Just Building It Based On Reality


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  1. I refuse to cede all that valuable arable land and beauty to thugs and thieves. Remove the thugs and take it back, I say.

    • With what and/or whom?

      Not being a jerk; just trying to get folks to understand the resource issues involved.

      • Looks like Kenny got out just in time.

      • Bill Harzia

        I agree with Jenny. California would be the seventh largest economy in the world, were it to become a separate country. Once you get out of the urban areas of Los Diablos, er, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Sacramento, there’s plenty of people just like us. In addition to the rich farmland, there’s also the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, the port of Oakland, and the port of San Diego.

        Unfortunately, the other “boxes” (soap and ballot) are no longer effective. Gerrymandered voting district boundaries make it impossible to vote our way out of this. Whenever, on rare occasion, we do pass a ballot initiative, the other side just shops it to a corrupt judge who overturns it.

        Center of gravity is one city…Sacramento. Start there.

        There’s one particular place where the cancer metastasizes. Start here. I know for a fact that at least one of these dumbasses does not take their personal security seriously, i.e. goes drinking in town without his security detail.

        Even so, it would take at least thirty years to reclaim California, due to the demographics problem. There are a couple million soldiers of the Free Shit Army that would need to be dealt with. I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

        • outlawpatriot

          All that has to be done is to get the herd moving. Sometimes something as simple as a lightning strike can cause them to stampede.😉

        • Jimmy the Saint

          There’s a sizeable number of pro-liberty folks in the LA area, too. They’re just not concentrated in one spot, so their impact on local politics is pretty much nil.

          • 😉

          • outlawpatriot

            The whole of us are dispersed. That’s the main problem. That fact also makes any real discussion of secession rather silly. While the mantra L3 is constantly repeated, those locals will have to slug it out to make bastions first. Even the Great American Redoubt. Assuming that can be accomplished, the rest is anybody’s guess.🙂

        • Stealth Spaniel

          Thank you-nothing is wrong with California that well placed herding dogs and some armed cowboys could not fix. The BEST place to start is Sacramento-truly the Devils’ Workshop. San Fran, LA, SD,and the Elite Self Appointed Technocrats will run screaming for the border-any border. Then maybe the Laid Back Californians can get back to what we do best; make wine,cook great food, mine gold, and ask the age old question: What’s Your Dream?

      • Mark Matis

        Just Trump it!

        How many sanctuary cities are there in Kalifornia?
        Is Kalifornia a sanctuary state?
        How long would those cities, or that state, last WITHOUT federal funds? And by the way, they will STILL have to pay in. After all, that was good enough with Congress and the Supremes when the Chimp in Chief did it.

        Stare decisis, baby! Stare fokking decisis.

      • outlawpatriot

        Kinda the same problem everywhere, eh?

        Not totally L3. Requires some national cooperation amongst like minded people, yes?

        But what the fuck do I know?😉

    • I refuse to cede all that valuable arable land and beauty to thugs and thieves.

      So split California down the middle to leave the agriculturally productive land to the agricultural producers.

      Whoever said that the Eloi and their illegal immigrant Morlocks should get the whole enchilada? They’re proving that all they can do – politically as well as practically – is pillage same.

    • We’d need to deport 12 million at a minimum. I’d say probably more like 25 to start. Then there’s the folks who were granted magic amnesty.

      To answer CA I would recommend unemployed vets. There’s a lot of them running around. But this is fantasy, no such thing will happen as the sheeple still have yet to connect the dots.

      Therefore ergo I must finish my chicken run today with anti hawk netting. Go to Bracken’s site and read his essays and books.

    • redcoogs

      i agree. I was initially going to also say cut off half of texas too; but instead I decided if the usa were actually serious about saving itself; it would be kicking out Hispanics all over that didn’t have documentation going back 40 years as citizens.
      yes, it’ll be long, brutal and costly; but if it’s not done; eventually the usa will be over as founded as is going to reflect the basket case that are almost every central and south American country.


