George Will Is A Haughty Dipshit


It’s twoo, it’s twoo!


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  1. It is simply IDOLATRY of Village Idiots. The Cult of Personality without discernment of truth.

    Time is neigh & the fuse is sort

  2. They cannot burn slow enough.

    I’m getting unhealthy levels of satisfaction watching them realize their world is crumbling

  3. outlawpatriot

    A couple decades ago he was completely different.🙂

    • Yup, sure was. We sat on our asses and believed every word spewed from the likes of him, Rather, Huntley, Brinkley, etal.

      • outlawpatriot

        Wouldn’t put him in that group. I kinda always thought of him as a Buckley offshoot. It was in that era that I took root.

        I woulda never guessed that he would be saying some of the crap he’s saying now.

        Sometimes I think it’s in the water.🙂

  4. …Controlling the Narrative

    Most know that 95% of the media is controlled by six corporations. Everyone of these six corporations benefits from free trade agreements, illegal immigration and the division caused by the Refugee/Resettlement Program.

    Unfortunately for the mainstream media (MSM), the GOP primary demonstrated that the harder the push against Trump, the greater the push back by the people. To some degree, the MSM only knows how to obfuscate the truth and lie to the public. Fox, CNN and the network MSM are all pathological liars. So what will the MSM do with its numerical advantage, but in an atmosphere where their yellow journalism tactics have been negated? Answer, nothing different. A leopard cannot change its spots. What I do expect different from the MSM is more attacks upon the Independent Media who will be in overwhelming support of Trump. This division will draw clear lines of distinction this summer. The sides for civil war will be drawn in large part by the media itself…

    • This guy you’re posting is one of those millenials you rant about. Have you checked his wiki?

      • Will you fuck off asshole? Go eat some shit nigger. Better yet, get a damn job loser.

        • Oregon Hobo


          #OREGON HOBO#

        • oughtsix

          First, a great comment, one of your better contributions.

          Then, proof of your own spots.

          Guy asked a simple, and reasonable, question.

          Insofar as “the election will produce a civil war”…

          a) There will be nothing civil about it, and

          b) One can only hope.

          In spite of Mike’s constant reminders of the horrors of same, warning to friend and foe alike, and his attempts to prevent it, it’s the last best hope of stopping the left from achieving their satanic dream.

          I would rather die than live in that world and would not blink at the necessary to thwart them.

    • Re: CommonSense shows belief in the Media is stunted. Yes to a person, they all despise Trump. Yet to a person every one of them wants Trump on their show. He’s a rating magnet and they, the media, can’t help themselves because of it. The old saying about capitalism and selling the rope it hangs itself on works for Leftist too.

    • Steve Kristmann

      tfA-t said:

      “Most know that 95% of the media is controlled by six corporations. Everyone of these six corporations benefits from free trade agreements, illegal immigration and the division caused by the Refugee/Resettlement Program.”

      Except there is currently no such thing as ‘free trade’ or real ‘capitalism’
      practiced in fusa or for that matter pretty much anywhere else ‘gov’ holds sway. It’s nothing more than corporatism/monopolism in service to ‘the state’ (collectivism).

      The only place that you will start to see a glimpse of ‘free trade’ is the ‘black market’ (underground economy) and as Ken Royce mentioned in his first book “Goodbye April 15th”, such markets exist as a defense by people against a ‘managed economy’. ‘gov’ hates it because they haven’t been able to stamp it out and totally control peoples desires for products and services that they (‘gov’) try to control thru draconian means (for an example of such,
      read Kevin Trudeau’s “Natural Cures” and “More Natural Cures”..the fda is nothing more than the bully boy for big pharma and the federal trade commission is big pharma’s gobbels whore!!*)

      “free trade agreements” = nothing more than backroom deals for monopolization and control by the HMF’sTITTIC!!!

      “free trade agreements?!…we don’t need no fookin stinkin free trade agreements here!!!”

      Yours In Liberty!
      NorthGunner III

  5. The comments below the article are enough to make me buy another case of ammo. White supreeeeeemism! Waaaacisss dog whistle! They don’t like sodomites, bigotryyyyyyyy! Come get sum, whiners.

  6. “Yesterday, I was reading about massive revivals in West Virginia. Pray that these revivals sweep the country because we, the American public are defenseless and our faith is our best defense.”

