Compare & Contrast


WSJ: Moderate Syrian Rebels Torn Between Giving Up, Joining Islamic Extremists

ZH: Lawmakers To Obama – Don’t Supply Syrian Rebels With Stingers

Only maniacs would become more enmeshed in the Middle East cesspit.

And so we are.

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  1. mtnforge

    Oh, you talking about those maniacs, like the genocidal cultural marxists, neocon psychopaths, the red diaper baby occult of the human extinction movement, and their military industrial/bankster complex blood dancers who comprise the federal regime?


      Word. But, on the other hand, Manpads making their way into Amerika and shooting down airliners full of sheeple would give Barry and his minions the perfect “crisis” to declare martial law, suspend the fall election, and “round up the usual suspects”. Stay tuned.

      • mtnforge

        They better hurry up:

        Trump Effect – President Obama Issues Executive Order on Transfer of Executive Power…
        Posted on May 6, 2016 by sundance
        White House Version – President Obama has initiated an enhanced transition of power process through an executive order directed toward the assembly of a cross functional transition team from all cabinet members.

        Regular Speak Version – In case Trump wins this thing we’d better have an efficient process in place for shredding the evidence, and keeping all executive leadership from prosecution.

  2. Might as well add this:

    “Washington remains keen to demonstrate that — despite the Iran deal — the U.S. government still has KSA and the Gulf States’ back,” Adam Baron, a visiting fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations, explained to War Is Boring in an email. “The Yemen conflict provides an opportunity on this front.”

  3. somedude

    just how did those Moderates get those missile systems, cough cough Benghazi. “you knew I was the snake when you brought me in.” comes to mind.

  4. You usually don’t see the launch motor when you fire one of those, but I saw one land on an unwary lieutenant once.

  5. Risible. Red Cell document circa 2010 resonate ?
    “What f the US is seen by Foreigners as the Exporters of Terrorism ?”
    “War is a Racket”
    Nah say it ain’t so…

  6. “Feeling like a fool”

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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  8. LOL…Trump appoints Eskimo as finance chairman. Said Eskimo is close friend with George Soros and 81% of his donations have gone to Democrats, including Obama and Clinton.

    In other news, neocon billionaire Eskimo Sheldon Adelson has endorsed Donald Trump, saying Trump “will be good for Israel”

    Meanwhile, practically all GOP politicians from Mitch McConnell to Reince Preibus to John Cornyn are all lining up behind Trump. I thought the establishment didn’t like Donald??? Guess they are fine with him after all.

    In other news, Trump is already pandering to Hispanics, by eating a Taco at Trump Tower and tweeting “i love Hispanics”.

    Congratulations, Trumpbot retards. You’ve got your candidate. Get ready for him to betray you.

    -You were warned that Trump (like Cruz and all the others) is an active member of Team Tyranny, posing as a pro-white patriot.

    -You were warned that only the little GOP apparatchiks hate Trump. These are the PARTY elites, who stand to lose influence in the GOP if Trump takes over. They are NOT the true GLOBAL elites. The true GLOBAL elites (Soros, etc) are totally fine with Trump, as proven by the massive $2 billion free media coverage he has received, the constant gushing by the media about how Trump will get the nomination, and Trump’s endorsements from numerous sleazy billionaires. If the Powers That Be truly hated Trump, their media mouthpieces would not be giving him 24/7 gushing coverage. (Do you actually think the Elites are willing to lose control over the USA just so their TV channels can get higher ratings?)

    -You were warned that a Trump presidency would lull White people back to sleep and restore faith in the System. But you were so desperate to send a a short-term “fuck you” to the GOP politicians, that you supported Trump.

    The global elites are laughing at your gullibility and saying “checkmate!”

    The best thing that can happen now is that Trump is defeated in the General Election, to ensure that White people remain awake and aren’t lulled back to sleep by Pied Piper psuedo-patriot Trump.

    • <—-this is on the money

      People need to wtfu. God almighty put down the booze, ssri, weed and wake up. Barnhardt doctrine. Learn it.