      The thugs could be removed. First, Cut off the freebies to the hangers-on. Second, station an ICE van and agents at every hospital ER. Third, close, and I mean close, the borders.
      When Nixon was president, he started an anti-drug program called Operation Intercept. By the simple expedient of stopping every car coming back from Mexico, mountains of dope and contraband was seized. But, the merchants started screaming bloody murder, and the FEDGOV backed off. So much for drug enforcement.
      LBJ ended the Bracero Program in the 60’s. Up until then, Mexican men came across the border on work visas, Their wives and kids stayed home. They lived in barracks provided by the growers, picked the crops, and part of their salary was sent home. But, Caesar Chavez and the UFW(along with help from Mother Church), brought pressure to bear and that ended everything.
      As I wrote previously, the Dead Elephants wanted and still want cheap labor and the Jackass Party wants more voters. Follow the money. Nothing against The Donald, but I will not be holding my breath in anticipation of a Wall.

  2. From what I hear, you’re going to have to give New Mexico’s southern Border to Texas or the whole thing would be pointless.

  3. I like this fence….A LOT!…lol

  4. that’s about 700 miles too far south. herds of mixtecs are already approaching the Great Caldera

  5. some guy

    Quite a bit of water from the Colorado is currently routed to California, and the Northwest provides quite a bit of (hydro)electric power…

  6. I see nothing wrong with machinegun nests and artillery along the Nevada border….. Pointed west.

  7. Given what’s been happening around the Malheur Wildlife Reserve over recent months, might we not extent that fence north through Oregon to wall off the mining and agricultural productive class from the coastal grasshopper aberrancy to the west?

  8. Where’s the one around D.C.?

  9. BaconLover

    It is my understanding that La Raza wants way, way more property back than just the Land of Fruits and Nuts.

  10. isisdoesntsurf

    My vision would be for those who can evacuate to Liberty enclaves.. American Redoubt, Appalachian Redoubt, Texas etc . do so. Quarantine places like the PRK and the progressive states. Those who cant, do as CA once mentioned and act as information gatherers.We hold those enclaves down like the Roof Koreans did on 4/29/92. Eventually the proglodytes will start to ‘cannibalize’ then starve out. Then and only then is a strategic and cultural ‘offensive’ launched by FreeFor to take it back and rebuild. Sort of like in the zombie flick ’28 Days’..the infected eventually started to starve to death allowing non infected humans to eventually be able to start repatriating Britain. My civvieasfuck $.02

  11. Hillbilly

    Ever been north of Sacramento? Where Mexicans are still a minority. You know, the place where all the naturel resources are. Gold, timber and water.
    Besides the fence or better yet a wall should run across the state, not the length of it. Too many mountains and its like 900 miles long.

  12. isisdoesntsurf
  13. Were we quite serious about fixing the problem you build a wall, a yuuuuuge wall. Then inform the failed state to the south of it either reign it in or we will extend the borders of the Gulf of Mexico and confuse all future generations as to why it’s named after something no longer visible on a map. Gang members are systematically killed and the illegals are strapped with an agreed upon price tag for their citizenship, including back taxes ect. Anyone who’s lived in the SW knows that the old-school Catholic Mexicans have more in common with Western Culture than those in Compton. Your rank and file Mexican areas were not crime-ridden growing up, it was a functional society so I’m only so critical of them.

  14. Don’t include Jefferson.

    We’ll handle our own business.

  15. Whats sad is cali is a gorgeous state. Run by insane lunatics and full of morons.

    CA – sent you and email. Your response is appreciated.

    • California was the Promised Land for dispossessed Americans in the 1920’s, with lots of work/cheap land/good food, and for at least 40 years after that. The dirt/sky/ocean’s still there, it’s just been industrialized-overpopulated-overgovernmented since the 1980’s. Lotta money’s been made by a very few building the misery pit and doing social controls (A New World).

  16. It would be cheaper to invade mexico 50clicks south then build the fence.Length is shortened considerably. Then stringently enforce I-9 and eVerify rules. The illegals will self deport. Does it work? Yes. Do some background research on what happened when Texas, Nebraska and Oklahoma tighten their enforcement. The illegals moved to NM, CA, CO.