    Who needs defense? We need offense! Why are we waiting for Soros shock-troops to disrupt the GOP convention? We should be organizing a huge patriot games at the Democratic convention. It’s in Philly, what could be more appropriate?

    My best defense is not my faith, it’s my knowledge and AR-10. The weak-tea Christianity of the present day has led to a succession of pathetically weak leaders, from Jimmy Carter to Mike Huckabee – the cuckservative movement is synonymous with evangelical Christianity.

    The destructive immigrant waves are being enabled by Christian churches and aid organizations.

    Christianity is a Semitic Mind Weapon that has just about done it’s work of turning us from a nation of warriors to a nation of sheep, dutifully waiting for our ‘shepard’ to save us, on our knees, in prayer.

    No thanks!

    • It wasn’t always so. The clergy played a significant role in the buildup to and prosecution of the revolution. We need to get back to that.

      The book “American Insurgents, American Patriots: The Revolution of the People” gives a fascinating look into the time leading up to the actual declared rebellion. The revolution didn’t just appear one day out of thin air and most of those involved never made it into the history books. I highly recommend it! Might even be a good primer, just sayin.

    • I pray you are correct about the revivals.

      re convention in Philly, wouldnt be caught dead there. Philly cops have been thuggin since before it was fashionable. Everyone talks about NY cops, Philly cops prefer to fuck you up first then ask questions if youre still breathing.

      Bobby and me saved a drunk guy from a severe beating there back in the day. Random stranger wandering around drunk set on by some urban youths. RIP Bobby,

      • Steve Kristmann

        re: Convention in Philly.
        This could play out very closely to what Matt Bracken wrote about in
        his third volume “Foreign Enemies and Traitors”. Here’s a link to the
        pertinent part of the excerpt:

        Pay special attention to what he describes with the ‘Poor People’s Party’ and their ‘march on Philly’ and what happens afterwards. IMHO, we’re seeing that play out currently in Europe with the rapefugee invaders, these are the same people who obammadulla is importing wholesale to fusa as fast as he can. Throw in the devout La Raza/Azatlan/MeCHA reconquista crowd with a double helping of ‘black (thug) lives matter’ and Louie Fuck’n’Run’s ‘Nation of Pisslam’ to the overboiling divisive pot obammadulla’s been stirring for 8+ years and consider what that will yield in the coming months….

        Nothing, I say, nothing good will come of this….

        Yours In Liberty!
        NorthGunner III

    • Jimmy the Saint

      I have no problem with Christianity itself – it used to be quite robust. That particular offshoot of Christian Socialists – I’ve never understood them, but there do seem to be a lot of them over the last 40 years or so.

  7. Will is a fraud, nothing more.

  8. The Usual Suspect

    Speaking of Soros , why is that jerk still alive ?
    He has manipulated and crashed national monetary systems,
    does no one besides the left ever want to get even ?

  9. Grey Ghost

    Hey George Will, Bushes, Beck and Levin, et al… FOAD!

  10. “…controlled by six corporations….”

    5 of which are owned by people of the same ethnicity, which comes with a similar agenda.

  11. Shinmen Takezo

    If I remember correctly–this fuck-stain (George Will) was dishing out the same shit upon Ronald Regan prior to his nomination. Will is a card carrying member of the elite-establishment-RINO-party. Will is a Rockafeller Republican (RINO) since the Jurrasic period. The Rockafeller Republicans were the enemy which both Goldwater and Regan fought against. The Rockafeller types have since taken over the GOP and have “defined” what constitutes being a conservative–and a lot of stupid, fucking people have swallowed their definition.

    If Barry Goldwater were alive and kicking–he’d be the first one on the Trump Train. Goldwater was the man whom Regan based his political beliefs upon and thus Reganism. All of this has been shitted away with Bush I, Bush II and the rise of sex-stains like McCain and Senator Sodomite (Graham).

  12. Marlo Stanfield

    If  his security ever decides to lay out of work…

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  13. Will, is obsolete. The time to dissect,examine and probe is over. It is time for an autopsy.The rotting,maggot infested corpse of the republican political party. That motherfucker just wouldn’t die!

  14. idahobob

    Will is just another bought and paid for toady of TPTB.


  15. George Will has always been a soft pedaling, smiley faced socialist. Hasn’t got a vital bone in his body, and his idea of radical is to have tapioca with cinnamon in it. Piss on that old faggot, and the horse he rode in on.