America’s Last Election

President Barack Obama walks with Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton outside the Oval Office following their meeting April 9, 2009. Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

Worth a read.

I’d argue that 2000 was the last one.

But I’m a buzzkill.

For those looking for The Plan Instead, dig on Mr. Marley:

20 responses to “America’s Last Election

  1. I have known and posted on this blog that the usa is in it’s last days as Texas will become purple after millions started streaming in after the 1965 immigration act, but tyranical dictators can never wait; they want total control now.
    The children of today and those that always brush off any concerns that the usa will always be okay are going to have rude awakenings and more rude existences once the final nail is in.

  2. This will be the most hate-filled election this nation has seen. Both Clinton and Trump are detested to the max by their opposing sides. Wouldn’t be surprised if blood does not run in the streets from those rampaging after their “guy” loses. Bullets may be flying so bunker down.

    • Grey Ghost

      Naw… the election of 1860 was THE MOST hate filled election in the history of this nation. The TYRANT known as Lincoln won 40% of the popular vote and then proceeded to burn down and kill half the country. So while the magic negro is bad… Lincoln was far worse, though the magic negro is not done yet.

      As to blood in the streets, you are probably right, no matter who wins it’s going to be bad… all the #NeverTrump SOBs better hide or leave the country… they are well known by now.

      Grey Ghost

  3. Grenadier1

    So Obama has spent the last 8 years steering the waters of International policy with this completely unqualified fiction writer as his Foreign affairs advisor.

    Guy knew jack shit about international politics until he was jogged into conscious by 9-11.

    So now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

    • Stealth Spaniel

      This is why I have ZERO respect for the Special Snowflakes who know better than I do how to run my life. What I “need” to have: in the bank, health insurance, paying my “fair share”, and assorted other BS. I do not care about how much education they have, what worthless pieces of paper are enshrined on their walls, and who all of their important friends are.
      The money shot in the article:

      The brothers are close, but they often go months without seeing each other. “He was like the kid who carried the briefcase to school,” Ben says of his brother, who worked at Fox News and Bloomberg before moving to CBS. “I actually didn’t do that great in high school because I was drinking and smoking pot and hanging out in Central Park.”

      So there you have it. Obama chose someone just like himself. An imposter who can pull the wool over everyone’s eyes.

  4. The left are very used to having a monopoly on street violence. They have not yet understood that the Trump supporters are not all too sophisticated to throw some punches.

    Mitt Romney and McXain did not inspire people to fight back, either physically or metaphorically. Trump does.

    I think the street brawling continues and escalates. Cleveland will be awesome. Polishing my jack boots!

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. The last elections not rigged by the federal government was the 1860 election of “honest Abe” All others have been preselected. Most national elections were preselected by the Military industrial complex from 1864- 1964. After that the CIA/ NSA/ Big Money cabal took over. The only time they failed to get there preselected “candidate” was 1980 so they put the director of the CIA in as VP then shot the president. If you are just catching up now then welcome to the real America.

  7. I’m trying to see the downside to “America’s Last Election”.
    I never seen a positive side to any of them in my life time.
    Seems with each election “we the people” have less and less.
    Maybe it’s time to start over, eliminate a whole bunch of people, and try again, hopefully learning from past mistakes. Dunno, we just stay way back here in the sticks minding our own biz and let the rest of this cesspool have at each other as they see fit.

    ~ onward ~

  8. ive passed this on to a hundred-ish people. Read it, heed it. The solution IS BEYOND the ballot box. Tic Toc.

    Dirk Williams

  9. Kristopher Fisk

    “America’s Last Election”

    It’s a lot funnier in Chinese: America’s Rast Erection.

    • oughtsix

      “Amelica’s Rast Erection.”

      Fake Japanese accent… not Chinese.

      “You on’y make won meestake, yankee fryboy….”

  10. Stealth Spaniel

    What a picture: ol’ big ass in her 1985 pantsuit, carrying a briefcase as though on an important mission impossible. Who does this on a walk in the back garden??
    **This was a break from Alinsky who believed the best way to achieve power was outside the system. For Clinton, it has always been her stance that once in power, the system can be used as a means to achieve her ends.
    Be careful, Ms. Hildabeast. If you win, this system blows up. By any means necessary.

  11. StevenKY

    That photo has to be Hillary, I can tell by the shadow of that BIG BUTT.

  12. Buzzkill? here ya go. 😉

  13. I remain unimpressed and hostile to any mention of the ugly dead black man who played rotten music, and smoked so much dope he barely knew who he was.