way to protect him, regardless of what the orders are from above between now and next 20 January. At very least, the SS give color of law to anyone protecting him. And on top of them, I expect he has his OWN security. I doubt any of that group are AA hires. And I would not be surprised if he pays them well. That combination is about as good as one can get.

  10. Horseshoe Bend, Alabama. Andrew Jackson got some work done. A little housecleaning utilizing militia and other armed forces. Indians had always fought other tribes. The tribes had not fought an adversary similar to Jackson. Kicked some ass and became a populist president. Jackson had proven his worth as a man. Tohopeka and the Creek Nation changed shit.
    Has Donald Trump proven his worth as a man? Has Donald Trump kicked some ass? Donald Trump just kicked the shit out of the Republican party. Not as tough as the Creeks.
    The libtard recipient class has become so lazy and sloth like, they are not even voting. They must be reminded where the handouts originate. Advocates and supporters of the free shit army will soon be overrun . Like insect swarms, they will devour their own and cannibalize everything in their path. Venezuela-style.
    The”Donald” will have a plate full of shit left by the previous occupants. Wookies ,I believe. I doubt that “The Donald” would live in the White House. .
    Wouldn’t it be grand, if it is Trump,maybe some Andrew Jackson swagger and spine. If nothing else I need Trump to be president so I don,t have to look at the”Bushpig”

    “Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends. Come inside. Come inside.”
    Concentrate on agriculture and animal husbandry. If nothing else you will eat well and be healthy. It will allow you to take care of those you deem worthy.
    Water is key. Check your supply. Fire off your generator and put a load on it. In the near future you will not have to worry as much about rotation of goods. You will use it all.

    • David Lewis

      Not sure the generator will be much good but I agree with most people running out of all different supplies & goods!

      • Generator runs the well.Fresh clean water is high priority. Have a hand pump and windmill set-up also.

    • Mark Matis

      Just PLEASE don’t do that “animal husbandry” the Muslim way…

  11. Trump will beat Hillary like a baby seal. Hillary hasn’t been attacked the entire primary season. The Bern always ran a positive campaign. The media has let her be. The republicans have been attacking themselves. In fact, something I’ve never seen going back to the 60’s, the mainstream core elite of a party spent tens of millions of dollars attacking the leading candidate of their party. These elites have succeeded in driving up the negatives of their leading candidate while letting Hillary off, scott free. Not any more.
    But now Trump can focus on Hillary. Clinton’s major base is the women’s vote, the so called war on women. But the ghosts of Bill Cosby and Denis Hastert will rise in the name of Hillary’s husband, Bill. Several women have accused Bill of sex assault. His obvious abuse of Monica in the offal office still stinks. And what was Bill doing going to visit the orgy-pedophile island of convicted pedophile Epstien a dozen times. Never did he bring Hillary. Trump is the only republican to attack Hillary’s husband. Hillary can’t hide Bill anymore, or hide behind him. This campaign will be bloody, but Trump is the only candidate who will kick Hillary in Bills nuts.

    • “Trump will beat Hillary like a baby seal.” Rainman, my fellow Shitlord (said with sincere affection), you gave me my first laugh of the day. I laugh not in mockery; I laugh in sincere appreciation of the visualization conjured by your prose!

  12. Money quote #2…
    “A normal man wants “to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.”

  13. …….didja ever get that feeling, just before some really fucked up shit happens, some seriously fucked up shit happens, that, that, that…….some seriously fucked up shit is about to happen? Yeah…. me too…….it’s that fucked up tense and hot feeling that crawls up the back of your scalp, goes around the temples, works it way to the top of your head, and then your whole head feels tight and gripped by anxiety and heat, and the muscles in it are flexing against your will, and you know you are about to be in the worst of situations, and your life is in danger…….. This is one of those things that is going to take on an uncontrollable and deranged life of it’s own. Gentle men, prepare to defend yourselves.