Tow truck owner said he refused service to woman because she supports Bernie Sanders


It’s the new Hate.

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  1. Stealth Spaniel

    Shunning is a time honored Jewish/Christian action to bring a sinner into compliance with God. The Amish still practice it. Seems like it’s an old school idea whose time has come around again. Evade and Eschew are synonyms.

    • mtnforge

      Cultural marxist can’t survive being ridiculed shunned and ostrasized.
      They require almost non stop unlimited attention like the literal cry bullies they are. Aside from the self destructive nature of cultural marxists, the truth about them and their bullshit is in itself an existential threat to them.
      They richly deserve our loathing and ridicule. They have no defense from it but to become AK toting blood thirsty commies. And that only works if they are the only ones with guns. Too bad. That option isn’t.
      Alynski told on himself in Rules for Radicals. His theories and tactics are wholly dependent upon projecting the behavior of the worst of the western worlds sociopaths, psychopaths, deviants and perverts on the noble and traditional peoples who basic virtues and instincts of reason originate in Christian Judaea culture.

      …………………/…./ / 
      ……….”…\………. _.·´ 

      Ya, here’s a quarter, go call somebody in the tyranny you fostered who cares.

  2. Steve Kristmann

    I bet she’s ‘feelin da bern’ now!!

    Yours in ‘bernless’ Liberty!
    NorthGunner III

  3. Jeffery in Alabama

    Amen. It is hard to imagine we, as a nation, are at a junction where a very small minority has so much influence and power over so many. The liberals mindset is one of “either you are with us or you are against us”. So many people simply “go along to get along” when they should be standing up, roaring like a lion, and pushing back. In recent years, I believe one of the main reasons this type of behavior by social-commie-radicals has increased in recent years is because so many people are scared to death at the thought of being labeled as a “racist”, homophobe, etc. by the libtards who are all to quick to assign such a label to anyone who disagrees or opposes their viewpoint. Resist by any means necessary.

  4. StevenKY

    A few years ago I had bumper stickers on both sides of my pickup topper as well as on the back window. Stickers read “Kerry is Bin Laden’s man PRESIDENT BUSH IS MINE”. The reactions were to be expected, the bird from the Libtards and a lot of THUMBS UP from Veterans and tax-paying Americans. Even had it on a tee shirt I wore on voting day. When a Libtard made a snide remark about it my reply was that I am a VETERAN and I fought for my country and I will wear whatever I damn well pleased. I served and I VOTE.

  5. Recidivist

    There are always consequences for your actions. You can put all the “Bern” ephemera you wish where ever you wish, but don’t be surprised when there is blowback as a result. S.M.O.D. I await thee!

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Of course, the guy who did this will face consequences, too. Leaving a defenseless woman, in distress, to be possibly raped and murdered by the side of the road (funny how fast grrrl-power disappears when it pays to play the victim) will be the attack, of course.

  6. SameNoKami

    Yeah, stupid Bernie woman, spread it far and wide about the tow truck company.
    He’ll have so much business, he’ll have to add tow trucks.

  7. Marlo Stanfield

    Politically she is probably more connected than he is. When his towing permit gets revoked or suspended he will wonder why. When she tells all her female friends to tell boyfriends and husbands to avoid doing business with him…

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  8. Shunning may be not such a new thing for the macro, Ayn Rand might have talked about it if old memory serves. And that would have been quite some time back. That would have been prior to the current fashion of emotionalizing otherwise decent thinking (“Discrimination?” I’ll buy in for $30k on that rational thought process, Alex.)

    On the micro level: family, tribe, neighborhoods … shunning has always been the best non-violent way to advance the point of the argument.

    There was a bunch of federal employees who had a hard time buying gas and grub in the remote area they were stationed at, when the neighborhood got tired of them trying to close a road at Jarbidge NV some years back.

    Shunning works. It either causes bad behavior to change, or it gets the behavior out of your AO. Even though your micro AO may be just your head.

  9. Shunning is way under-utilized these days. We need to bring it back. Just like we need to bring back tar and feathers.

  10. Camacho2016

    Presumably, if she was black, then the tow truck driver would be waaaaaacissssss and there would be endless “marches” for “justice” and shit.

    But since so many black people seem to be supporting Trump these days, we get this great instruction in The Shun.


  11. probably a double post but here goes


    It’s the new Hate.

    Bloody Classic

  12. mtnforge

    It’s the new hard love, hard and cold, delivered because of love of Liberty.

  13. Now if she was a gay black muslim bernie supporter the tow truck driver would have been bankrupted and probably killed by now.

    Soo special snowflakes will be a protected class. Betcha she needed a safe space and her mommy to defend her afterwards.

  14. Good for him!! Well done!

  15. Could not have happened to a more deserving person in the lovely liberal/progressive stronghold of Asheville, San Franciscos gay sibling in the mountains….good for this fellow…..i have been voting/making tough love choices based on social/political/religious/economic beliefs since last election. PayPal, Target being the latest examples….

  16. I bet that hag didn’t have to wait 2 minutes for another tow truck. Hell, those guys have to draw straws for the tow at interstate wrecks…She’s just butt hurt because she was jilted by a lowly tow truck driver. Ha Ha :))

  17. Not hard to notice how when on principle you withhold something they can’t take by force they scald you for being “politically divisive” yet as soon as they feel they have the upper hand then it toggles to “there’s no room for people like you in this country”.

  18. Hymen Roth

    Leftist logic:
    Bruce Springsteen is heroic for denying service to North Carolinians because he disagrees with their politics. We should all be like him.

    Joe Tow Truck is an evil, misogynist, bigot for denying service to a North Carolinian because he disagrees with her politics. People like him should be sued out of existence.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Well, they’re cool with Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Che,and assorted other mass-murderers, but they really, really hate guys like Franco and Pinochet.

  19. “We reserve the right to refuse service”…… Be it hauling your car off, ministering your gay wedding, baking your fucking faggot cake. I owe you NOTHING. Get out and get fucked, no explanations, no rationalizations.

  20. LoL No, +10!

  21. Desertrat

    Heh. People have posted on many websites about this, totally ignoring the fact that the primary reason for the “shun” was the prior experiences of being stiffed for the service fee by Bernie-babies. The fundamental politics and religion aspects were secondary comments about a personal attitude.

    If you’re stiffed by members of an identifiable group, do you go back for more?

  22. Divide and conquer a great way to get us fighting between ourselves. Keep your eye on the prize ,not on the other peasants