  17. Political will – what’s that all about? It is not like we have not ‘deported’ (if that is the right word) illegals in the past – millions of them – those who say it can not be done are creating the narrative of ‘inclusiveness’ and by default the other narrative of diversity (think of all his in terns of propaganda). While I personally think (and not ‘feel’) nationalism is dangerous in and of itself, we (again in my opinion) would be far better off promoting the view that this country is for citizens (what a strange concept) and not for ANYONE else who happens to wind up here illegally.

    • “…nationalism is dangerous in and of itself,…”

      A natural and normal love and sentiment, one’s identity with one’s family and clan, and by extension, related clans with which one shares a language, culture and history, is dangerous in and of itself?

      Oh, the horror!!!

      • The problem in these parts is people don’t realize that western civ is endangered. The “muh liberteez” crowd doesn’t get it. No solidarity for their ethnic brethren under siege across the land. Without the nation, there is no civilization.

  18. Kicking the illegals out will be a long and difficult process, never the less, it can be done, and must be done. We don’t have full employment, so there is part of the people you need for enforcement. The Army and Marines could play a good part as well as Reserves and National Guard. Announcing it will cause some to self deport. Building the wall will slow, if not stop the incoming bunch. Yes, riots, yes bloodshed, yes mistakes. It’s just a job, and the sooner we start, the sooner we’ll be done. Or we can do nothing or equivocate forever, and our children and their children will suffer and die, and wind up enslaved to the Mexican Way, which is a dysfunctional, corrupt, and goes nowhere except down the road to ruin. Wake up folks, we’re losing, or have already lost our country. Stern measures and bolt upright determination can put us back on track, if we but ACT. WE CAN DO IT.

    • Mark Matis

      With Andrew Napolitano as AG.
      Judith Sheindlin for the Supremes?
      Ron Paul for Treasury.
      Anthony Watts for EPA.

  19. I’d build the wall along Hwy 99, until I was north of Sacramento, then turn west to the ocean. There are huge numbers of very well armed people east of Hwy 99.

  20. Walls and castles don’t work since gunpowder, ++ since nitroglycerine/dynamite & better. Mobile “defense” that looks like offense is the only way to clear & hold ground against a similarly-equipped or greatly-oversize opposition. If you bunker-in, they have freedom of movement and you are permanently targeted dozens of ways.
    First, identify who is on your team. Some will beg to join, some will need convincing, but all will need checking according to position/use. How fast can the FreeFor make a good ID system? In-quantity, since EVERYONE needs some kind of status after a date certain in a territory or is an outlaw/enemy. The masses will go along when it’s time. Cutting off power-water-traffic to urban areas will go a long way to changing hearts and minds to what is suggested in the info-packs, since the 80% run on only the feels. It’s going to take a lot to sort/save some of the people who will be useful later (non-FSA population), as well as a lot to push the undesirables to hit the road under their own power/accept transport/forced movement/die-failing-to-comply-or-becoming-a-combatant (expect legal protest at all levels, so the mass-migration/transport has to be smooth and effective while officially accepting-for-future-consideration the protests to be forwarded to the new government).
    How does a new government sort people? A residence application? Interviews? Psychic investigation? Trial by combat? Completed Form 4473’s or hunting license records vs. Dept of Human Services benefit records? Job category? Knowledge/attitude toward Critical Theory/Marxism/Collectivism vs. Western Civ-individuality? The original settlers of N. America from Europe self-selected and died a lot due to unsuitability or bad luck.

    What kind of nation, and who decides? The victors decide, of course.

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  23. Come on, we saw this coming in 1983 when I exited the navy. We hauled ass for Oregon, with the NEW wall, I’ll be a border dweller. Being a fan of State of Jefferson, I know many in CA who are not going slowly into the night.

    This entire immigration is by design, with intended outcomes. And lastly never ever underestimate the Mexicans. Only a fool does that. Stupid like foxes!

    Dirk Williams

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  25. I am on multiple job sites daily. 90% of the construction crews are Mexicans. Working like fucking animals. Gobbling it up. Like Americans used to do.
    There is no group of white boys, waiting in the shadows, wanting those jobs.
    .I have an extremely hard time with the lack of responsible hard-working adults. No tolerance for whiners and cry-babys. Smack em in the head.
    The Mexicans I have contact with are working hard.. I don’t give a fuck where they are from.
    You want them out. Go do a better job than them.
    Nobody gets out alive.