TOR Use = Probable Cause?


Via Kenny.

Related: Ars Technica: Legal quirk enabling surveillance state expansion absent Congressional vote; h/t Insty.

Any questions?

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  1. Can’t find the story at the moment,but I’m pretty sure I just read recently the guy/people that designed Tor are the ones responsible for helping the Fibs crack that phone in Cali.

    • Several people publicly offered (McAfee included); nothing new. Those ran contrasted with the proposition (by Snowden) that the FBI already had spent millions on the tools (as their director publicly acknowledged). What they really wanted to get out of the deal was a publicly recognized court case to support them for what they were already doing. Come to think of it, such a tactic wouldn’t be news either.

  2. Yeah? So what.
    Everyone here by now must realize that they will not stop. Learn how to use TOR bridges and OBFS4 proxies. Learn to run layered tunnels (VPN-Bridge-TOR-VPN). Learn to setup hardened access-points and run virtual routers that can be burned on demand.
    Don’t let their shenanigans paralyse you…

  3. Virgil Kane

    I bet they’re not waiting until December to use it.

  4. The NSA and DARPA created Tor. I have little doubt that using Tor makes it only slightly more difficult and time consuming for them to do what they need to do than if it was on the “regular” internet.

    • Actually TOR was a project of the Naval Research Lab. Hell, the Internet itself was a DARPA project. It doesn’t matter who initially created these tools, as long as they are open source. One can be too paranoid…

  5. GreyThing

    So now we have to listen to another round of Why I Don’t Use Tor from those who had no shortage of excuses anyway.

    God forbid people step up their game. If people had an ounce of sense they’d take the CSG comment above as a shopping list of skills needed NOW and get to learning them. I know I am.

  6. ^ Tor has been compromised for a while now. Or always has been, who knows? I’m sure there is something that works, but setting it up probably isn’t a simple 1-2-3 process.

    • Have you tried? It’s about as simple as anything in the computer world. Go get TAILS and load it on a flash drive, and boot your computer with it.

      This is the best path to security, since NSA et. al. cannot crack the encryption directly, and always attack through weaknesses in the operating system.

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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  8. If you want to use electronic comms use a stunn gun on your thigh and shout to the guy on the ridge across from you. It will be more private

  9. Hymen Roth

    Ironic that Tor was created with help from DARPA and NSA to enable dissident communications where there was oppressive government.

    Yet here we are…

    • Here we are indeed. Imagine where we’ll be.
      All by design. Create a Dark Web to promote, and have a key to unlock it the whole time.
      Just keep burning through proxies, it’s the red pill after all.

  10. outlawpatriot

    No comms are secure unless it’s face to face. And even that could be questionable at times.🙂


    Anyone else noticed this? I have. Even more interesting is when it affects specific individuals and not others using the same phone/data network in the same location.

    The Internet kill switch won’t affect everyone.

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    Probable Cause…lulz. What’s this probable cause, comrade?

  13. Grey Ghost

    I’m not sure why this is news I read this about TOR several months back. Also read an article by Snowden awhile back wherein he stated that strong encryption was effective against the NSA et al. So either your in the clear or your encrypted. Nothing new there, act accordingly. OTP or public and peer reviewed encryption is the key. (Pun intended)

    A couple of years ago there was a rumor that some coders in Canada had intentionally put a backdoor in an a widely used internet encrypted protocol for NSA/CIA. It was publicly scoffed at by all, especially NSA/CIA. Then a few months later the “heartbleed” vulnerability was “unexpectedly” found in the OpenSSL protocol by said coders. If you are using a precompiled computer system you don’t really know what backdoors are in the system. I’m now getting ready to install the Qubes OS on some very old hardware. Snowden says Qubes may be the best from a security perspective. PITA to use it but also a PITA for NSA to crack too.

    Watch this if you think NSA can’t get at you with their software. Hacking cameras from Blackhat 2013:

    You’ll want to watch the whole 33 minutes.

    Grey Ghost

  14. “It has come to our attention that Matt Edman, who worked with the Tor Project until 2009, subsequently was employed by a defense contractor working for the FBI to develop anti-Tor malware,” the Tor Project confirmed in a statement after being contacted by the Daily Dot.

    in eight months we’ll all become criminals, for one reason or another. get over it, and get busy on your “Plan A” for that.

  15. Marlo Stanfield

    The big problem is so few people use TOR. So just using it makes you stand out. More people YouTube, Google, even Myspace than use TOR.

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    • So what? Say NSA knows you use TOR once in a while. Or maybe TAILS. What can they do with that info? What distinguishes you from the hundreds of thousands of others who use it?

      The real problem with TOR is that (I imagine) half the exit nodes are owned by NSA or the Chinese equivalent. Still can’t trace it back to you (unless the content of your browsing exposes you) but it is still a worry.

  16. Hhmm. I’m a real dumbass at computer tech but I can get around HF radio
    well enough. Is it time to go back to nine-sided dice and their generated OTPs to talk to each other?

  17. keith park

    I can speak from experience that the FBI has access to TOR. They fired a shot across my bow by sending me a letter that contained my password and contacts. TOR is compromised.
    Outlawpatriot is correct, the only secure comms are FTF, and no cell phones in the vicinity … even then ….

    • Maybe you used it improperly. You still have to take care what you do with it. It’s not idiot-proof. More info would be useful; otherwise it’s just FUD.