BadThink, Domestic Variety

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From over the transom:

There is nothing wrong with a paternalist marriage

Of course, if you want to destroy a culture down to the reproductive level, then there is plenty wrong with all of that culture’s institutions.

It has been an intentional murder campaign.

Never forget that.

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  1. Kristopher Fisk

    That’s some RBF right there.

  2. “My husband comes from a very loving, stable family where lifetime marriages are the norm, not the exception. His grandparents were married until death parted them, his parents are celebrating their 51st anniversary and he has many extended relatives with enduring marriages.”

    Welcome to one of the keys of family success and true long term survival.


    So now after all this /|\ above… they want to eat the patriarchy.
    Many will rue the day, they have no tribal memory of why men are men to begin with, when war comes they will come to know, they know not they make terrible warriors, they are the weaker sex for irrefutable natural reasons, but given the way of the world today, it is natures way of that irrefutable law of natural selection underway, they just can’t see it coming. Oh well, just another sect of cultural marxism’s human extinction movement anyways. It a toss up who has been the most useful tool of the cultural marxists, the free shit negro zombie horde, or roe verses wade baby killers. It is also a toss up which is responsible for more dead fellow humans, though I think it is a race between the two who can kill more fellow humans. Talk about useful dupes. Mao and all the rest would be most impressed with these American’s in name only.

    But looking on the bright side, the majority of real woman who who make it through the coming festivities, they will be the steadfast matriarch’s and fertile mothers, loyal spouses, advisors, keepers of the hearth, and incredibly valuable wives who enrich and guarantee the survival of the fittest. Us men folk, we ain’t coming out the other end, no matter how many bullets and beans we got, without a real woman at our sides back in our tribe tending the home fires and dressing the wounds of our bodies and hearts.

    The rest of the fairer sex, sorry to say, you really really have fucked up ladies.

    • William Munny

      I always enjoy your commentary MtnForge.
      Please keep on keepin’ on.

      • mtnforge

        Well thanks William, that really means a lot to me.
        It is great company to be in wouldn’t you say?

  4. William Munny

    tl:dr: “…feminism is an economic project to fleece men of resources and allow women who don’t want boundaries or limits set on their behavior to still have access to male resources.”


    • FrozenPatriot

      Rush Limbaugh: “Feminism was established to allow unattractive women easier access to the mainstream of society”

      Don’t listen to him anymore, but that’ll always stick with me…

  5. “Ah, women”, as my old First Sergeant used to say. “If it weren’t for pussy, there’d be a bounty on all of ’em.” It’s not that bad, in reality. But the damage done to men and women by “feminism” will take a hundred years to heal.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Things could get real sporty if feminism ends up making some men take a second look at Islam based on it’s take on women. Unintended consequences, and all that.

  6. “It has been an intentional murder campaign.”

    By whom, and why?

  7. feminism is destroying our culture in so many ways…

  8. Sorry, epic fail. Woody Allen is a pedo cunt that should be shot in the fucking face. Has nothing to do with Paternal other than he was legally her fucking guardian. This society has pedo’s rampant throughout. It’s a disease only cured by lead or hemp. It’s a very popular past time among the pols and it’s how they are kept in line. See D. Hastert and countless others.

    Oh and see Jeff Epstein Donald quotes. Worth the read for the champions of conservatism who think he’s gonna save them.

  9. colddeadhandsdays

    Marriage is untenable. It’s a complete raw deal for men and I advise everyone NOT to enter into it unless you’re OK with the fact that at any time, your wife can decide she’s done for any reason and take 80-85% of your possessions. You could be stuck paying alimony, child support for a kid you can’t see…it’s easy to see how good productive men can turn into “dead beat dads” who can’t afford to pay absurd support and have a place to live….

    • Under today’s legal environment that unfortunately is true.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Agreed. I went thru one short marriage in mid life, lived with many.
      There is hardly one guy I’ve known who ever made it in a long term marriage, most got divorced and spent yrs paying child support, it’s as if the system was designed to suck the lifeblood out of a guy. Kinda like taxes.

    • William Munny


      Or if you insist, make sure you can get a lawyer to draw up a water tight pre-nup (YMMV by State).

      The Misandry Bubble

    • William Munny

      I would also add that women who initiate divorce and end up with the grand pay-off of the house, child-support and alimony should be shunned. Dump or refuse to date such bitches and let them know why.

  10. Are you kidding me? Susan St. James was HOT.

  11. Patriarchy, Matriarchy, Sigh. In a good marriage, the relationship is nearly seamless. Men, the respect you expect is a two way street with a dash of sacrifice. Ladies that desire for longing demands support of Him. Working out the edges of that give and take is what make marriage interesting.

  12. Desertrat

    Marriage is in no way untenable–provided that the guy was sharp enough to find a good woman. Sure, not easy, but doable.

    Every family oughta have a marriage. It’s good for the kids.🙂

  13. I have the cure for RBF. Warpig’s own secret recipe. Mrs. Warpig swears by it.

  14. mtnforge

    i guess you have to have a system of government that fosters feminism for feminism to be effective.

    • oughtsix

      Love it!

      Sent far and wide!

      Blond puts gun to her, husband says, “G’ahead! Blow yer stupid brains out! See f’eye care!” Blond sez, “Shutup! Yer next!”


  15. sad old man

    that smells like the same horsecrap they were telling the women folk back in the ’70’s… and you’re as wrong now as they were then. Real moral culture and stable society is the result, right?

    Grow up you whiney loser.

    • mtnforge

      Must of hit a raw nerve someplace there brother.
      Might want to rethink your assumptions, the idea I am hinting at zoomed right by you.

      Allow me to explain it to you. Feminism is basically a product of social engineering under the auspices of cultural marxism, to destroy the fabric of our society culture and Christian based traditions. It is by design, same as with black lives matter, promotion of sexually perverted lifestyles, thought control “laws”, the legalization of abortion, etc. All these components of cultural marxism and the success of institutionalizing them are entirely dependent upon a corrupt system of government, a government that has evolved into the handmaiden of cultural marxism so it can be shoved up our arses under the guise of some form of perverted “legitimacy” with the assistance of a media that is as corrupt and aligned with cultural marxism as almost every institution has been in the sphere of our lives.

      The dirt people are beginning to revolt, they are becoming very defiant, and actual preference cascade for resistance is taking form. As zoo as this resistance to tyranny and cultural marxism reaches a certain level, the rigged game is up, the government and cultural marxists loose what they require most, consent, tacit or otherwise, and they are finished, Kaput!.
      That my friend has nothing to do with being a whiny bitch and everything to do with fighting back and winning my liberty.
      So, politely, fuck you you fucking troll.

  16. Alfred E. Neuman

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  17. Anonymous

    Feminism is Communism, and men, you are sexist. Men, you should consider women to be legally adults, and for economic and political purposes judge them by the standards of men. Hold a woman responsible to earn enough money in the marketplace to care for and feed herself her whole life. Can she make a long-term deal with a man to trade sexual companionship and nurturing for money and labor? Absolutely, marriage is a job, too.

    Maturity is produced by being faced with and growing to meet the ordinary challenges of life. If you never allow women to face the consequence of getting cold and hungry because they won’t work, then you produce moral children in adult female bodies. Men are mostly responsible for creating this problem in women, because they enable it by giving their money to women unearned.

    Same goes for people chronically on welfare, no matter if that welfare is called Section 8/SNAP/WIC, protectionism/tariffs, immigration/work visa, racial/sexual quotas, regulations, professional licenses, union featherbedding, or government jobs that would not exist in a free market.